Slot machines from Wazdan in Online Casino Review 2024

Slot machines from Wazdan in Online Casino Review
In recent years, the online gambling industry is rapidly developing. For over 10 years, Wazdan Holding Limited has been delighting players with the release of high-quality software. To date, the developer’s portfolio has more than 50 slots, several types of gambling and more. The Cyprus provider has managed to gain confidence and is constantly developing new slots. Wazdan Holding Limited is worthy of attention because its licensed products are endowed with the best features that meet modern lovers of excitement requirements. Readers of our portal have the opportunity to test all the slots on our website in free mode.

Video slots from the provider

To estimate the success of the developer, you need to get familiar with the software more closely. Based on the number of released slots, we can safely say that the company develops rapidly and will not stop there. Each of the slots from the portfolio has a unique design and gameplay. Any gambler will be able to find something that he/she will like.

It is worth starting with various themes, which are fruits, sea adventures, recreation, entertainment, and others. In addition to ordinary themes, there are also quite original ones. Below you will find a list of all Wazdan slots that are worth your attention.

(Play in the demo)
9 burning dragons slot logo
9 Burning Dragons 96,12% player can choose
9 burning stars slot logo
9 Burning Stars 96,14% player can choose
9 coins slot logo
9 Coins 96,06% player can choose
9 coins 1000 edition slot logo
9 Coins 1000 Edition 96,14% player can choose
9 coins extremely light slot logo
9 Coins Extremely Light 96,04% player can choose
9 coins grand gold edition slot logo
9 Coins Grand Gold Edition 96,14% player can choose
9 coins grand platinum edition slot logo
9 Coins Grand Platinum Edition 96,04% player can choose
9 lions slot logo
9 Lions 96.59% player can choose
9 tigers slot logo
9 Tigers 96.15% player can choose
12 coins slot logo
12 Coins 96,13% player can choose
15 coins slot logo
15 Coins 96,07% player can choose
16 coins slot logo
16 Coins 96,18% player can choose
back to the 70s slot logo
Back to The 70’s 96.47% player can choose
beach party slot logo
Beach Party 96.37% -
beach party hot slot logo
Beach Party Hot 96.24% average
beauty fruity hot slot logo
Beauty Fruity 96.27% player can choose
bell wizard hot slot logo
Bell Wizard 96.5% high
black hawk slot logo
Black Hawk 96.23% average
black hawk deluxe hot slot logo
Black Hawk Deluxe 96.47% player can choose
black horse slot logo
Black Horse 96.07% average
black horse deluxe slot logo
Black Horse Deluxe 96.23% player can choose
burning reels slot logo
Burning Reels 96.63% player can choose
burning stars slot logo
Burning Stars 96.5% average
burning stars 3 slot logo
Burning Stars 3 96.12% player can choose
burning sun slot logo
Burning Sun 96,12% player can choose
butterfly lovers slot logo
Butterfly Lovers 96.25% player can choose
captain shark slot logo
Captain Shark 96.25% average
choco reels slot logo
Choco Reels 96.22% player can choose
colin the cat slot logo
Colin the Cat 96.10% player can choose
clover lady slot logo
Clover Lady 96.21% player can choose
corrida romance slot logo
Corrida Romance 96.33% average
corrida romance deluxe slot logo
Corrida Romance Deluxe 96.15% player can choose
crazy cars slot logo
Crazy Cars 96.27% average
criss cross 81 slot logo
Criss Cross 81 96.29% high
cube mania slot logo
Cube Mania 96.43% average
cube mania deluxe slot logo
Cube Mania Deluxe 96.59% player can choose
demon jack 27 slot logo
Demon Jack 27 - average
dino reels 81 slot logo
Dino Reels 81 96.44% player can choose
double tigers slot logo
