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How to win at a mobile casino

How to win at a mobile casino
According to our observations, in recent years NetEnt software has made the retargeting of gaming algorithms to stimulate players to use the mobile version of the casino. There were no official messages on improving the profitability of the game in the mobile casino, but many indirect signs point to it. The number of players and spins per day in mobile applications is much higher which makes the developers shift towards this route. The market potential itself is also very huge which makes it logical to try to assign a more significant part and gain a foothold in the mobile segment as a leader.

Let's try to find out why such steps could take place and how you can win at Netent mobile casino.

Is it possible to win at a mobile casino?

According to our version, in 2014, there was a temporary retargeting of the algorithms for issuing winnings of the slots and the table games in favour of mobile casinos. In other words, players in the mobile version of Netent Touch win more often than in the usual version. With what it can be connected?

Reasons for increasing?

  • The slots from Netent enjoy the greatest popularity today. You can argue a lot and talk about the new slot machines from Yggdrasil, NYX and Microgaming, but objectively it is.
  • Not many users play at online gambling from mobile phones or tablets. Some of the reasons behind this include slow Internet, the difficulty of correctly displaying the game process on a small screen of the phone and the conventional thinking of players. By the way, the mobile technologies market is experiencing a real boom as a conductor in the network of the Internet. We consider that the quality of the mobile Internet is improving every year, which inevitably increases the popularity of mobile versions of the casino.
  • The online casinos are seeking to outrun the competitors in this rapidly growing segment of the market. They encourage players with mobile devices to choose a particular casino house. It is at this stage that a decision is made to temporarily increase the percentage of winnings in the mobile unit of Netent touch to encourage players to choose it. This fact allowed the players to win more and more often at the mobile casino of the Netent in 2014.
  • The statistics suggests that some complexity of registration and deposit of the account with the real money from mobile devices forces players to stay in the same casino where they have already registered the account and made their first deposit.
  • Players register the account from a typical computer or laptop, create communication with a credit card (or payment system) for the "quick deposit" button and make a bookmark in the browser of the mobile phone. Without any apparent reasons, the player will not change the place for the game, because for this, it is necessary to repeat all of the above actions. You should agree that entering your credit card number into several casinos, and even using a mobile phone, is dangerous. Probably, many of you have heard about the viruses in the mobile phones.
  • All of the above factors explain the desire of large software producers to attract as many players as possible to their mobile versions and accustom users to play them.

Netent increases the percentage of winnings

If there is a redistribution of the market of mobile gambling at this moment, then will it be logical to shift the accent of winnings to the mobile version of the casino. Moreover, this should be done so that players do not notice the malicious intent, but the mobile games would be in the spotlight. Perhaps you have already noted that in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to shift the algorithm slightly for issuing jackpots and the big winnings to the mobile version. What actually and happened.

Why it became easier to win in the Touch version

Let's stick to the facts:

  • Many large operators of Netent casinos have started the packages of bonus money and the free games that can only be activated with the mobile version of NetEnt Touch.
  • Of the last three jackpots, two have been won with the mobile version.
  • Enter in the search engine the request "the large winnings at the mobile casino" and look at the information from the beginning of the year. A lot of things will become apparent to you.

Increase the chances

The theory is good, but how can we take advantage of this? How can we win the real money at Netent mobile casino? Experience has established that the system of statistics of collecting and issuing money by all Net Entertainment games occurs synchronously for the usual games and games of mobile applications Touch.

You can use the block of free games to identify the mood of the slot machine and to search for the game in the "give money" mode. This tactic will allow you to try the game for free, which is worth playing to increase the chances of winning. You can find out more about the recommendations for choosing the game by clicking on the following link:

The strategy of testing and selecting the active bet at the moment shows the excellent results both on a personal computer and on a mobile version for playing for the real money.

We play for the first time

With the help of tests, we found that the next strategy of the game allows you to increase the probability of winning in Netent mobile casino significantly. An important feature is that after registration, we will only play one of the selected slots once. It is desirable (but not necessary) to test the games in free mode.

  • The player registers the account in Fastpay casino.
  • We go from a mobile phone (or tablet) and deposit into your account with the real money.
  • Choose a few games and play them until a big win in each. Under a big winning in a mobile casino, I understand the amount of 50x total bets (which we put) and more.
  • We change the slot after winning and do not return to it.
  • Then we cashout the won money.
  • We register an account at the new Netent casino from the "Best casino" section.
  • We repeat the paragraphs.

Get more information about NetEnt Touch mobile application for Apple products by following the link:

  • The casino games for the iPad and iPhone are in NetEnt Touch block


In other cases under equal conditions, likely, the algorithms for issuing money at the slot machines of Netent are adjusted in favour of the mobile applications. This assumption is especially logical for games with a progressive jackpot by a sizeable public resonance.

Where you can play

  • The best deal of our website - Fastpay casino. Here you will find excellent reputation, fair attitude to players and instant payouts (1-5 minutes). The casino is available for all mobile devices.

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