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Online Casinos with Montenegro License 2024

Online Casinos with Montenegro License 2024
Nowadays, online casinos are the most common type of gambling platforms. No wonder, they need more careful study to recommend a casino. We will tell you about online casinos based in Montenegro.

It is important to check online casino sites. This article will present to you all the secrets of the gambling world. You will learn how to get a license and Montenegro gambling license cost.


Montenegro is a country of opportunities. Montenegro has an official currency. It’s the Euro. The country is known for its stable economy. The number of foreign investors is increasing every year. The country has an attractive policy for foreign business. Gambling establishments receive the most frequent transfers. Investments are made in both online casinos and land-based casinos. Betting companies are also welcome in Montenegro. Sports bet is the popular type of gambling in Montenegro. People love football and basketball.

Today, many people like to spend time gambling. Thus, gambling is profitable. Casinos are a very profitable business. If you want to do this, you will need a license. It will save you from problems with the law. If you have a license, your business becomes legal. The Montenegrin license gives you the right to bet and other activities.

We will tell you about the Montenegro Gambling License. It is one of the most popular licenses for online casinos worldwide.

Montenegro Gambling History

Gambling became completely legal in Montenegro in 2006. But the government announced that online gaming was legal in 2011. Gambling licenses appeared until the following year. Now, if the gambling company is not licensed, it is illegal in Montenegro. Then, hosting for online gambling was also licensed.

It should be noted that online casinos have adopted specially created EU legislation. It guarantees the protection of gamblers. By the way, gambling laws and regulations are changing in Montenegro. They are changed specifically for this industry. Good laws on the casinos’ establishment attract more and more investors. Foreign companies have expanded the Montenegrin gambling market. Competition appeared between local establishments and the best casinos in Europe.

There are the two most famous casinos in Montenegro. You will find about 100 game rooms. Also, more than 180 online casino sites are available in Montenegro. The choice of the direction of gambling is up to the players! Casino operators and providers also have a service’s choice. They can use private racks or cloud services.

Montenegro Regulations

As we have already mentioned, Montenegro has been recognized as one of the best places. It is the best place to host online gambling. It was influenced by the legislative system, political stability, and a developed economy. Now gambling sites include a lot of gambling types. For example, there are sports betting, casino, and more.

So, the Montenegro state controls the business. There is a special regulatory body – the gambling administration. It deals with licensing and taxation of gambling organizations. The administration is also responsible for the regulation and quarterly audits. Officials are authorized to conduct checks with the gambling law. 

Nobody will deny that the Montenegrin gambling business is well-regulated. Businessmen need to know the national anti-money laundering rules. Also, you need to know the law on unusual transactions. The rules for combating the financing of terrorism are necessary to know too. All casino companies use the Know Your Customer policy. Gambling administration checks gaming enterprises. It checks the casino’s operation. Administration follows the standards and regulations of the Montenegro government. Compliance audits are conducted regularly. It ensures compliance with the terms of the Montenegro online casino license

If a casino is licensed, the operator must maintain an audit report for each player. The report includes financial transactions and individual bets. Third-party auditors have access to logs of the game system's internal software. The gambling the administration has access to the rules and results of the game. Also, payments must be available to the administration for five years. By the way, operators should not accept bets from residents of Montenegro and minors. In other words, online games are available to non-residents of Montenegro. 

Advice for Starting an Online Gambling Business in Montenegro

It is not so easy to start a gambling business in Montenegro. Operators need to think about registering a casino and getting a license. These are the two most important procedures to start a legal business. Besides being legal, a license will make your business more profitable. Also, the Montenegro gambling license gives a lot of excellent features. 

Why should I start an online gaming business in Montenegro? Firstly, there are no taxes on bets, sales, or VAT. Secondly, the corporate tax is only 9%. Thirdly, Montenegro is a politically stable country with good information capabilities. Also, the state supports international companies. It makes a good impression on foreign operators. Many countries around the world are trying to get a gambling license in Montenegro. They are attracted by the potential customer base. This way, you will get a good profit when you buy a license.

We will tell you how to get a gambling license for gambling in Montenegro in the next section! 

How to Get a Montenegro Gambling License

The gambling administration decides whether to approve an application for a gambling license. This issue is resolved based on the documentation provided by experts. Commercial organizations can only offer online games if they have a license. Article 10 of the Montenegro gambling Law provides for the possibility to get a license.

Article 9 of the Law makes the administration responsible for issuing permits. Many countries choose this license for its universality. It applies to all gaming operations, software, network operators, and others. As we have already mentioned, gaming companies can work legally only with the license! The applicant demonstrates good financial standing and reliability. This assessment is necessary to preserve Montenegro's international reputation. It is the centre of online gambling. Thus, companies must have an impeccable reputation. 

