Classification of bonuses in online casinos Netent

Bonuses at Online Casino NetentIn this section, we will acquaint you with the features of the bonus policy in the online casino Netent. You will learn what the proposals are, what the difference between them is, and what is the signup bonus online casino Netent you can count on. Bottom of the page you will find a link to a summary table of bonus offers for new players that are available in online casinos Netent.

What is a bonus?

Many people are not even aware of the original meaning of the word bonus. After all, the term has migrated to us from the English, which it referred to: the benefits, advantages, benefits. In Latin, the term "Bonitas" had a slightly different notation, more spiritual - courtesy, generosity, kindness. But was the main distributor of the economy, where the professional vocabulary "bonus" has a wide range of signs, but somehow reduced to reward or discount.

However, it is not necessary to understand as a bonus some gratuitous or limitless possibilities. In the bonuses at online casinos are attractive component for beginners, more or less common, the essence of which is to ensure that the player can experience for you the care and attention from the casino. Objectives can be quite different: advertising, attracting new customers or retaining old ones.

Where can I find the best bonus offers?

On the Internet quite a lot of gaming establishments, including fraud, which, under the guise of an attractive environment, want to cheat the customers. Fortunately, the world rankings allow you to track the most popular casinos, as well as to compare their proposals with other competitors. As you can see, nothing complicated, through any search engine using standard phrases "rating casino", "best online casino bonuses", you can easily pick up facility to your taste. In our opinion, the most interesting and honest gaming platform is the international network of casinos NetEnt, traditionally occupies the top position in the world rankings.

Simple and complex bonuses:

Mr Green CasinoBonuses at the online casinos can be divided into two groups: simple and complex. The first consists of those proposals and opportunities offered by the casino, which do not involve any remuneration:

  • Free (trial) games or betting;
  • Increased time in the game;
  • Double win after the first bid for the beginner;
  • Introductory course to the rules of gambling.

Some of these may seem common components of game-play, but it's not. Initially, most of the innovations introduced by the developers of gambling were rare, sporadic and one-off. But the growing competition in the online casino is forcing many schools to spend more generous bonus policy. Free games or bet - in a modern society like the game are nothing new, but the trial of the roulette or poker there is not at all sites, which is why they can also be considered a bonus. For our guests we offer free play in any of the gaming machines Net Entertainment is absolutely free. The increase in playing time - some machines may have limited playing time, but for a new customer can provide favorable conditions in which he can win more money than the casino patrons.

Double win is does not in itself imply any cash, usually introduced for the first bet (or multiple starting rates) and may be limited to a certain fee. The player is not necessarily something to win, but a similar bonus greatly attracts customers, because even if a person has lost, he may want to get even, so the first move on the part of the casino has already been made successfully.

An introductory course. Many players start playing online casino does not have gaming experience. For this reason, some of them just do not understand the rules or the idea of the game and not really making a half-step and go away from this casino. Therefore, many casinos are trying to do everything possible to teach a player. On many sites you can find in the game where automatic prompter send gameplay in the right direction that will safely and without risk to understand all the rules and intricacies of the game, before you begin to put real money.

The second category are the complex bonuses, as they may assume some of the conditions for obtaining compensation may have some limitations, but somehow they all involve cash prizes for their players:

Features of using bonuses:

At some casinos with roulette bonus is allowed to use as a hedging their bets - hedging. For example, if you place a bet in roulette at $ 15 on red and then make a bonus bet $ 15 on black, the total amount will be $ 30, where the share of the risk is not more than 0.5%. Casinos may specifically prohibit such combinations, and then you can use the games with low interest rates. The point is, the smaller the percentage of the casino game, the more your chance to win a bonus when used provided.

Many sites are used for regular customers loyalty program. Once the team realized the casino that you are willing to invest enough money, you can provide a lot of interesting proposals including bonuses, additional funds at a prize or if you invite friends on your behalf, can also provide 30, 40, 50% bonus regular monthly instalments and so on. Sometimes the casino for some reason forgets about its customers and focuses on attracting new players. In this case, do not hesitate to direct appeal to the administration institutions, with the requirement or proposal to introduce incentive rewards for loyal customers, like you, for example.

Chances are if you are quite valuable player, you will be given the opportunity to participate in any promotion. But most players are responsible intelligible denying that for some reason the provision of permanent bonuses to players at the moment is not possible. Online NetEnt such failure you will not get, and it is unlikely our partners bring to this state, because a really good casino worries for all players.

Bonuses for VIP-players:

As described above, those places that really value their players will never forget them. For the most affluent gaming clubs open special accounts separate rooms with high betting limits and even pay extra for each win a lot of money. Such is to ensure that customers can constantly play with high stakes.

For this position the online casino for a long time ahead of their terrestrial rivals. To get VIP status, even in the middle of the casino, you will have to spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. In an online casino for such privileged status, it will be enough to make one large deposit. Further status VIP-determined rules of the casino customers. Perhaps you need a certain activity or permanent contributions to your account.

Cash Back bonus:

As a consolation prize can often find the possibility of returning lost money, it is called CashBack. Some people play casino because of CashBack. As a rule, an online institution return a percentage of the amount lost and only if the player certain rules: limit game, after which it is possible to obtain another bonus (day, week or month), or no more than 5-35% of the deposit. Playing in various casinos NetEnt you will certainly get a lot of fun and an unlimited choice of their own bonuses at online casinos, whether you are a novice or a regular customer - it makes no difference to the quality of their service and the integrity of the game.

Tips for beginners:

Bonuses in online casinos are enjoyable part of many games and finding the most suitable places for them certainly worth paying attention. But do not "lead" the obviously unrealistic proposals such as: 1000% first deposit, x20 win or full refund of money spent, regardless of the amount, and other conditions. Thus, you will protect yourself and will save finances against the encroachments of scams. You have to play with pleasure, because the more benefits you're looking for, the less pleasure, and therefore increases component of greed, because the truth say, "greed to no good arguments." Use only quality content and trusted platforms. Our partners are ready to give their players the best casino bonuses in Netent. Check out our summary table proposals for players from these countries by clicking on the name of the country.

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