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The fight against gambling in Russia

The Government of Russia, as well as the state of other countries, spend a lot of money and effort to prevent illegal activity in the gambling business. Law enforcement agencies regularly report on the number of identified and closed clandestine casino. However silent that locked in one place, this place in the very near future is going through another flourishing, and not far from the previous location. To date, despite the official ban, illegal gambling business in Russia is booming. Since 2015 the law on criminal responsibility for the illegal organisation of gambling in Russia becomes tougher.

Since January 2015 stricter penalties for illegal casinos in Russia

Gambling buisness in Russia 2015
From 3-d of January 2015 entered into force new amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. They provide for increased penalties for illegal gambling activities. Now to the criminal and administrative liability will attract for the mere fact of gambling, regardless of the amount of income received. Recall that earlier criminal responsibility could attract only if the investigation could prove receipt of illegal proceeds of not less than 1.5 million Rubles. The penalty for violation of Article 171.2 of the Criminal Code depends on the seriousness of the offence and can range from a minimum fine of up to 500,000 rubles to imprisonment up to a maximum of six years. The same rules apply for Russian operators of gambling on the Internet.

Comments lawyers

Lawyers abstain from the final estimates prospects of application of this law. Specific issues, of course, there are the methods and techniques to combat Russian online casinos located on foreign servers. Criminal law, as opposed to administrative, requires the mandatory examination of gaming equipment to prove its use for profit. However, you can check the confiscated equipment and before arraignment on criminal charges. Judging by the latest news, police have no problems with the application of the law: almost everyday news feeds inform about the defeat of underground gambling clubs across the country. Will the new law to eliminate the shadow gambling business? While the situation is only growing and early to conclude, but experience suggests that while there is demand will offer.

How to open the underground casino in Russia

How to open underground casino in Russia
One of "friends of my friend" told me the following story. About a year ago he decided to open the underground casino. My questions about the legality of such an enterprise and the fear of criminal liability, he said that even if he was caught and charged with "organising illegal gambling and gambling in the territory of Russia", he faces only administrative responsibility. Criminal liability for organising illegal casinos in Russia can be applied only if you can catch him in the act amounting to more than 3 million rubles.


Because you have to be an idiot to be stored in the underground casino that kind of money, and not to bring them to the safe place on the floor above, the use of criminal responsibility in Russia is practically impossible. With an average revenue per day in the amount of 100 000 rubles, the prospect of a fine of 80,000 rubles was not much frightened. At the same time, in his words, all confiscated gambling equipment can be returned within six months by paying a small "bribe" within two months from the date of the incident. But now the situation has changed, and it is unlikely dealers illegal gambling business would be careless.

Develop procedures for closing an underground casino in the "cessation of illegal business activities related to illegal gambling activities on the territory of the Russian Federation," according to the protocol takes about six months. In this case, the owners of underground casino usually know that they are in the development of DAEC in the first month. In his case, to the outskirts of Moscow, the payments of the guys in uniform are limited to 500 thousand rubles a month. I think that in the regions it will be somewhat lower and grow exponentially closer to the centre of Moscow. His underground casino has been successfully operating for over a year, only once to change their place of deployment. And he moved into the house next door (not to wean customers from the tame place). As you can imagine, to apply for criminal responsibility in this context is extremely difficult.

State regulation

State regulations of gambling in Russia
Perhaps over time in our country to tackle corruption, create a reliable tool for the suppression of unlawful acts in the segment of gambling. Probably, it will create additional controllers for those who control the legality of gambling in Russia. Or maybe legal casino gambling zones in the official soar to levels that players do not want to play anymore in basements and rented apartments, preferring legal casino. But today we have what we have. Illegal underground casinos thrive, and the prohibition of gambling business in Russia exists only on paper.