Double Tigers 96.43% player can choose
draculas castle slot logo
Dracula`s Castle 96.56% player can choose
dragons lucky 8 slot logo
Dragons Lucky 8 96.26% player can choose
fenix play slot logo
Fenix Play 96.44% average
fenix play 27 slot logo
Fenix Play 27 96.25% average
fenix play 27 deluxe slot logo
Fenix Play 27 Deluxe 96.25% player can choose
fenix play deluxe slot logo
Fenix Play Deluxe 96.44% player can choose
fire bird slot logo
Fire Bird 96.05% average
football mania slot logo
Football Mania 96.59% high
football mania deluxe slot logo
Football Mania Deluxe 96.59% player can choose
fortune reels slot logo
Fortune Reels 96.12% player can choose
fruit fiesta slot logo
Fruit Fiesta 96.32% player can choose
fruits go bananas slot logo
Fruits Go Bananas 96.34% player can choose
fruit mania slot logo
Fruit Mania 96.59% high
fruit mania deluxe slot logo
Fruit Mania Deluxe 96.59% player can choose
gem splitter slot logo
Gem Splitter 96.27% player can choose
golden sphinx slot logo
Golden Sphinx 96.48% high
good luck 40 slot logo
Good luck 40 96.62% average
great book of magic slot logo
Great Book of Magic 96.47% average
great book of magic deluxe slot logo
Great Book of Magic Deluxe 96.47% player can choose
haunted hospital slot logo
Haunted Hospital 96.49% player can choose
highway to hell slot logo
Highway to Hell 96.18% average
highway to hell deluxe slot logo
Highway to Hell Deluxe 96.56% player can choose
hot 777 slot logo
Hot 777 96.19% average
hot 777 deluxe slot logo
Hot 777 Deluxe 96.47% player can choose
hot party slot logo
Hot Party 96.48% average
hot slot 777 cash out slot logo
Hot Slot: 777 Cash Out 96,12% player can choose
hot slot 777 coins slot logo
Hot Slot: 777 Coins 96,16% player can choose
hot slot 777 crown slot logo
Hot Slot: 777 Crown 96,42% player can choose
hot slot 777 rubies slot logo
Hot Slot: 777 Rubies 96,14% player can choose
hot slot 777 stars slot logo
Hot Slot: 777 Stars 96,10% player can choose
hot slot great book of magic slot logo
Hot Slot: Great Book of Magic 96,19% player can choose
hot slot magic bombs slot logo
Hot Slot: Magic Bombs 96,17% player can choose
hot slot magic pearls slot logo
Hot Slot: Magic Pearls 96,19% player can choose
hot slot mystery jackpot joker slot logo
Hot Slot: Mystery Jackpot Joker 96,11% player can choose
hot party deluxe slot logo
Hot Party Deluxe 96.42% player can choose
hungry shark slot logo
Hungry Shark 96.47% player can choose
infinity hero slot logo
Infinity Hero 96.24% player can choose
in the forest slot logo
In the Forest 96.63% player can choose
jack on hold slot logo
Jack on Hold 96.40% average
jacks ride slot logo
Jack`s Ride 96.4% player can choose
jackpot builders slot logo
Jackpot Builders 96.59% player can choose
joker explosion slot logo
Joker Explosion 96.5% average
juicy reels slot logo
Juicy Reels 96.49% player can choose
jumping fruits slot logo
Jumping Fruits 96.4% player can choose
kick off slot logo
Kick Off 96.42% average
larry the leprechaun slot logo
Larry the Leprechaun 96.47% player can choose
los muertos slot logo
Los Muertos 96.29% player can choose
lost treasure slot logo
Lost Treasure 96.13% average
lucky 9 slot logo
Lucky 9 96.11% player can choose
lucky fish slot logo
Lucky Fish 96.5% player can choose
lucky fortune slot logo
Lucky Fortune 96.3% high
lucky queen slot logo
Lucky Queen 96.17% average
lucky reels slot logo
Lucky Reels 96.6% player can choose
magic 3 star slot logo
Magic 3 Star 96.5% player can choose
magic 5 stars slot logo
Magic 5 Stars 96.42% player can choose
magic 6 stars slot logo
Magic 6 Stars 96.49% player can choose
magic eggs slot logo
Magic Eggs 96,41% player can choose
magic fruits slot logo
Magic Fruits 96.41% average
magic fruit 4 slot logo
Magic Fruit 4 96.10% average
