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Slots with and without the Retaining of a Gaming Session (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Today the products of game developers vary in gameplay, dispersion, and winning potential. Here I am talking about gaming machines. Among online casino clients, they are better known as slots. One of the important features is the retaining of gaming progress or a gaming session. Unfortunately, many players disregard it. They do not understand its impact on the slot's behaviour, performance, and potential.

We are going to talk about the most popular developers. Their products are either with or without the gaming progress retaining. I will analyze the slots' gaming behaviour and potential. I will also give recommendations on how to play slot machines. Bonus at the end: based on the same criteria, I will look at the slots with an option to buy bonus games. Here is the list:

What is a Retained Gaming Session

Slots with and without the retaining of a gaming session (advantages and disadvantages)
First, let me explain what the retaining of gaming sessions and gaming progress is. Of course, I am not talking about the bonus game restoration in case of its termination. The reason can be a stand-alone postponing, an Internet connection dropout, or a bug. Have you read my "Online Casino Big Fake Hypothesis" article? Then you must remember that I am an adept of the following theory:

  • There is no random-number generator that generates every spin.
  • The developers make scripts, or "gaming sequence," or so to say fragments (tracks). The random-number generator builds them in the development stage. The generator also puts in a standard RTP.
  • You can read more about the random-number generator in Net Entertainment.
  • Also, about the Return to player (RTP).

Therefore, I am talking about a game restoration after another login (reset). It occurs at the same point on the game fragment, where the game was discontinued. A reel symbol change, a bet drop, or a sudden change in a slot behaviour can determine it.

Slot Games without a Retaining of the Gaming Session

These slot machines are online casino slots. These gaming machines do not retain gaming sessions or progress. The most popular slot machine developers are Play'n Go, Amatic, ELK, QuickSpin, Thunderkick.

These developers design gaming machines that do not retain your gaming session. It means that every time you start playing the same slot, it feels like you play 'the new one". This pattern looks more as if it is from an offline casino. The exceptions are an active bonus game and a winning spin. In this case, you will continue playing where you left off.

The Specifics of Playing such Slot Games

First, I have to say that these slots are also based on the game fragments pattern. These slots are different from the slots with gaming session retaining. While retaining, the system places you on the specific fragment. The big win here is put within a particular section. So, the player has to play (spin) following this scenario. Playing the slots without the retaining, the player gets an opportunity of a "track" change. It occurs every time the player enters the game.

As we know, in some programmed sequences, the same bonus game can be put in at every several dozens of spins. Or even several hundreds of spins. Whereas in others, it can be at the first spin. Thanks to game fragment change, the player has a chance to catch a game sequence with a big win. Or, at least, a set of average wins in a small section.

  • There some advantages to the slots without the session retaining. For example, a high big winning potential or bonus games from the first spins. The latter is mostly used in the games from Play'n Go, Amatic, and QuickSpin.
  • One of the cons is a high risk of losing the game. For example, you have bet a lot of money on this gaming machine, but the game disconnected for some reason. There is no way that the game will be restored at the same fragment. And all the money is gone. Later you will have to start again. In such a case, the big winning potential is low at the start of a gaming session.

Play’n Go Slot Games Specifics

Playn Go slot games specifics
Principally, the slots from this developer play by "sets." What does it mean? If you get a bonus game activation, then there is going to be a few in the majority of game sequences in a small section. The "losing" game also goes on for many bets. After that, it is replaced by a new set of wins or bonus games. Game sequences are usually designed to follow two scenarios:

  • There are small or average win payments in the main game. Or, there can also be a frequent bonus game activation almost from the start of the gaming session. Occasionally, there are payments of big wins after several hundreds of bets. Then you just lose a lot of bets waiting for the next set of wins. Usually, these wins do not top the money you would have already spent.
  • What does a "losing" session mean? It happens when you lose a lot of money waiting for a set of wins with frequent payments. For one, two scatter symbols on the slots with three scatter symbol bonus game activation. You should remember that the gaming session might be discontinued. In such a case, you will lose the game fragment. In this situation, there might be no set of wins at all. And of course, the set of wins might not compensate your previous losses.


  • The best way to play Play’n Go slots are to play by small sections. In this case, it does not matter if the game followed the scenario "a" or "be."
  • Let me tell you what the most recommended sections are. There should be no more than 50-100 spins (scenario "a") and no more than 30-50 spins (scenario "b"). The reason is that usually, it occurs in this fragment.
  • Then I recommend resetting the game. After that, you can start playing this slot again. It can happen only on the "losing" spin (with no wins).
  • I recommend frequent reset of a gaming session. You can win playing these slots only by using this strategy.