The fight against illegal state casinos today is ineffective. Criminal cases are got not even one-third of cases, and penalties for illegal activities in the gambling business in Russia, their amounts are not afraid of the owners of such establishments. The penalty for an individual for engaging in illegal gambling in Russia is 80,000 rubles. In this case, the development of a law enforcement operation takes about 6 months. Needless to say, that the untwisted institution brings a large amount of work per day. And open Ltd. (or Company) to conduct illegal activities will be except that imbecile.

The effectiveness of the fight against illegal gambling business in Russia in 2014

Gambling zones
One that has achieved such methods of law enforcement is increasingly dodgy activities of clandestine casino owners. Gambling business in Russia has become more agile, careful and paid more attention to the safety of its players. Compared to previous years, now find and eliminate illegal playground has become much more difficult, and if he could, from the organisers of business, you can get away with just the confiscation of gambling equipment and a small fine. In this case, the real income of the owners of the casino will remain in their pockets, and criminal liability will not be applied.

Demand, as we know, creates supply, and yet is willing to play in the casino, and today they are more and more, illegal gambling establishments will operate. Because statistically, revenue from gambling is growing in Russia during the crisis, this niche is becoming increasingly attractive for organisers of the clandestine casino. By the way, as well as the sale of alcohol and all sorts of "scam" underground casinos thrive precisely in times of crisis. Therefore, it might be still time to give people the opportunity to visit the casino, of course, to work legally?

The benefits of legalising gambling in Russia are obvious

  • Roulette
    State fills the coffers at the expense of tax deductions as coming from the casinos themselves, and the accompanying entertainment.
  • The visitor does not risk anything, except the money, of course, if playing on a legitimate site.
  • Creates a legal framework and clear legal ground to create your casino.
  • Decreases the level of corruption in law enforcement agencies at all levels.
  • As a consequence of reduced shadow turnover of money from the gambling business in Russia and reduced outflow of money abroad.
  • Entering the license restricts access to the casino to minors.

Underground casinos and gambling business in Russia in 2009 was carried out attempt to open gambling sites in specially designated gambling zones. But because such zones were located too far outside the city, these projects are developing very slowly. Investors reacted to the dubious prospects of investing money in the gambling business in Russia. It would be rational to arrange gambling zones closer to the city while increasing fines and introducing the possibility of criminal liability for the game. That is why visitors to punish illegal casinos as well as the organisers. In this case, the number of those wishing to use the services of illegal institutions significantly reduced, especially that there will be a viable alternative in the form of a legal casino nearby.

Legal casinos in Russia today

Future of gambling in Russia
Despite all the difficulties with the organisation and ordering protocol creation of legal gambling in Russia, today in Russia gambling zones are several major legal casinos located in the official gambling zones:

By the way, the opening of the second casino is scheduled for November 2014. During the year, Russian officials have decided to create two additional gaming zones for the development of the gambling business in Russia. The first will be located in Sochi and the second in the Republic of Crimea. You can read more about the situation with gambling and casinos in Russia on the next page:

The future of gambling in Russia

Not quite understand the position of the state about gambling. Imitating civilised countries our government is trying to oust gambling in distant reservations. Just think, the gambling is only in Moscow, before his ban annually replenished the state budget more than 150 million rubles, as all gaming tables and machines operating tax on imputed income. To control the tax deductions and reduce levels of corruption had only to know the exact number of tables and slot machines installed in each of the gambling establishments.

After the transfer of the gambling business in Russia in some gambling zones are only two places, five years later, dare to invest in these regions of the amounts required to open a casino. Wherein the first part of November, opened only in 2014, and if you come to play in the "Oracle", after the game session you went to sleep in the car, as the hotel is not built yet. Here is such a savage grin gambling in Russian!

Many wonders why you cannot open a casino in the city. It is believed that in such a case in a certain category of users can easily develop Gambling (Gamblers). At the same time, several hard-gambling zones, even a large area, cannot meet the needs of the Russian population. This should be taken as a basis and consider the next stages of the development of gambling. Let's hope that the situation will stabilise, which will lead to a qualitative evolution segment "Gambling in Russia", and we get a decent casino on a legal basis.

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