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VS: Against everything: Part 3

Vs against everything part 3
We are continuing the series of articles called "VS" aka versus battles between game providers and slot machines. In the first part, we looked at the battles that passed the VS batches: all against everything (part 1) between board VS live games VS slots, EPS VS bank cards VS cryptocurrency, and between game developers NetEnt VS Red Tiger and BTG VS Blueprint. In the second part (VS. Everyone is against everything! Part 2) were competing with hit slot machines. In the third part there will meet developers of gambling software:

Developers are opening today’s battles.

Endorphina VS EGT

These developers were chosen by no chance and, despite the external difference, they are very similar on many criteria. Thus, both providers - and Endorphina, and EGT - emphasize only a few types of gameplay. The most popular among them are:

  • Bonus games with an expanding bonus symbol (so-called "books", for resemblance to the original parent - Book of Ra machine from Novomatic), the number of which is simply overstated by both developers,
  • and fruit slots.

Both developers do not hesitate to create clone slots, and for example, Endorphina has a whole series of Dice-themed slots, which are only clones of previously produced slot machines.

  • The visual part of Endorphina's slots is certainly more attractive with sound and visual appeal. Furthermore, EGT's products can be called morally outdated. However, according to the number of slot machines and their variety (both the theme of slots and functionality) EGT is certainly the leader. There are also several individual "pros": - Thus Endorphina can highlight the presence of a classic card game, with the choice of one of four cards against the dealer's card. And this is more promising than choosing colour or suit in the gambling of EGT slots. - EGT has an undoubted "advantage" is a jackpot game, which gives an additional chance to get a big win.
  • Balance hold: The products of both developers have identical mean-distance indicators, which are not very comforting. Slots often give only small wins (mainly from less than the rate value to just a few bets). Slot potential is seldom realized in the main game, only with the periodic handouts of the average winnings, and is more realized only during the bonus game.
  • Slot potential and implementation: Bonus games, in which these manufacturers' slots can realize their potential (except for slot machines with no bonus games, more often than fruit slots), are issued at a very long distance, often in series. Although sometimes activation can be, literally, from the first bets, in some cases they can be expected for several hundred bets and even 1,000+ bets. Gamblers like these slot machines and a large number of retriggers, which number is more than 10, which perhaps no other game developer can boast. Due to a large number of free spins, the average win of several hundred bets is formed most often. Often for slot machines and top combinations with a win of 1000+ bets, although the majority of bonus games still give only minimal winnings.
  • The result can be summarized as follows: Both developers have almost identical indicators. At the same time, Endorphina has a better picture, and EGT - the largest number of slot machines and jackpot games. And for this, despite all the "visualization" of the games from EGT, it still becomes a leader.

*It is also worth noting that the popularity of Endorphina slots among players is higher, due to this they have higher pools, which, of course, cannot but affect the payoff.

So the winner of the battle was the developer EGT!

Play`n Go VS Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play
Play'n Go and Pragmatic Play slot machines have just a huge number of similar features, such as:

  • A large product line, including both low- and high-dispersion slots.
  • Virtually every slot is unique, has its theme and history with a small number of clone slots.
  • High potential for first-round bonus games;
  • Primarily issuing bonus games in series;
  • One of the few slots where a bonus game win may not even reach the nominal of several bets, and such games are preferred;
  • The presence of slot machines with very high potential, over 1000+ bets, and in some and several thousand bets.

All of this served as an excuse to hold a battle between these developers!

  • The visual part of Play'n Go is the undisputed leader in this criterion. The slots of this company are more colourful, have more interesting topics, but in my opinion, are inferior to the slots of Pragmatic in the variety of functionals and gameplay.
  • Balance hold: Of course, everything depends on a particular slot, and each developer has a slot that is separated from the total mass by behaviour, which depends on the slot’s dispersion. If you consider the total number of slots and at least the average distance, their numbers will be identical.
  • Slot potential and implementation: in this case, it is worth recalling that Play'n Go does not keep the history of the game session (read more about the slots, saving the game session and without Pros and cons). And every entry to a slot machine is like a game on a "new" slot. Pragmatic, however, keeps the history of the previous game, so the behaviour of slots here is a little different. Thus, when playing Play'n Go it is recommended to periodically update the slot machine, in case it succeeded to get a large or medium win. When playing in Pragmatic, you should focus on long game sessions in an attempt to add a slot. However, if we talk about the potential of slots to give a big win, then it has slots of both developers, but it is realized, in my opinion, still a little better in Pragmatic Play. It is worth mentioning separately that Pragmatic Play alone holds tournaments with very large drawings from several tens of thousands of euros to values of 1,000,000+.
  • This battle was not simple, as the developers have many things in common, or rather their creations. And yet, due to better realization of the potential and the diverse gameplay in the trampoline Pragmatic Play wins!

So, the winner of the battle was the developer of Pragmatic Play!

