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Online Casino VS (Versus Battle) - Part One

Online casino vs versus battle part one
Dear friends and our readers! This time I decided to put everything versus everything (except for casino). In this "competition" we're going to compare:

Slot Games VS Table Games VS Live Games

Recently I have published a quite interesting theory called "The big fake theory". In this article, I speculated about the way slot machines work. Moreover, I wrote another article about live games. I shared a few interesting videos and my thoughts about the integrity of those games. So, based on that let's see which game is fairer, more cost-effective, and has the most potential for winning.

Slots will be interesting for those who like longer game sessions. People who are after the biggest wins (in the ration of a win to bet) also going to like slots.

Slot Games VS Table Games

Slots machines' first opponent is going to be table games. Why? It's simple. Table games' gameplay is quite like live games. Still, all table games mostly take after slot machines. Because they are games that are played one-on-one following a certain scenario.

Live games
The most popular games among table games are Roulette, Blackjack, and different types of Poker. The peculiarity of table games is the absence of a live dealer and that there is only one player.

Having compared slots and table games we can highlight the following:

  • Winning potential. There is a high possibility of getting a big win in slots from several thousands of bets. It's not possible in table games.
  • Variety of games: varying gameplay in slot machines as opposed to a poor set of table games.
  • Game analysis and its predictability: script in both cases. A one-on-one game that depends on a bet because there are no other players. But in my opinion, the quality of the script in the slots is better. Thus, the predictability of the game in slots is better.
  • Stash of bet money and the length of a game. When playing slot machines you have to have big stashes of bet money. There is a small chance of winning at the beginning. Hence, you have to play very long game sessions. In table games, you can play with small stashes of bet money. And there is a high chance of increasing the bets by two or more times from the start of the gaming session.
  • Player pool. Due to the popularity of slot machines, their player pool is quite big. The same can't be said about table games. They're less popular because of the growth and the appeal of live games.
  • An undoubted leader in this battle in my opinion is slot machines.

Slot Games VS Live Games

Live slots
So, now live games join the battle with the previous winner.

Live games are preferred for a seemingly fairer game. Another con is that here you are able to talk to the dealer and other players.

So, having compared slots and live games we can highlight the following:

  • Winning potential. There is a high possibility of a big win in slots from several thousands of bets. It's very unlikely in live games with dealers.
  • Variety of games. There is varying gameplay in slot machines as opposed to a small set of live games.
  • Novelties. New additions to the collection of slot machines happen regularly. They often have increased RTP which can't be said about live games. And new additions to the live games' collections don't happen as often.
  • Game analysis and its predictability. There is a greater level of predictability in slots. Everything depends on your bet. In live games, the predictability is calculated based on every player (excluding Blackjack).
  • Stash of bet money and the length of a game. When playing on slot machines you have to have big stashes of bet money. And there is only a small chance of winning at the beginning. Hence, you have to play long game sessions. In live games, you can play with small stashes of bet money and there is a good chance of getting a big win with a first bet.
  • An undoubted distinction of live games is the ability to talk to the dealer and other players. You can't do that in slots.

To sum up, I’d say that it's hard to highlight a specific leader. Slots and live games have different approaches to the gameplay and a player. But I would prefer slot machines. In my opinion, there is a fairer game which is expressed in a predictable script. And there is a better chance of getting a big win.

So, the winner of the battle series is slot machines.

EPS VS Bank Cards VS Cryptocurrencies

In this section, I'm going to review such electronic payment systems as Skrill and NETELLER and compare them with bank cards and cryptocurrency.

Both Skrill and NETELLER belong to the Paysafe Group. The two payment systems are quite similar. But Skrill has 36 million accounts worldwide while NETELLER has 23 million. Skrill and NETELLER have VIP programs. The terms are pretty easy. The more deposits or cryptocurrency transactions you make, the higher your VIP status. It gives the users benefits like reducing the commissions, increasing the limits and others.

