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European Online Casinos for iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad)


European Online Casinos for iOS Devices iPhone iPad
Nowadays people are not using their personal computers or laptops the same often as they use their phones. We are using them for communicating with our friends, colleagues, playing games, and scrolling social networks. But in the last few years, people also start using them for playing in an online casino. It is more comfortable than using a PC because you can have access to it everywhere where you can find a network.

Every Apple follower has got an opportunity to play his favourite games at home, in the office, or even lying in the bed. By the way, you don’t need to fly to Las-Vegas on the weekends if you want to enjoy playing games and get enough excitement. You can spend time in the park, walk with your dog and play your favourite game. Today you will read a review on the best iOS mobile casino’s.

iOS Gambling

There are a lot of views of casinos on your iPhone. It can be an application which user must download on his device and play through a special application. It can be also a simple website with an adaptive design for mobile screens. If you have an iPad, it will be much comfortable for you to use these websites on the big screen, you will have the same functions but on the bigger screen. Earlier it was a real problem on the devices from Apple because a big part of standards, which developers use was not supported on the iPhone or iPad. Today developers know how to create portals, especially for iOS systems. With all these new features players can easily use online casinos in their iOS device without problems of page refreshing or something other.

These sites can start some parts of it in real-time without page refreshing. As experience has shown they are always stable and no bugs were noticed. Pages are not refreshing by itself as it was a few years ago.

You can even get notification from applications on your AppleWatch. For example about the beginning of new competition or successful withdrawal of money.

The developers of these casinos are introducing new functions. It makes these portals more convenient to use and more pleasant to perceive.

Mobile-Friendly Website

The stylistics of all portals are characterized by high saturation. It makes it more pleasant to use, they have a very pleasant interface that you will become interested in during the game. Some of the nicest and most understandable website designs turned out to be those of Fastpay Casino and Instantpay Casino – no deposit bonus casinos for iOS. You can immediately find out where to click and where to find any field. This is the same as when you come to the usual casino where everything was made for your comfort, you need to feel good when you are in it. Graphic designer teams spending a lot of hours in creating the perfect design for their portal, so you will never forget it.

Protection of Personal Information

For every online player, one of the main criteria is the protection of his personal and payment data. All online casinos are carrying out about their players. They would never let any of their players suffer from the loss of money when paying because in this way the casino will lose its reputation, which is very difficult to restore later. Absolutely all online casinos now have huge teams that deal with these issues, solve problems with scammers, and eliminate security holes. Today we can truly say that no matter what casino you choose, you can be sure of protecting your data. Nobody can take possession of them. All sites support security systems that are implemented by the banks themselves, so your money will be protected.

User Support

All casinos have round-the-clock user support, which helps you to solve any questions and problems of customers at any time. Rest assured that in all casinos, support will answer you quickly and try to resolve your issue as fast as it is possible and in such a way that you are satisfied. If they will not answer your question they will send it to the second line of support, who will definitely help you.

Support specialists can solve completely different issues, from questions about the site and where to find a button, to how to make a payment correctly or receive a payment from the site.

There is no need to wait a long time for an answer to your email, support can answer you directly in the chat dialogue box on the site at the same minute. Or it can be by phone numbers that are indicated in the contacts. Many portals such as Fastpay Casino have links to their social networks where you can not only follow their news but also ask questions there. You can also find some special discounts if you will follow them on social networks, you just need to check it sometimes.

Variety of Games

On each of the sites that are presented below, you can see a wide variety of games for every taste. Be sure that one of them will definitely become your favourite for a long time! The sites offer different games, you can even play classic roulette without leaving your home or sitting at work.

Online Payments

No more queuing at the cashier and buying chips! You can simply enter your bank card details, select the amount to be deposited and deposit money at the casino. And as mentioned earlier - everything is safe! On some portals, you can also see the ApplePay feature available right on the site. In this case, you will not even need to enter anything, just bring the phone to your face or put your finger and you're done!

Be sure to read the user agreements when starting the game on the site. On all of them, you can find information about the safety of your data and the fact that such companies do not transfer them to third parties and they will never use it anywhere without your agreement.

The Speed of Receiving Money

You don't want to wait a few days for your winnings, do you? Today, thanks to expedited transfer methods, the money you win will go straight to your bank account in minutes. Modern banking systems enable players to withdraw their funds directly to a bank card. Commissions for such conclusions are minimal. All sites described in the article support modern payment systems, such as VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Maestro, NETELLER, and many others.