magic fruits 4 deluxe slot logo
Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe 96.1% player can choose
magic fruits 27 slot logo
Magic Fruits 27 96.37% average
magic fruits 81 slot logo
Magic Fruits 81 96.42% average
magic fruits deluxe slot logo
Magic Fruits Deluxe 96.41% player can choose
magic hot slot logo
Magic Hot 96.35% high
magic hot 4 slot logo
Magic Hot 4 96.10% average
magic hot 4 deluxe slot logo
Magic Hot 4 Deluxe 96.1% player can choose
magic of the ring slot logo
Magic of the Ring 96.47% average
magic of the ring deluxe slot logo
Magic of The Ring Deluxe 96.47% player can choose
magic spins slot logo
Magic Spins 96,17% player can choose
magic stars slot logo
Magic Stars 96.25% average
magic stars 9 slot logo
Magic Stars 9 96.21% player can choose
magic target slot logo
Magic Target 96.63% average
magic target deluxe slot logo
Magic Target Deluxe 96.63% player can choose
mayan ritual slot logo
Mayan Ritual 96.29% player can choose
miami beach slot logo
Miami Beach 96.32% average
midnight in tokyo slot logo
Midnight in Tokyo 96.16% -
mighty symbols crowns slot logo
Mighty Symbols: Crowns 96,15% player can choose
mighty wild panther slot logo
Mighty Wild: Panther 96,15% player can choose
moon of fortune slot logo
Moon of Fortune 96,12% player can choose
mystery jack slot logo
Mystery Jack 96.79% average
mystery jack deluxe slot logo
Mystery Jack Deluxe 96.49% player can choose
mystery kingdom mystery bells slot logo
Mystery Kingdom: Mystery Bells 96,13% player can choose
neon city slot logo
Neon City 96.25% player can choose
night club 81 slot logo
Night Club 81 95.91% average
power of gods hades slot logo
Power of Gods: Hades 96.14% player can choose
power of gods egypt slot logo
Power of Gods Egypt 96.19% player can choose
power of gods the pantheon slot logo
Power of Gods The Pantheon 96.2% player can choose
power of gods valhalla slot logo
Power of Gods: Valhalla 96,23% player can choose
power of sun svarog slot logo
Power of Sun: Svarog 96,15% player can choose
prosperity pearls slot logo
Prosperity Pearls 96.18% player can choose
reel hero slot logo
Reel Hero 96.22% player can choose
reel joke slot logo
Reel Joke 96.20% player can choose
relic hunters and the book of faith slot logo
Relic Hunters and the Book of Faith 96.37% player can choose
sizzling 777 slot logo
Sizzling 777 96.42% average
sizzling 777 deluxe slot logo
Sizzling 777 Deluxe 96.42% player can choose
sizzling eggs slot logo
Sizzling Eggs 96,14% player can choose
sizzling kingdom bison slot logo
Sizzling Kingdom: Bison 96,12% player can choose
sizzling moon slot logo
Sizzling Moon 96,14% player can choose
slot jam slot logo
Slot Jam 96.59% player can choose
sonic reels slot logo
Sonic Reels 96.16% player can choose
space gem slot logo
Space Gem 96.4% player can choose
space spins slot logo
Space Spins 96.66% player can choose
spectrum slot logo
Spectrum 96.3% player can choose
sun of fortune slot logo
Sun of Fortune 96.15% player can choose
super hot slot logo
Super Hot 96.16% high
telly reels slot logo
Telly Reels 96.19% player can choose
triple star slot logo
Triple Star 96.28% average
turbo play slot logo
Turbo Play 96.1% high
unicorn reels slot logo
Unicorn Reels 96.14% player can choose
valhalla slot logo
Valhalla 96.47% player can choose
vegas hot slot logo
Vegas Hot 96.05% average
vegas hot 81 slot logo
Vegas Hot 81 96.35% average
vegas reels 2 slot logo
Vegas Reels 2 96.16% high
welcome to hell 81 slot logo
Welcome to Hell 81 96.35% average
wild girls slot logo
Wild Girls 96.53% high
wild guns slot logo
Wild Guns 96.34% player can choose
wild jack slot logo
Wild Jack 96.25% average
wild jack 81 slot logo
Wild Jack 81 96.73% average
win replay slot logo
Win & Replay 96.99% average

