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The most daring casino scammers

It is difficult to say how many people seeking to get a big win by several spins, no matter, of roulette or reels. This is one moment that can enter them in the rank of millionaires. Unfortunately, big winnings are relatively rare, so waiting for good luck is often nonsense. But there is another, a small group of people that have entered into the history of the gambling world. These are the daring scammers and adventurers who were able to put into practice the technical achievements and intellectual abilities.

The five most successful casino scammers

Richard Marcus – the ideal drunkard

Scammers at Roulette
The undisputed leader of the scammers is Richard Marcus, at one time cheating the gambling houses of almost 5 million dollars. No one would know about his „exploits “, and there were moments of heroism, if reaching a certain age, Marcus would not decide to share them in the memoirs. A man who accepted the extra, standing just above the crooked stack of chips - that was the image of Marcus, the frequent guest of gambling houses. But all this was only a dramatisation — the man was completely sober, and below the top of the chips in the denomination of $5 were the more expensive ones.

When loosing, the scammer was expressing his dissatisfaction by not giving the chips to the dealer. Most often, the dealer simply did not interface with the wasted customer, considering the amount of 10-15 dollars insignificant.

Dennis Nikrasch – the machines ripper

Trying to hit a big jackpot, firstly the scammer was practising his hacking abilities on a training machine that was purchased for personal use. However, at his first attempts to apply his skills in real life, it had become clear that he needed assistance. They had to hide the scammer from cameras while he was hacking the machine by inserting a chip into it. The entire operation was last in less than a minute. The criminals managed to cheat many casinos before the accomplices handed their leader to the casino. It is believed that the cause of the disagreement was the small amounts Nikrasch paid them.

Baccarat and mini-camera

Video slots
The history is silent when talking about the not less successful scammer who with the help of mini cameras, built into one of the cufflinks, did the shooting. Next, the scammer was leaving under a plausible pretext, and after watching the video recording, he was returning with valuable information. To sum it up, as in the previous case, he was caught and sent to jail.

Roulette and family contract

An interesting case occurred back in 1973. Its participants were the light-fingered dealer and his beautiful sister together with her husband. As a hobbyist, the dealer created a transmitter, which identified a specific ball, and which was disguised under a regular cigarette pack. Distributing the roles: the dealer at its position, the sister at a table nearby, the son-in-law at the current gaming table, the scammers could happily turn the whole operation. In a week the amount of their winnings totalled more than 5 million francs.

If there were not addicted, alternating the victories with defeats, surely, they would have been able to avoid the attention of the security service of the gambling house. The most unfortunate thing is that the cause of exposing was a trifle, as the surveillance cameras did not prompt any suspicion. The owner of the house, being a women lover, laid his eyes on the bright brunette, who turned out to be the sister of the dealer. Repeatedly scrolling through the records, he drew attention to the fact that big wins had occurred only at the time of her presence at the casino. And the only thing she had in her hands was the cigarettes pack.

Micro-computer of the Baptist programmer

Keith Taft is the last in this list. Being the follower of the Baptist Church, he created a computer and took his son as his assistant. Thus, he managed to cheat the gambling houses at "21". Placing the micro-computer on his belly and using the switches, the scammer was introducing the card's information with his toes. After a series of calculations made by the computer, Taft was receiving the information by the signalling lamps, which were built into his glasses.

He was arrested after a few years, but due to lack of evidence, because none of the experts had been able to unravel the secret of the electronic machine, he was released. Subsequently, Keith Taft was immortalised in the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

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