Skrill and NETELLER VS Bank Transactions

Having compared Skrill and NETELLER with bank cards we can highlight the following:

  • Limits. You would think that bank cards have higher limits than electronic payment systems, but it’s not always the case. Minimum daily ATM withdrawal depends on a bank. It can vary from $300 to $2000. With Skrill you are able to withdraw up to €900 if you don’t have a VIP account and up to €1200-5000 if you do. With NETELLER you can withdraw $1000-3300 daily.
  • Potential card blocking. I can say that there's a smaller chance of getting EPS blocked as opposed to bank cards. I'm talking from my own experience and the experience of many other users. The blocking of the funds is a rare practice in EPS. This cannot be said about banking institutions.
  • Taxation. It is a rare practice for the electronic payment system to give information to the Internal Revenue Service. But it happens. Banking institutions do that a lot more often. Thus, there is a risk of losing a percent of earned money.
  • Processing of payments. The payments are deposited into the account on EPS much quicker. Instantly, to be exact (after the casino approves the payment and sends it). Bank payments can take up to 5 days (not including the time for the casino to process the payment).
  • Availability in the casino. A bank card as an instrument to replenish and withdraw money can be used in all casinos. Skrill and NETELLER are also accepted as a payment option in casinos and at online gaming websites.
  • To sum up, I can say that the undoubted leader, in this case, is EPS. This payment instrument is safer according to a bunch of reasons. And it's also more efficient with casino transactions.

Payment system limits can always be raised through the creation of extra casinos. And it is achieved by getting the company's plastic cards as there's no limit on the number of cards. Moreover, the casino doesn't prevent transfers to e-wallets. But they have to be authorized and you should notify the casino's administration.

EPS VS Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency enters the battle with the leader!

Nowadays cryptocurrency is a popular payment instrument. Its distinctive feature is anonymity.

  • Attractiveness to the casino. Cryptocurrency is more attractive to the casino. There isn't any intermediary chain and a loss of interest. Casino's loss can reach over 10% with EPS transactions. That's why casinos can give bigger bonuses if you deposit with cryptocurrency.
  • Limits. Without a doubt, cryptocurrency has higher limits as opposed to EPS. The latter is restricted to the casino's limits.
  • The possibility of blocking. You can continue using cryptocurrency to deposit money. There aren't any risks of blocking the funds. As we already know, there is a possibility of having your funds blocked if you’re using EPS. Although the risk is smaller than with bank cards. There isn't a risk of your funds getting blocked if you withdraw money to payment instruments. But there can be problems with withdrawals to bank cards when you're cashing it.
  • Taxation. It's the same as with the blocking. There aren't going to be problems with money in the form of cryptocurrency. But there can be problems in further conversion and withdrawal to a bank card.
  • Processing of payments. The processing of payments of cryptocurrency transactions takes from 30 minutes to several hours. It's still quicker than bank cards. But it can't be compared to the processing speed of the electronic payment system.
  • The availability of payment instruments and games in a casino. Replenishment and withdrawals in cryptocurrency are available in most casinos. But you have to understand that you can't play all the games using this type of currency. Most casinos solved the problem. They now convert the cryptocurrency into, for example, euro at the internal rate. They do it with the reverse sequence when you’re getting a withdrawal.
  • The complexity of the instrument. Another thing that should be mentioned. For some players, this type of currency is hard to understand and use. It especially concerns more conservative players. You don't have that with EPS. They are simple to understand and use and there are support services.
  • Exchange rate. The downside (and the upside) of the cryptocurrency can be its volatility. In other words, the cryptocurrency rate can change during the game. Shifts in currency can be very sudden and big. You won't have to deal with it while working with EPS. An interesting thing is that you can buy a cryptocurrency and hold an interest in it on the e-wallet via Skrill. But you cannot withdraw the cryptocurrency you bought. Although Skrill and NETELLER have cryptocurrency trading for EEA residents.
  • To sum it up, I can say that the electronic payment system is the leader in this case. Even though the cryptocurrency is popular nowadays. And even though casinos motivate the players to use this method of payment. It's going to be popular at least until they turn into something like bank cards. The latter have high risks of blocking the funds. And they give out the information to Internal Revenue Services.

So, the winner of this battle series is Electronic payment systems.

Providers VS Providers

In this versus, I would like to compare game developers. Their products are similar visually and according to other parameters. These parameters include maintaining the balance, potential, and its realization and other. So, the first in the battle are as following:

Big Time Gaming VS Blueprint

Big Time Gaming vs Blueprint
Both developers chose the mega ways type of games. These are high dispersion slots. They can give out winnings in thousands and even tens of thousands of bets. Let's go!

