How to win at the Netent Mobile Casino

How to Win at Mobile Casino LuckAccording to our observations in recent software by Net Entertainment has made reconfiguration of algorithms in order to encourage players to use the mobile version of the casino. There were no official reports on that subject, but many indirect signs point to it. Let`s try to understand what was done and how players can use it to win in the mobile casino by Netent.

Reconfiguration algorithms of Mobile casino by Netent:

According to our version in 2014 was made temporary reconfiguration algorithms of video slots and table games in favor of mobile version by Netent casino. In other words, the players in the mobile version by Netent touch win more often than usual.


The main reasons for the increasing the winnings in the mobile casino by Netent:

  • The software by Net Entertainment is the best. We can talk a lot about the new video slots by Playtech and Microgaming, but objectively it is so. Even giants like bet365 and full tilt poker have chosen Net Entertainment as software for its blocks of online casino. Number of operators increases very quickly and this fact also speaks about the benefits of software by Netent.
  • Some players gamble with the help of mobile phones or tablets. However, the market of mobile technology as a conduit to the Internet is booming, improves the quality of the mobile Internet, which consequently increases the popularity of mobile casino. Online casinos tend to competitors in this fast-growing segment of the market, encouraging players to use the mobile devices. At this stage, it is logical to temporarily increase the percentage of winnings in the mobile casino by Netent to stimulate the players to choose it on their mobile phone.
  • Statistics confirm that the complexity of some registration and deposit with the real money during the gambling sessions with mobile forces players to stay in the same casino. In fact, if they have already registered an account and made the first deposit, create a bunch of credit card (or payment system) for the "quick deposit" and make a bookmark in the browser on mobile phone, the player will not change the casino, because to do so will need to repeat the above steps. Agree that entering the number of your credit card number in several casinos, and even using a mobile phone is dangerous. All these stories about viruses in the mobile phone ...
  • The above reasons explain the tendency of large software vendors to attract the largest possible number of players to their mobile version.

Winning percentage:

RedbetIf Netent games are considered to be the best in their segment, and the players will register an account and gamble in them, and at the moment there is redistribution of the market for mobile gambling is not logical to shift the focus to the mobile version of the casino? It must be done so that players don`t notice the trick, but mobile games would be on everyone's lips. You've probably already realized that to achieve this goal it is necessary to shift a bit algorithm issuing jackpots and big wins to the mobile version. What is actually done?

Easier to win:

Let us build facts:

  • Many Netent casinos run a free bonus packages and free spins that can only be activated with the mobile version of Net Entertainment touch.
  • The last three progressive jackpots have been won on mobile version.
  • Type in a search engine query "big wins at the Mobile Casino Netent" and look at the search results for the year.

Increasing the chances:

The theory is good, but how can we use what we know? How can you win at the Mobile Casino by Netent? You can use the power of free games to determine the mood of video slot and the game in search of "outstanding money." Testing strategy and selecting effective betting amount today on a personal computer shows good results in the transition to the mobile version to play for real money. More details about the recommendations on the choice of the game you can find by clicking on the following link:

The first time playing:

NextCasinoIt has been found that the following strategy can significantly increase the probability of the winning at the Mobile Casino by Netent. An important feature that, after registration we play in each of the selected video slots only once. It is not necessary (but desirable) to perform testing games in free mode.

Examples of the strategy:
  • Player registers an account in NextCasino.
  • Go to the mobile phone (or tablet) put real money account and get 100% up to 200€ bonus.
  • Choose the number of games and play them to a big win in each. Under the biggest gainers in the mobile casino is usually understood as the sum of 50 total bet (that we put) and more.
  • Change the video slot after the winning and not go back to it.
  • Taking the win.
  • Register a new account at another Netent Casino from the "Best Casino" section.
  • Repeat steps.

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