Amatic Soft Details

Amatic soft details
Unlike the slots from Play'n Go, Amatic slots do not play by sets. These slots follow two scenarios. In the first scenario, the slot lets you win from the start with a set of average and big wins. Then follows the losing set with no wins. In the second scenario, you lose several hundred or even more than a thousand bets. But after that, you might get a big win (or a set of wins). Unlike Play'n Go slots, here the payment often tops the amount of money you lose.


  • Amatic slots often "show" themselves from literally first spins. That applies to all except a small slot line.
  • A "winning" set can last during considerable fragments. The "losing" periods are minimal between average and big wins.
  • The slots rarely change their behaviour and Return to Player during a small set. So, if the gaming machine shows a bad performance from the start of a gaming session, resetting it will not help. I recommend changing the gaming machine to another slot from the same developer.
  • Gaming machine pools are divided among each slot and not among developers. That is why while one slot does not work, another can give sets of big wins from the first spins.
  • I recommend you to play a long set only if you have a reserve of more than five hundred bets.

Specifics of QuickSpin Games

It is very easy to predict the results of a gaming session on QuickSpin slot machines. These slots often give big wins literally from the start of a gaming session. They also play by game sets. The thing here is to be able to stop in time. After a set of big wins, these slots disconnect and often reset the balance.

For this reason, I recommend:

  • Resetting the gaming machine by re-logging. In this case, the game history resets, and there is a high potential of the set repetition.
  • You should not try to play a long set of bets if you are losing from the start. The majority of attempts will fail.

ELK Slot Games

ELK slot games
ELK slot machines rarely show a high potential from the start of the gaming session. The sets of wins rarely happen with these slots. The ELK slots do not retain the game history. You have the opportunity to reset the game and try to get a big win under another scenario. I recommend you to do it if you did not get a big win during the set of 100-300 spins. This set can be possible if you keep the balance.


  • These slots rarely show a high potential from the start of the gaming session. So, you do not have to reset the gaming machine frequently or change the slot.
  • I recommend you to play only if you have many bets.

Thunderkick Slot Games Specifics

Thunderkick slot games specifics
Thunderkick slot machines rarely change the game scenario. It means that if you reset the slot, the Return to Player will not change even under a different scenario. If the slot does not show a high potential from the start of the gaming session, resetting it will not help. You will just play the same scenario again. These slots are designed for average and lengthy gaming sessions. They can show a high potential only during such sets. Often there are sets of average wins with only one big win. After you reset the slot, the possibility of getting a big win is very low.


  • I recommend you to have a reserve of many bets (more than two hundred).
  • When you are losing, I do not recommend you to reset the slot. The best way here is just to change the gaming machine.
  • The recommendations are the same in case of a big win.
  • The set of average wins and balance retention is a good sign. I recommend you to keep playing because of the high potential of a big success.

So, we have looked at the gaming machines without retaining a gaming session. Now you know the details of how to play such slots from popular developers. Let's talk about the gaming machines that retain the game history. Of course, these slots are also from popular developers.

Slots that Retain the History of the Game

Endorphina, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger – are the most popular gaming machine developers. I am talking about online casino slots that retain the gaming session and progress.

The majority of gaming machines from these developers retain your gaming session. Of course, there are always some exceptions. Every time you reset the slot, you start at one script point. It is the same script point where the previous gaming session on this slot stopped. A script is a fragment of a game sequence.

The only exception can be a shift from a PC version to a mobile app. But it works only one time. There is something we should remember about these developers. They make the gaming session and progress retaining for different time frames. These vary from a couple of weeks to six months or more.

Specifics of such Slot Games

Unlike slots with retaining of a gaming session, here, the system places you on a certain fragment. The wins are at certain sets of spins in the fragment. And the player has to follow the script just like in shooter games.

Playing these gaming machines, you can get a win right away or after a small number of spins. The win can be a one-time thing, or there can be a set of wins. These sets take turns with short "losing" game fragments.

  • One of the pros here is an almost guaranteed mega win. The only thing is that nobody knows where it is within the fragment. There is no way to know if you will get it after a short set of spins. You can also get it after tens or even hundreds of gaming sessions with thousands of bets.
  • Disadvantage: a low potential of getting a second mega win. If you get a win of 100-500 bets, then you can get the same win at some point within the fragment. And this win will be higher. These wins often go in sets, and you can receive them one after another. It is designed to keep you playing even after a mega win (of more than a thousand bets). But, in the majority of scripts, you will not have a chance to repeat the success. After a big win, you will get only small or average wins.

Specifics of NetEnt Slots

Specifics of NetEnt slots
NetEnt slots are usually designed to play short "winning" and "losing" fragments. One-time mega wins are uncommon for NetEnt slots. Usually, you can get a set of bonus games or average wins within a "winning" fragment. There is a very low potential of getting several mega wins.