If the operator did not get a license the first time, do not worry. The administration works as the Montenegro e-gambling commission. They provide a list of improvements and requirements for further cooperation. This careful monitoring is fully justified. See for yourself! The license provides access to all forms of online gambling. The operator does not need to get licenses for each product. The license also has an international status. In other words, you can work all over the world. 

So, getting a license goes through several stages. One of the most important is to apply. It includes several procedures. You will need to pass them together with the local Montenegro gambling authorities. Specialists prepare the necessary documents, duties, and various fees. The operator will need notary services and a set of corporate documents. The business plan is also very important for issuing a license. Also, operators must have a registered legal address in Montenegro. This process is quite complex. Thus, it is better to do business with experts.

Montenegro Gambling License Requirements

As we have already said, operators must follow strict requirements to get a license. You need to register a company in Montenegro to apply. It is better to have special people in the gambling licensing process. They are necessary for effective cooperation with the authorities of Montenegro. It is following the Due Diligence and KYC policy. After successfully getting a license, you must get hardware for the transit server. The server transmits the gambling process data to the gambling control services. 

It won’t be difficult for you to meet the requirements of the government of Montenegro. Requirements include hardware based on a local server. The advantage is that you don't have to look for good hosting providers. Montenegro will offer a choice of reliable suppliers. They are specially trained for difficult moments in the gaming industry. You can get a full gambling license after registering all services.

One of the main conditions is a physical presence. So, the website and other data must be on the territory of Montenegro. The location of the client database must also be carried out. By the way, you can choose the number of founders for a Montenegro gambling company. They help to solve some issues and needs.

So, the main requirements for obtaining a gambling license are:

  • 1. Fill out the application form. You will need to provide your full name and contact email address.
  • 2. You create the invoice. The invoice will need to be paid.
  • 3. After payment, you will be granted access to the GTOS Viking platform. Specialists will also request the following documents:
  • • A copy of the passport, which must be certified by a notary 
  • • Utility bill for the last 2 months. They also need to be notarized
  • • Bank recommendation letter

It is important to mention that the licensing processing time takes 2-4 months. Sometimes, the administration requires extra documents. After these actions, you can get a gambling license in Montenegro. 

Don't worry that the processing time takes several months. Look at the other side. You will have a lot of time to develop your gambling business. Thus, it is better to start issuing a license immediately. By the way, a trading account and a corporate account are two main banking services. You will need them after you get the gaming license.

It is better to conduct a gambling business with experts and specialists. Managing accounts on the Internet is quite complex. Sometimes operators have problems opening a trading or bank account. To tell the truth, financial institutions and banks often complicate this process. But competent people will be able to find a solution and prevent problems.

Montenegro Gambling License Cost

A gambling license is in demand. Many countries offer to get it. Such companies are constantly appearing on the market from different countries. It is due to the awareness of their advantages for foreign investors. Many experts offer their help in preparing the application and accompanying documents. 

The procedure for obtaining a license on the Internet is different everywhere. But we will talk about e-gambling Montenegro d.o.o. So, you are creating a new company in the gambling industry. Then you start the process of obtaining a license for this company. Registering your company and getting license costs about 300,000 euros on average. It should be noted that the cost of a gambling license depends on the number of founders. You can find professional support for your corporate organization. It is necessary to maintain your business in good condition. It will be easier for you to manage and check your online casino.


To sum it up, getting a gambling license is a complex process. It includes a lot of requirements and knowledge about business. Despite the difficulties of obtaining a license, it is a necessary part of a legal online casino. Most gaming platforms are licensed. But it's better not to trust those casinos that didn't get it. Legal gambling platforms are registered. They also operate according to legal norms and requirements. Customers really appreciate it.

We understand that it is difficult for operators to choose a jurisdiction. But it is important to place casinos, bets, and other gambling games. If you are not sure about the choice of jurisdiction, do not be afraid to consult with specialists. They will select it for you, taking into account your needs and budget. The goal of experts is to meet your needs. They will help you get a license and protect your interests. Connecting with experienced people will be useful for your business.

We want to give some recommendations to the gamers at Montenegro casinos. So, the online casinos in Montenegro often offer visitors welcome bonuses. Best-licensed casinos offer pleasant conditions and great bonuses. Pay attention to the bet requirements. If you become a client of a good casino, the bonus terms will be placed in a prominent place. Restrictions should not be hidden behind the ambiguous language. Also, check the available payment and withdrawal methods. By the way, popular casinos usually have mobile versions. You can play everywhere!

We hope that the article was useful both for casino operators and gamers. Good luck!

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