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What to do if you lost all the money in the casino

What to do if you lost all the money in the casino
If you play with cash, then losing all the money in a casino may be an inevitable component of your life. Until that moment that the player begins to take money in debt to recoup; he can stop the development progress of the gaming addiction. When there are debts that are lost, a person gets better with money management. The gameplay is at the forefront.

Scary? This is only the beginning of gambling addiction. The social bottom is at the end of the line without family and friends. If you are just a new player and you feel that you can't control yourself, then it is possible to cut yourself off from them entirely. If you are "on the way" already, I recommend you read this article to the end and read the related topics links at the bottom of the page. We will help you to stop.

Some players might wish to return all lost money trying to cancel the payment with credit card (to do a chargeback). What pitfalls await the player in this way, read further.

You have no idea how you won that you lost

Perhaps, you've heard the saying "Beginners have luck". The players, who come to the casino for the first time, be sure to win. I don't know how it is implemented and what force causes the ball to fall in the desired number, and slots give the bonuses, but it works. If you lost all the money on your first visit to the gambling house, and then you win much more, then you are fortunate. You don't have the motivation to continue the game and try to win. You will be sorry only for the money. However, let's talk about the fact what has already happened if the player lost all his money at the casino. What to do next?

What to do?

"All the money" – it sounds scary. Let's define what we're talking about the term "all": the frequency of your play, the degree of dependence, and will touch each of the cases separately:

  • You lost all the money on the online casinos. I play for the first time. This case perfectly fits with the phrase "you are lucky that you lost." Believe that to win in this situation would be much more dangerous. Our brain is designed so that if you started to play casino for money - so are you a gambling man. Losing your entire balance from your poker or betting in the bookmaker - this is not the collapse of the world. Even if you lost a large sum, the main thing that you should do is continue to play to win. This money is no longer belongs to you. The casino shouldn't "return" you in the form of winnings. In any case, you will don't need to borrow money or to enter additional funds to "fight back".
  • You lost all the money on online casinos balance. I am constantly playing. Win/lose in equal measure. We have excellent advice for you if you are a regular player. At one time, it helped me to deal with many problems. Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Don't open Excel or Notepad on the computer. Write down today's date and the amount of loss. And write down the amount of the money that you deposited into your account. Don't include bonuses or intermediate win. Write down your "clean" loss. Do this during a calendar month, and then summarize. These facts will help you to realize how much you lose in a month. Our consciousness is arranged so that, under the influence of the gambling addiction, we tend to think of just winning the money — the sensations that you experience from losing any amount stronger than the joy of winning the same value. Very often you will be "in the black" at the time of losing the next 100$. This will help you to tame the feeling of "revenge" and not make even ten deposits, losing them one by one. Usually, the money played in one or two sick days, when you get a terrible slot or cannot stop after a big win.
  • You have lost all the money. Play a very long time. Play for the game. If you are aware of that fall into this group – it is not as bad as you think. The last stage of gambling addiction is a lie to yourself and all others. In your case, you need to limit access to the money. Set deposit limits in the online casino (we recommend Fastpay), look for no-deposit bonuses and play slots for free, introducing that play for real money. Try to record the results from the free games on Netent slots (and only Netent), and you will see how much you save. 
  • You've lost everything. There is nowhere to go to. If you are at the end of the way, you need to stop and weigh what you have left — children, family, friends, parents. If all of these are absent, you feel free to contact the doctor. If there is – you must tell everything. Do not spare your feelings, and don't try to justify your situation. If you find support from your relatives, so you choose. If you feel that the immediate support system might not help, then you can contact your doctor.


Gambling is like a Genie out of the bottle. Game dependence is often compared to alcoholism and drug addiction. In the minds of gambling, addiction has a chance, and it increasingly difficult to control their actions and the reality surrounding him. You need to solve the problem now! Don't delay it "indefinitely". The loss of all the money it's not the end of your life, and it's not as bad as you are drawn now. The main thing is to draw the correct conclusions from the current situation, and something needs to change.

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