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How to open an online casino in Russia?

How to open casino in Russia
How to open the internet casino? In this article, we describe how to start the online casino. What are the steps and the sequence in which you must do what the operator to choose? I also propose to analyse the legality of such business organisation in Russia.

How much money?

On average, a serious online casino (not taking into account one-day sites or places with home-made software) will cost from ten to three hundred thousand euros. The sum will depend on the seriousness of your intentions and the operator with whom you work. So, how to open an online casino in Russia?

Assume will stand skins Microgaming and Playtech, which has raised questions his reputation or have no base of active players. This casino on the secondary market can be purchased for a small fee. But it will be a "pig in a poke." Moreover, the cheaper the former owners would be willing to sell it, the big question is should you cause and the more carefully it is necessary to check the history of the domain name and the scandals around the gambling establishment.

It is essential to understand that the money brings players. Today offer services on the organisation of gambling in the network significantly exceed demand, giving rise to high competition between operators. Taken into account all - work support services, available methods of payment and deposit money speed of operation, withdrawals and bonus policy for your future online casino. If you are ready for the challenges for the organisation of quality resources, we will move on to specific instructions. - If not, then do not waste time and money. Frivolous sites on the Internet is full - they idle without any activity on the part of the players. Is it worth it to become one of them?


How to open casino in Russian Federation
To open an online casino in Russia, you must first register a company in an offshore zone. Usually choose the state, which is not taxable income derived from activities on the Internet. These countries are Malta, Dominican Republic, Curacao, Cyprus, and the Isle of Man. Almost all gaming platforms registered in these countries. To open a casino, you will need to own the company. Register organisation and opening a settlement account is worth about $ 1,000. Typically, personal presence is not required. You sent documents and authorised the representative of the agency. After the expiration of a power of attorney becomes the sole owner of the company in the offshore.

To withdraw funds for bank issues you a card format visa. With its help, you can withdraw money at any ATM of the country. A valuable addition is the invisibility of such transactions to the tax authorities of your country.

Selecting a provider

The second step is to open the casino in Russia will have a choice of the manufacturer, the game which you will submit to his club. Three leaders as follows:

  • Microgaming - is an old manufacturer of software for gambling. It was at the forefront of gambling services on the Internet. Security Service delivers a bit of trouble, and the requirements for your institution make low. No security deposit and the contract price of $25,000 will give you an 85/15 profit sharing in your favour.
  • Playtech is in the market of online gambling for a long time. Requirements for institutions are soft. The Security Service is very loyal and configures slot machines, and bonus policy rarely allows players to withdraw money. The free contract implies the division 70-30 in your favour.
  • Net Entertainment (Netent) - is considered the best of these three. (Learn more about casino Netent). More recently signed a contract with a giant like full tilt poker.
  • There will be no problem to connect NYX and PlayN Go software to your online casino. Usually, these providers will take from 30% to 10% from all loses of your players at their slots. The percentage will move to your side with the increase in numbers.
  • You can try to add some small developers to your website. Check out their games at other slots section.
  • Once providers are selected, and contracts have been signed, starts integration of games into your newly opened casino. As a rule, the inclusion of producing software vendors. You can choose an option bonus that will be issued to new and existing players. Your casino is ready to use. Calculations with the developers are made monthly.

The law on gambling in Russia

Online casinos are banned in Russia. Nevertheless, let us try to apply the existing legislation on gambling in the territory of Russia to the Internet segment. In the case of online casinos are legalised in Russia, and we will be able to open a legal online casino, you will apply these rules:

  • Under Russian gambling law, the organiser of gaming activities shall request the player passport. How it should be implemented on the vast Internet is not entirely clear.
  • Most likely, we will have a mandatory basis to verify the player's account until payment of his winnings. Also, the law does not specify whether we can open your online casino if the server is physically located on the territory of his gambling zones in Russia.
  • Also, to open an online casino, we are required to keep a record rate, including interactive and winning players and provide this information to the tax authorities at their request.
  • In this case, handy passport of the player which we have requested in the last paragraph. That is the information we will provide to the tax authorities, which will then be checked against our data and the data that have the taxpayer in his income tax return.
  • The percentage rate of return slot machines cannot be set below 90%.
  • The functioning of the casino is allowed only in special gambling zones.
  • The organisers will have to place at least ten gaming tables, as well as each of them is subject to imputed tax, the owner should automatically deduct a considerable amount in the budget, regardless of the actual gaming activity places. In the lobby of our virtual casino can fit thousands of gaming tables.
  • We assume that the taxes will be paid on the win/loss of players, plus a monthly fee for the license.
  • The net asset value for the organisation of the casino - about 1 million USD.
  • Large winnings are paid only upon presentation of an identification document.
  • 800 square meters is the minimum area of the gambling area, hall with slot machines may not be less than less than one hundred meters.
  • The minimum number of slot machines - 50.
  • Placing gaming tables and machines in the room bookmakers and betting.
  • Punishment for organising gaming activities on the territory of the Russian Federation outside the gaming zones (including the Internet) provided for in Article 171.2 of the Criminal Code.
  • If law enforcement agencies can prove the benefits of getting more than six million dollars from illegal gaming activities, the amount of the fine may be increased up to one million rubles, and a prison sentence of up to six years.

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I hope that the casino, which you can open, will become one of the leaders in the segment of gambling online and will soon appear in the recommended list on our website.

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