Having compared these game developers, we can highlight the following:

  • Visual part. In my opinion, Blueprint has better visuals. Moreover, Blueprint has more games and better gameplay as opposed to Big Time Gaming.
  • Maintaining the balance in the main game. Maintaining the balance in Big Time Gaming comes through occasionally given average winnings. Most of the spins come out empty (without the win). Blueprint slots are a bit different. They give out bonus games with a small or an average win more often. Due to this, you maintain the balance. But you rarely get an average win in the main game. If you take a middle-range then the indicators are practically identical.
  • Rate of issuing bonus games and the realization of the potential of a big win. Blueprint issues bonus games more often. They have lower potential as opposed to Big Time Gaming because of their scripts. There is practically no chance of getting a big win of tens of thousands of bets in Blueprint slots. Oftentimes you get 1000+ bets. The highest recorded winning was 10 000 bets. Big Time Gaming's calculations are better in my opinion. It can be expressed in the unpredictability of the slot’s potential during the bonus game. Their potential is huge. Even though they are issued far rarer. Winnings of tens of thousands of bets have been recorded in the products of this developer. And there have been winnings close to 100 000 bets. It is practically unattainable for Blueprint.
  • Buy features. The upside of Blueprint is the large number of slots that have the function to buy bonus games. But Blueprint products have the worst math. And their slots play out harsh scripts. When you buy a bonus game you only get a small or an average win. Slots rarely give out big wins in first or second bonus games. You have to squeeze them with big stashes of bets to get a big win. There are few slots with the function to buy bonus games within Big Time Gaming products. But the math in them is better. It's hard to predict the outcomes of the game. The slots of this company can give out big wins from the first bonus games.
  • To sum it up, I believe that the winner here is Big Time Gaming. Their products are more honest with the players. They have more interesting gameplay. And they have a higher potential and better implementation. That actually attracts players to these types of slots. Even though they have some downsides.

So, the winner of this versus is Big Time Gaming.

NetEnt VS Red Tiger

NetEnt vs Red Tiger
Next in the battle are NetEnt vs Red Tiger. They have low dispersion. Both of the developers chose slots with low dispersion with a small highly possible win. It usually doesn't reach over 1 000 bets.

Having compared these game developers, we can highlight the following:

  • Visual part. The leader in this case is NetEnt. The products of this developer are more attractive. It is attractive from the point of view of graphics and sound and also from the p.o.v. of gameplay. The gameplay can sometimes be very exciting. Red Tiger products mainly refer to classic "old" slots. Despite the wide range of functions, it is repeated in one or another set in almost every slot. The upside can be a large number of slots and clones. So, if you like a particular slot you won't have a problem finding a clone. Maybe you'll even find more than one which is not possible in NetEnt.
  • Maintaining the balance in the main game. It's important to understand that both game developers have slots with higher dispersion. Even though they focus on low dispersion slots. If we're talking about low dispersion slots, then I would choose Red Tiger. The average winnings are issued more often. It happens due to the activation of extra bonus functions in anticipation of bonus games. It is not available in NetEnt. If we're talking about slots with higher dispersion, then they are better in NetEnts.
  • Slots’ potential and its realization. netEnt slots better realize the potential of issuing average winnings in the range of 50-200 bets. These types of wins happen more often here as opposed to Red Tiger. At the same time, NetEnt's potential for getting a win of 500+ bets is realized worse. Red Tiger slots not only realize it better, but they quite often manage to put the squeeze on a long distance.
  • To sum it up, I think that Red Tiger slot machines have more attractive financial indicators. But we're not considering the visuals and the gameplay. This developer has good perspectives. It gives way to its competitor only because of its age and gaining popularity only from the players.

So, the winner of this versus is Red Tiger.

We have reviewed the first part of the versus battles. I hope you liked it! Later on, I'm going to prepare for the second part. The battle will be between providers like Pragmatic Play, ELK Microgaming Thunderkick Endorphina Yggdrasil, and others. Also, there's going to be a special series of battles between slots!

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