Classification of bonuses in online casinos

Classification of bonuses in online casinosIn this section, we will acquaint you with the bonus policy in Netent online casino. You will learn what the proposals are, what is the difference between them and what usual welcome deal in Netent online casino. At the bottom of the page, you will find a link to a table with the best bonus deals.

What is a bonus?

Many people are not even aware of the original meaning of the word bonus. It is referred to as benefits, advantages. In Latin "Bonitas" had a slightly different sense - courtesy, generosity, kindness.

The online casinos' bonuses are an attractive component for beginners. Objectives can be entirely different: advertising, attracting new customers or retaining old ones.

Simple and complex bonuses

Mr Green CasinoBonuses at online casinos can be divided into two groups: simple and complex:

Bonuses for VIP-players

To get VIP status in an online casino, you will not have to spend thousands of euro. Just make the big deposit (€10000) and write to live support chat. Any big online casino will offer personal cashback and bonus deals for you.

Tips for beginners

Bonus money allows a player to gamble longer. Experienced players even can get the positive mathematical expectation of winning at an online casino. Do not take the unrealistic proposals such as 1000% welcome bonus, 100$ no deposit bonus. Thus, you will protect yourself from scams. Check out the list of best bonus deals by clicking on the link below:

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