  • It is pointless to reset this gaming machine. These slots are designed for the extended sets of spins. Their balance retention rates are relatively high. But I still recommend you to have a significant amount of bets.
  • After you get a mega win, you should leave this slot for at least six months. You also should use another version (PC or mobile) or change the casino.
  • Note that there is no link between the slots because the pools are different. That is why you can also change the slots in the same casino.

Red Tiger Video Slots

Red Tiger video slots
Red Tiger slot machines are similar to NetEnt machines. They also play by "winning" and "losing" fragments. The difference is that with Red Tiger slots, the mega win is almost guaranteed after an average set of spins. That is why I recommend you to have from 400 to 500 bets or more. The possibility of receiving a set of mega wins is very low. These slots are not capable of giving several mega wins.

For this reason, I recommend you stop playing this slot until the progress is reset. This process is unique for different slots and can take from two weeks to several months. Some slots reset the progress when you change the bet. If you received a mega win, it is possible to receive another by changing the bet.

Endorphina Slots

Endorphina slots
It is safe to say that Endorphina slot machines are similar to both NetEnt and Red Tiger slots. The Endorphina slots play by longer fragments. They can give long sets of big wins. It can also happen through frequent bonus game activation. However, the "losing" fragments can last for many spins.

You will not be able to change this by resetting the gaming machine. The slot can realize its potential from the start of a gaming session, but it rarely happens.

Should you keep playing the slots from this developer after a mega win? My opinion here is the same as about NetEnt slots. There is a possibility that you will get several mega wins, but it rarely happens. That is why I do not recommend you to keep playing the same slot, even if you switch from a PC version to a mobile app.

Specifics of Pragmatic Play Slots

Specifics of Pragmatic Play slots
It is hard to anticipate the behaviour of these gaming machines. While retaining the game history, they can give you:

  • A mega win almost from the start of the gaming session.
  • Several big wins with small intervals (as they do occasionally).
  • It can also take a long time to reset your balance during several gaming sessions. And also, with time intervals between them. Even re-logging into the gaming machine will not help to solve this problem.


  • Pragmatic Play slots often show a high potential of giving several mega wins. But I still recommend you to stop playing after receiving such a win. The reason is that long gaming sessions are dangerous and often end in zeroing of the balance.

In conclusion, I suggest we look at the different slots play. We are going to learn playing on which one of the slots is most convenient, fair, and has the most potential.

The Fairest Slot Games…

I believe that there is no fair or fraudulent playing scheme on any of the slots. There are advantages and disadvantages to any of them.

For example, the first type of slots (the ones that do not retain the game history). These slots will be a perfect choice for players that do not have many bets. These slots allow the player to play the script with the wins from the start, or even the sets of winnings. However, I find the build quality of these slots disappointing. There is no sense in playing long gaming sessions without resetting the slot. For this reason, you will lose all your bets during long sets of spins in the majority of plays.

I like better the second type of slots (that retain the game history). If you do not get a big win from the start of the gaming session, you can still be sure that you will get it later. You can calculate the approximate number of bets that will get you the desired outcome. The downside here is that there is no sense in playing further after you get a mega win. The possibility of getting another mega win is very low here. But you can still play this slot in another casino.

Bonus Game in Slots

Bonus game in slots
Besides, let's analyze the gaming machines with an option to purchase a bonus game. We will look at the slots from different developers and compare them based on the same criteria.

Big Time Gaming is the most popular developer of slots that retain game history. These slots store the purchase and result in history.

  • One of the advantages of these slots is receiving a mega win after the first purchase. I can say the same thing about the slots from this and other developers. Besides, with a fair amount of bets, you can wait for the desired outcome. For example, a win of several thousand bets. It is possible to do not only one gaming session but also different ones. There can even be a long time interval between them.
  • One of the disadvantages of these slots is a low potential of receiving several mega wins. Yes, sometimes, there are sets of two-three mega wins. Then follows the long set of bonus games with minimal wins. They will not even make up for the losses. And waiting for a big win will end up more expensive than the win itself.
  • What to do after you receive a mega win (more than a thousand bets) on one of these slots? I recommend you to purchase several bonus games. The reason is that the big wins play out by sets of several wins. But if it does not happen, I recommend you stop playing this slot and switch to another one or another casino.

Blueprint Gaming is one of the most popular developers of gaming machines. The slots from this developer do not retain history within different gaming sessions. These gaming machines retain history only within one gaming session. When you relog in or refresh the page, the history resets to zero.

  • One of the advantages of these slots is a high potential of receiving a mega win within one gaming session. Of course, it can happen if you have many bets and purchase more than twenty bonus games. Depending on a slot, such attempts are often successful.
  • What about the disadvantages of these gaming machines? These slots rarely show a high potential after the first purchases. Also, the history resets to zero after re-logging.
  • Who should not play these gaming machines? It is a bad choice for players who prefer purchasing only several bonus games. And also for the ones who do not have a significant amount of bets.

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