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Casinos struggling against Martingale system

How casino catches players on black and red
There are many strategies for winning at roulette, but one is far ahead from the others - Martingale system. It was created in the second half of the XVIII century, almost simultaneously with the appearance of the first modern type of casino. If you are not familiar with this strategy game, we recommend you go to the following link. And now, two and a half centuries, millions of players trying to use it to ride their luck and casinos struggling with the Martingale system. What is so attractive in the bets doubling strategy? Let us try to understand this question.

The reasons for the popularity of the Martingale system

  • Easy to use. The strategy of doubling bets after a loss can master any newcomer since there is no complicated card counting, long observation and analysis of the game dropped sequences.
  • Mathematical justification for winning. Simple arithmetic available even a first grader shows that sooner or later, your rate will play, and win overrides all losses plus a minimum rate of net profit.
  • It is often caught by novice players, especially those who gain from scams on the Internet "completely working system of the game", and as a result, we obtain the classical system of doubling bets.
  • Many casinos prevent the application of the Martingale system - then it is working. So, talk to a lot of players. In part this is true, but with some reservations: Player must have a huge deposit and nerves of steel. For more information about the risks of the game on a system of doubling bets, you can learn from this article.

How casino catches players on red and black

  • How casino struggling against Martingale system?
    Casino - this is a business that should generate revenues. This axiom does not require proof. Of course, the casino managers are well aware of all the possible winning systems and try to prevent their use as this reduces the expectation of winning casino. It is easy to verify that the system of doubling the rate mathematically justified, so it must be fought in the first place.
  • The easiest and at the same time, the most effective way of how the casino is struggling with the Martingale system invented as old as the system itself. The casino makes restrictions for betting limits at the table. For example, the rate is limited to 1-500 euros. First bet = 1 Euro, second = 2 euros, third = 4, fourth = 8 .... ninth rate = 256 euros. A tenth bet cannot be made because it is equal to 512 euros and exceeds the maximum for the game. By this time, the total loss will be 511 euros.
  • With the advent of online casinos came the second way to deal with players Martingale - tuning software. Ease of doubling rates makes its application so obvious that even the most inexpensive and straightforward software instantly calculates it. As a result - it will give you a sequence of the same colour, so you lose the whole pot or reached the maximum rate on this table. And ironically, the next spin, which has no money falls precisely on the desired colour. This is how the casino catches players on red and black.

Fishing players on game systems

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Once the beginner is in the lobby of the institution, the software (or manual control - in such offices is that the sequence generates a living person) is included in the "swing". As a rule, the novice first gives a little to win him to believe in himself and the game system, then he loses a few bets, but the seventh or eighth rate play again and block the entire loss. But when the fish swallowed the bait deeper, that is a beginner felt the pros - the program will display a series of the same colour exactly long enough to take the whole deposit player.

We emphasise again: honest online casinos (as Fastpay), hinder the game with a progressive increase in the rate only by limiting the rate at the table. That's enough to return the expected payoff to the side of the casino. Just dishonest, fraudulent casino players catch on red and black.

How to play on the Martingale system

If you do decide to try out the system of doubling bets in the game for real money, we invite you to follow some guidelines:

  • Play on this system easier in online casinos because you can do the blank rotation for a required sequence.
  • Choose to play only honest and trustworthy casino.
  • Use any of the game at increasing rates only for short distances. 
  • Play Live block with a live dealer. So, you eliminate any interference on the part of the software. Also, the failure will be less annoying you, if you know that they are caused by the physical laws of rotation roulette game rather than software.
  • If you play on a great chance (red/black, odd / even) is recommended to be patient and wait for the loss of a long sequence of at least 10 times in a row, and only then make the minimum bid.
  • Your powers of observation and endurance will increase the chances of winning not only the Martingale system but also on other strategies of progressive rates, such as the Fibonacci system.
  • More information can be found in the article how to win at roulette.

Where to play?

  • At Fastpay casino, you have the chance to try the Martingale system in demo mode or real money play. They have a rich choice of casino games (over 5000) and one of the best customer care in the online gambling industry.

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