Software features

Hot 777 slot
Hot 777 slot. As we already mentioned, the variety of topics that the developer uses is amazing. But still, I want to talk more about the most popular slots. Let's start with the representatives of retro slots. Hot 777 requires special attention, as it is a bright representative of the classics. The developer tried to create a slot as traditional as possible, and they did it just fine. Hot 777 slot has an additional bonus feature with 45 free spins. This feature significantly increased the percentage of return of the slot and made it more profitable.

All the classic slots from the portfolio of Wazdan are endowed with special features. For example, in Fenix Play 27 slot, you can hit the progressive jackpot, which is a great opportunity to win a large payout. But in Magic Fruits 27, only a wild symbol is available.

Please note that most of Wazdan slots are dedicated to the fruit theme. The developer believes that traditions should preserve and that this theme is the most interesting. I think that the fans of classic slots will appreciate this fact and will be able to choose the most optimal for themselves.

Haunted Hospital and Tetri Mania slots are exceptions, with a non-standard theme. These slots are dedicated to the popular Tetris game and adventures in a scary and abandoned hospital. Who would have thought that it was such non-standard themes that attracted the attention of gamblers?

I would also like to mention the design. It’s immediately obvious that the developer uses only advanced technologies and keeps up to date. All the slots are endowed with high-quality graphics and animation. The incomparable design of their 3D slots will make you spin the reels longer. The colourful design combined with cool graphics attracts attention. The gameplay is as realistic as possible. In many slots, very unusual musical accompaniment is used, which makes them even more attractive.

Bonus features

You already realized that Wazdan makes slots with a wide variety of bonus features. Almost every slot has wild and scatter symbols, or at least one of them. Additional features are also available in the form of free spins. Often during the free spins, there are additional features. For example, expanding wild symbols, a special multiplier, and more. But most of all, it pleases that the developer gives each player the chance to win a progressive jackpot.

Please note that many of the slots have high volatility and often a high return to player percentage. Therefore, we can easily say that these slots are profitable.

Distinctive features

Many developers try to give their slots various "highlights" that make them stand out and make them recognizable. We decided to create a shortlist, which indicated the main features of Wazdan slots.

  • Paytable. A distinctive feature of the paytable is that the multipliers for payment combinations take into account the total bet. Therefore, you should consider this fact while choosing a bet. You can also see the size of the payouts by clicking on the symbols that appear on the reels.
  • Control block. Please note that many slots have side panels located to the right and left of the reels. The right panel is usually used to set the number of active pay lines, and the left panel selects the bet per spin.
  • Risk game. Most slots have a thematic doubling round. In this feature, it is necessary to guess where a certain object or something else is hidden. At the same time, you have a chance to increase the payout by x14.


To date, Wazdan slots are not as popular as slots from NetEnt or Novomatic (Greentube). Therefore, they are not represented in every online casino. We can say that only rare gambling portals decided to add these slots to their portfolios. If you want to get to know Wazdan products closely, they are available only in Energy casino. The operator offers a large selection of slots from this developer. It is worth noting that the casino will allow you to spin the reels of rarely encountered slots and take advantage of beneficial bonus privileges.

Company information

Company information
The company is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, a reputable online gambling regulatory authority. This indicates that the products of the developer meet high standards. It is worth noting that the slots use the random number generator IDQ, which the Independent Gambling Association NMi regularly checks. All this information indicates the reliability and honesty of the proposed software.

Wazdan produces not only various gambling but also specializes in developing platforms for online casinos. The company offers the service of creating turnkey gambling sites. A large selection of gambling, currencies, languages, an advantageous bonus system and other features distinguishes these portals. Developer software is of high quality and meets all the requirements of modern online gambling.

All games are developed on the HTML5 platform. It is not only high quality but also affordable. It is worth noting that almost all software is available on desktop and mobile devices. The company strives to meet international standards. Namely, it is aimed at the development of the mobile segment. Therefore, all slots are available for playing on gadgets that run on the iOS or Android platform.

The development team creates not only slots but also other gambling games. The arsenal of products also has card games. Among them are several types of blackjack, poker and more. Some varieties of roulette and lotteries are also available. All games are characterized by the highest quality graphics and animations, as well as the original design.


Wazdan slots are characterized by high-quality graphics and animations, unique design and a set of bonus features. The software from the developer is safe and honest, so you can be sure that these slots are profitable. We advise you to launch at least every slot from the company’s portfolio, and you will always remain their fan. It is immediately clear that the Cypriot company is committed to global trends related to developing and popularising online gambling. Not many developers can bring us such a variety of slots with such high quality.