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When is it profitable to play in online casinos slots?

When to play in online casinos and slots?Have you ever thought about choosing the best time to play online casino? Although, online casinos are working around the clock without holidays and weekends. Is there a difference when to play? At the beginning of the month or in the middle? Or maybe it makes sense to wait until the end of the month imaging that prize pool for winning will be full. During night time or early in the morning? Today we will try to find an answer to the question if it is any difference in the seasonality of online casinos and what time is more profitable to play in online slots. You will see that time is also an important factor.

What is the best time to play in online casino slots?

The entire segment of the online business is a seasonal cycle. During the cold time of the year, people spend more time at home and using the Internet. In the warm season, they prefer to travel or to have fun outside. This pattern applies to online gambling and forces casinos to resort to various tricks to attract new players and retain old ones during the "dead season". Summer is a hot time for the most generous promotions, bonuses and rewards in online casinos because they struggle for each client. Closer to winter, the less attractive offers to come from casinos. But this doesn’t affect the attendance as players are already sitting at home and bored, and it makes no sense to spur their ardour. 


Best time for playing casinoOnline casinos usually cease their activity of bonuses and promotions during wintertime, but they are very active during holidays. A lot of promotions are running during Christmas and New Year, but it is like a "secret plan" of online casinos. They know that alcohol appearing on all holidays and a lot of gamblers cannot control themselves. Be sure that during Christmas time, prize pools of all popular online casinos are full of money and slots have the maximum potential for big winning. 

Answering the question of what time is more profitable to play in an online casino. We can say: “summer and winter”. Summer is best for generous bonuses to get the positive mathematical expectation of winning and winter is a crazy time with the maximum potential of online slots.

Beginning or end of the month?

I truly believe that the 1st day of the new month is the worst day to play in online casinos and slots. Let's try to go step by step:

All calculations between affiliates and online casinos are making from 1st to last day of the month. Same applies to payments to payment systems, software developers, all races and tournaments are ended in the last day of the month. Note, that there is no "negative carry over" to affiliates. It means, if players, for example, won €100 000 per last month, a new one starts from 0 and this money not needed to cover in future. Isn't it logical to reset the prize pool of online slots in the same way? If you win on the first day of a new month, it will usually mean that somebody lost a lot during the samу day. Do not forget that most parts of affiliates are gamblers them-self and all their commission are losing in online slots.

In my eyes, the best days for online gambling are at the end of the month. As I see from our statistics, a lot of players thinking in the same way, as 50% of all action comes in the last 2-3 days of the month.

What time of the day it is better to play in online slots

Now we have identified the most generous seasons, now let's move to time - morning or evening. The choice depends on two factors. The first factor is the number of players in the chosen online casino. To understand the importance of that information, we recommend you to read the articles: cycles of winning in NetEnt online slots and prize pool of winning in online casinos. In short, each slot first collects the money, and in this phase winning will be rare and small (players will win less than they bet in). In the second phase, it begins to distribute the fund among players. It is the time of big winning and maximum potential in online slots. The length of the slot cycle in each slot is different, this information is strictly confidential, and the manufacturer of it does not disclose.

The peak of the attendance

The peak of the attendance of online casinos sites accounted for 20.00 - 02.00 hours. What time is better to play? A definite answer to this question is absent. It all depends on what phase of the cycle is a slot: if it collects money in the evening, it will soon pass this stage and will give winning. To determine the phase of the cycle of online slots we suggest you test them in free mode. Please note, that this recommendation is only suitable for NetEnt slots because the random number generator of here works in the same way both: in demo mode and when playing for money.

Where to play?


🕰️Does the profitable gaming depend on the time of the day, month, or season?
Yes, the winnings depend on the time, for sure. Such criteria as the time around the clock, the day of the month, and the season should be considered.
😬How much does the winning depend on the season?
It depends on the season of the year very much. In winter, when most people spend more time at home and feel bored, they play more. So, casinos have a lot of clients and they do not make too generous offers to attract players. However, they invent different tricks to involve new players and retain their old ones. On the contrary, summer is the hottest time for bonuses and attractive offers. That is because casinos struggle for each client and the level of competition is rather high.
😅Do holidays affect the appearance of new bonuses and promotions?
Sure. Even if the winter time is a dead season for bonuses because casinos do have plenty of clients, holidays are an exception. Amazing offers usually appear at Christmas time. Prize pools are full of money and all slots are at their maximum for potential big winnings. It looks like a secret plan for many casinos because they understand that alcohol is widely used on holidays and it is more difficult for gamblers to control themselves, so they make quite big bets and stakes.
👉Is it better to play at the beginning or at the end of a month?
The first days of the months are the worst days for playing. The expectations for big winnings are rather low then because all the calculations have been made by online casinos and their affiliates before the 1st day of the next month, and their new month may start even from ‘zero’ pools. On the contrary, the best days for winning are the last dates of a month. 50% of all the actions from players account for the last 2-3 days. And they may bring the amazing results.
⏰What time of the day is the best for playing?
When to play – in the morning or in the evening – depends on two factors. The first one is a number of players at a certain casino at this time. The other factor is the length of the slot cycle. At the beginning of the active period, each slot collects money from the bets so the winning is rare. At the second phase, the slot starts distributing the costs among the players. This is the time for the highest potential winnings. Considering that the peak of attendance is usually between 20:00 and 02:00, you can calculate when it is better to start hunting for big chances.
🎰How to determine the phase of the cycle for an online slot?
There is no definite answer to this question because the level of attendance and popularity of each separate slot can differ. To determine this phase, you’d better test the chosen slot in the free mode. Mind that this recommendation works mostly for NetEnt slots because their random number generator (RNG) works equally for both demo version and real-play mode.
🤑At what time will the prize winning pool be full?
As usual, the prize pool for the best winning options becomes full at the end of the month. However, there are some other important factors, such as the slot and casino popularity and level of attendance. They make the prize pool fully filled.

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