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The spell of good luck or how to call the fortune

The spell of good luck or how to call the fortune
If you are very passionate about gambling, you cannot imagine your life without the emotion of the exciting game for money, and you are crazy about adrenaline in the blood. Then surely you would possibly think of attracting fortune, even if it would have had to resort to using supernatural forces. Moreover, many risky players hit one jackpot and win not the only one; there comes your spell for good luck with gambling.

Everyone considers themselves to be kings of poker and roulette, gods of blackjack and virtuosos of "armed bandits", but often in their victories, there is some spell for good luck in the risk game. However, using a powerful spell, don't forget that it will work only in case of absolute faith in it. Its power cannot be questioned for a second, because it affects the speed and strength of material flows in the dynamic gambling.

How to read the spell of fortune in the casino

  • The experts in the field of magical rituals say that before applying the spell for good luck in the game, you should make sure that person is not jinxed. In other words, if the gambler faced the "insurmountable obstacle" in life and he wasn't lucky in financial terms, the spell may not help him to get out of the economic adversity and to beat the online casinos.
  • This negative impact must be removed professionally and only after that you can apply the excellent luck spell to the game. The most favourable days for fulfilment of such good luck rituals are Thursday (the day of the powerful financial flows) and Sunday (the day of the luck and solar energy).
  • The spell should be read on the waxing crescent moon at the first two weeks after the new moon: the rising of the Moon attracts fortune and makes up the wallet. The game at the online casino can be even more fun and exciting if the guest of the gambling site is sure that fortune is his constant companion!
  • But the main thing while reading the good luck spell in the game is the full beliefs of the forthcoming victory: it is necessary to provide in minute detail, what feelings and emotions you will experience from your winnings, as you enjoy the profit, what a delight you will get from the risk. "The luck is in my pocket, and the fortune is with me, all the gods gift me with great success" – a simple, but a very effective spell which with the sincere faith in it will never fail.

For example

There are more powerful spells for good luck in the game, but their execution is much more difficult. One of them will need seven photos with entirely successful people, who were not only winners but wisely commanded their money. These photos should be spread out on the table, and your photo should be put in the centre of the resulting 7-pointed star. Above each photo you need to place the candle, to light it in a clockwise direction, and then to pronounce the text of the spell for good luck in the game: "Your fortune and good luck – my winning eagerness. You had good luck, and I will have good luck for seven times, my good luck will find me everywhere!". After reading, you should light a candle above your photo and within 7 minutes to imagine your winnings (the fact that visualisation multiplies the spell). When reading the spell for good luck in the game, even virtually, mentally experience your triumph again and again; try to capture a sense of victory in your imagination as strong as possible.

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