How to win at The Bermuda Mysteries

How to win at The Bermuda Mysteries slotThe anomaly of Bermuda has not been solved yet. But today, it will not be about solving the anomaly and about how to win at the Bermuda Mysteries slot the maximum coins. Especially for you, our experts carried out the research, in which they studied all the popular strategies to increase the winning in the game.

It turned out that this slot machine is capable of issuing more coins if you know some of its secrets. Below, you will find a description of all the tactics needed to trigger the gameplay and increase the probability of obtaining increased rewards.

Personal testers opinion

Every player can place a bet of 25 coins per spin, but I would not advise you to get involved in such a high rate. It is better to choose lower options, for example, 12.50 coins per spin. Such a bet will allow you to make more rotations of drums and to spend more time playing the game. But remember, you should consider the balance on your gaming account when you are placing a bet. The deposit must be at least 500 times more than the bet placed.

The presence of a large number of bonuses indicates a low frequency of high-paying combinations, so you should prepare for a long cycle of refund rates. But if you get to any of the bonuses, be sure to get a guaranteed win. And the size of the bet will strongly affect the frequency of the bonus activation. The more you bet, the fewer bonuses you get. So please consider this fact.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Winning strategies

  • 25 coins per spin. If you like to take the risk, then you can play at the highest bet. But remember that on your account, there should be 25,000 coins. This stake allows you to get the large winning. But if your bankroll is small, then it's better to choose a bet of 12.50 coins per spin. This will help you spend more time playing the game and win. By the way, do not forget about the control of the game account, which is mentioned below.
  • Bonuses: Each bonus brings a decent payout to the player. They are triggered very often, approximately, every 50-120 spins, but that is if you play at low bets. If you place more, then the frequency of their launch will decrease. Therefore, pay more attention to the choice of a stake to get the best result in the end. In the free spins feature, you can win more than in bonus game. There are no methods that can help you to get more coins in bonuses.
  • Risk game. Always remember that in the risk game, it's difficult to multiply the winning by 2. After all, the probability of guessing the card suit correctly is 25%, so it is better to double all the small payout.
  • Limits: Keep in mind that you must always adhere to restrictions and do not take the risk. For example, if you see that your bankroll is rapidly declining, then it's better to stop betting. The best way to avoid even more significant losses is to end the game and come back another day. And when you have won an amount that has increased your game account by 40% or more, you need to reduce the bet in 2-4 times. If you received a payment that doubled the deposit, then you can safely take a break. Start the game later and leave it as the winner.

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