The same site has a built-in exchange office where you can exchange BTC for EUR instantly, without losing any extra commission. You just need to be careful when copying your BTC wallet address when you withdraw your money. Never try to withdraw BTC on your ETH address or some else because it can lead to loss of money, so be careful.

Welcome Bonus

Each casino is constantly running promotions for its new users. You can get a really big sign up bonus. Also, now many have a referral program according to which you can invite friends to play with you to get real money for it. Take Instantpay Casino as an example. When you first register on their website, you can get 100% of the deposit from 100 euros. Agree, it's pretty good to immediately double your money?

But that's not all, many today choose cryptocurrency, instead of many electronic payments. Some casinos offer 100% on a deposit of 1BTC. Of course, you can not withdraw all this money back in one moment. You will play on them, and after a few games, you will be able to get it on your credit card or back to the Bitcoin wallet. It makes games more interesting and gives you much more excitement from each game.

Constant Money Draws

Riobet Casino website is now hosting a full-fledged tournament on the global PragmaticPlay network. The prize fund is € 2'000'000. Every week you can win 5,000 Euro for first place in this tournament and less for the second and third. If you are an experienced player, then there will be no problem for you to participate in this type of competition. But even among beginners, there are cases of big wins. People are opening real talent inside of them during this kind of competition. It can be different tournaments for different regions and experiences of players. If you are good you can be also asked to play in the private competition. And all these functions are available from your iPhone or iPad.

The site teams constantly encourage you to use their resource, so for a certain time of playing on the site, you can get unexpected bonuses, which will be very pleasant. It will not be huge money, but it is also good just for playing on their site, do you agree?

Real Money or Demo Account?

For beginners, there is an opportunity to play on a demo account, where the user is given virtual money that he cannot withdraw, but can play on it. So for those who need to understand the basics of a particular game, before starting to play, there are such opportunities on many sites. The first advantage of using such an account is that you don't waste your money, but you get the same experience as when playing for real money. This is how those who then win championships begin to learn. You can spend a lot of time on your demo account before you will start playing on real money. So you will be ready for it when you will begin.

Bitcoin Casino for iOS

Why people choose Bitcoin for playing in an online casino on the iPhone? Because in iOS Bitcoin casino’s you can change your BTC to EUR with minimal commission. You can also pay without any bank system, which will make your payment invisible for your wife for example. Also, today this kind of payment can be more secure than usual payment with a credit card because only you know the address of your BTC wallet and only you can confirm this payment. As mentioned earlier, many casinos support the ability to exchange BTC directly on their website. This allows players to avoid paying additional fees for exchanging funds on third-party sites. Often on sites such as Fastpay Casino, players are offered the most favourable exchange rate, which allows them to motivate players to use cryptocurrencies.

Best iOS Casinos

  • FastPay Casino is an excellently designed casino site that looks great when opened in an iPhone browser, has great functionality, and a huge number of games. The site also works with BTC, ETH, LTC.
  • InstantPay casino review would be incomplete without this platform. This is a new platform in the world of gambling. It was created just in 2020. Yet, InstantPay is an ambitious casino that aims to satisfy any needs of gamblers. The service fully meets all the clients’ demands. Here, you can play both for real money and for free (in a demo mode).
  • One of the best casinos in our opinion where you can pay and receive money in BTC is Bitstarz Casino. It features a very fast withdrawal, user-friendly interface, and quick response from the support team on the site at any time.
  • Riobet Casino is one of the best casinos with one of the largest numbers of draws. For example, you can win extra money just by playing during a certain period. The money will be credited to the account of one of the players randomly, which makes the chances of all players equal.
  • At Videoslots Casino you can see so many different games that you rarely see on other sites. A beginner's eyes run wild, but a well-built site design gives you a quick orientation and understand where to start.
  • Play Fortuna Casino also showed itself very well in work both on the iPhone and on the iPad. The site is stable, and support responds almost instantly. The company has been registered for a very long time, which inspires confidence. You can not play with Bitcoin on this site, but the usual money is available for players. So it is more like a casino in its classic style.
  • Booi Casino is also one of the examples of a classic online casino for the iOS device with perfect design and a big amount of different games.

Where to play?

  • Fastpay casino has over 5000 games in their portfolio. Their VIP bonus program and excellent customer care make them one of the best in the online gambling industry.

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