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About bonus features in pokies 2022

About bonus features in pokies
It so happens that the last 2 days I was playing with a total loss of just over a thousand dollars. Yesterday on the last dollars the pokie gave me an interesting thing. You can see this combo very rare, but these are 19 games in the bonus with a top symbol that gives the X300.

For all epic pictures will give you an example. For example, God is coming down now from heaven and tells me — "I exist," and I answer to him “Don`t bother me, because I have a bonus in Big Panda, 19 games, and now I’ll win! This would be a real miracle!!!”. I won...exactly 250x (250 bets). In theory, the pokie can give a max of 5000x. If you say that I`m upset is to say nothing. Where was God at that time?

About bonuses in pokies

What does it mean a “bonus feature”?

Initially, the bonus feature was designed to give a punter time to relax, to create some engagement, the interactivity between the pokie and the player. And all so that the punter participated without pressing buttons. Over time, the competent psychologists realised that the bonus feature is one of the important elements of a pokie, it excites and entails. This kind is of game more sophisticated. This is the invention of Satan, not otherwise. A proven fact is the winning are known before the bonus feature ends. You don't need to pay attention to the number of free spins or which additional feature you have chosen. Doesn't matter what is happening on the screen. Anyway, your win is a foregone conclusion.

The bonus feature can give you many re-trigger, but all of them can be empty, or pokies can give you a huge win during the first spin. This is mechanics! During the bonus feature, the pokie must return a certain amount, which it does through the match lines and a bonus. Different pokies give bonus features with different amplitude and impact. For example:

  • DOA, 300 shields — 90% of the games are empty, and the average index is also dismal.
  • Cloud Quest can give a maximum of 200x but multiply usually it's below 100x.
  • Most games from NetEnt give an average below 100x. It is a classical approach.
  • Yggdrasil pokies are working like 10 bonus features are empty (below 20x), and 11th can give 500x+. Same with Novomatic, but 3 bonuses are empty, 4th is good.

There are pokies where the bonus feature is not presented at all. For example, Space Wars is a bestseller of the modern game industry. It is a kind of boring pokie, but each match is made as a mini bonus feature. Re-spin is coming during which the number of winning symbols is increased. Here you do not need to cat 3 scatters. So, everyone is trying to catch the crystals and yellow aliens. Even then, when you are catching the crystals that you are waiting for a miracle, and re-spin can give you 10x... In such times you don't want to live.

Psychology and features

Don`t care about math! The bonus feature is not a harmless thing that wants to make us rich. If it doesn't drop for a long time, it infuriates and makes you play more.

The constantly falling of 2 scatters will not leave indifferent even the Dalai Lama, giving the impression that it will soon be a bonus. The understanding that this is not so coming along with an empty balance. But if 2 scatters are often fall, and the bonus was not long ago... What could it mean? Oh, right, it's coming soon. You need to play this game further. Of course, it is nothing happens, but you have lost a lot of money here. You are looking at the probability of triggering the bonus feature again and again and asking WTF is wrong with this pokie.

The bonus was triggered, and you hadn't won a lot. Why such injustice? It was a very long and hard work to trigger it. You need to complain in the chat of an online casino or on the forum write that this casino is greedy! The bonus feature doesn't guarantee anything. Earlier in a land-based casino people had at least some guarantees and knew that only one bonus feature could give them a significant winning! What now? The interactive "gift" laid in the result of the game`s outcome provides little 5x winning. Psychologists decided that half of the bonus feature will give small winning and some of them are empty pills, a small part of it is a normal multiplication.

The frequency of appearance

It is the antithesis of the situation of "no bonus". When the bonus feature is often triggering, it doesn't matter. It is possible to win or not, and it creates the illusion that a pokie is hot and ready to pay. You must increase stakes and play on. And as soon as you trigger two dozen bonus features, they stop to appear at some point. Losing the part of the money, you don't look at the balance and waiting for the next series of bonus features triggering. Unfortunately, they will be absent.


The bonus feature is a powerful factor, which secretes the adrenaline. You can trigger the bonus at the rate of A$20, and it`s good! Sometimes I think gamblers are sick people who want to return their money that was already lost. The pokie can give a chance to trigger 30 bonus features in one hour, and they will all be 10x. The random in an online casino can do anything to make you more and more addicted.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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