Dawn of Egypt VS Legacy of Egypt от Play`n Go

Dawn of Egypt slot
The theme of ancient Egypt does not leave the developer alone, and this time it was implemented in two slots, which, however, have very unusual mechanics (many certainly expected new "Books" and replicas of Book of Dead). The principle of these slot machines is built so that during free spins and additional bonus function is activated. Legacy of Egypt is a randomized multiplayer, and in Dawn of Egypt, it is a randomized symbol. The value of this function is recorded for all additional spins received when two scatter characters fall. Scatters can be issued repeatedly.

  • Visual part: identical slots, similar not only in mechanics and themes but also in the quality of the picture.
  • Maintaining balance in the main game: There are no fundamental differences in the behaviour of these slot machines in the main game.
  • Slot potential and implementation: In my opinion, despite the almost equal potential at the long-distance, I still believe that Legacy of Egypt has a higher potential to give out average winnings. Thus, Dawn of Egypt is less likely to give the average win and has a larger potential for a larger prize, which, although not often but quite real, has been realized since the start of the game session.
  • In conclusion, there is no clear leader because of the slot's full identity. Despite the differences in the bonus function. Personally, Dawn of Egypt bonus function seems more attractive and promising, which is my subjective opinion. For the first time, our battles have no winner and a draw is announced!

So, there is no winner of the battle, draw!

Dead or Alive (NetEnt) VS Cazino Zeppelin (Yggdrasil)

Dead or Alive slot
Dead or Alive can be safely called a cult slot machine. He achieved such popularity among players by being one of the first with so much potential. Of course, one would expect someone to create an analogue. The provider was Yggdrasil. After making an exact copy, they made several changes to the slot, maintaining the general concept and gameplay, and presented the market with Cazino Zeppelin slot machine. The main differences include:

  • Slot topics
  • Increase the number of win paths from 9 to 20
  • Transfer wild symbols from the main free spins game, if available at the time of activation of free spins;
  • An increased number of free spins by four and five scatter symbols, without having to pay extra, as was the case in Dead or Alive, with pay of x2500 for five scatters.

And now, let’s see the battle!

  • Visual part: The slot from Yggdrasil is more modern and attractive, but in the defence of NetEnt it can be said that such slot execution is quite acceptable, considering the theme of the slot machine. So, if you put Cazino Zeppelin on this criterion in the leaders, then with a small advantage.
  • Maintaining balance in the main game: With more game lines, it may seem that Cazino Zeppelin is more likely to win, and thus has a better balance. That's not quite true. Slots have almost identical metrics but at a longer distance. Thus, because Dead or Alive compensates for empty spins with more expensive combinations, which are very rare in competition, as well as frequent bonus games activations.
  • Slot potential and their implementation: At first glance, it may seem that Zeppelin has a higher potential, as in contrast to 12 free spins in Dead or Alive can issue up to 20. But it is worth realizing that giving 5 scatter symbols and 20 spins do not always work, and these 20 spins can be "empty" or wild symbols may not stand on the line, unlike DOA, which at 5 scatter immediately awards a win of x2 500 + bonus game. As for the issue of 3 scatter (this happens in both slots), DOA awards 2 spins more, which, however, does not always produce the desired result. Moreover, the slot from Yggdrasil easily contrasted this wild character transfer from the main game to the bonus game.
  • The result would be: In the bonus game, slots have almost identical potential for big winnings, i.e. their frequency and winnings are identical. However, DOA implements an additional one, by issuing 2,500 bets for 5 scatter, which is why it goes to the top! Thus, the winner is Dead or Alive.

The winner of the battle was Dead or Alive slot!

Dead or Alive 2 (NetEnt) VS Cazino Cosmos (Yggdrasil)

Cazino Zeppelin slot
If during the development of Cazino Zeppelin slot machine in Yggdrasil took the idea of a Dead or Alive slot machine from NetEnt, then, in this case, the company changed places. Thus, Yggdrasil presented to the market Cazino Cosmos machine, which in principle is the continuation of Cazino Zeppelin. The distinctive features were essentially collections of free spins, in which due to the additional functionality the higher potential of getting big winnings, as opposed to the first part. Realizing that this slot machine will win the audience not only with Cazino Zeppelin but also with Dead or Alive, the specialists present a novelty: Dead or Alive 2 with the potential to win up to 100,000 bets. At the same time, they did not copy the competitor, as they did in Yggdrasil, but presented a new slot machine. The distinctive feature of the first part was a more modern picture and three types of bonus games with fundamental differences from each other.

  • Visual part: like Cazino Zeppelin, Cazino Cosmos is a perfect match for its theme. But to say that it has undergone cardinal changes is not possible. NetEnt, however, really updated the slot machine, making it a little more modern than the first part, though not sufficiently taking into account the current market realities. However, NetEnt in this case tried and paid more attention than their competitor, for which they are winning here.
  • Maintaining balance in the main game: in principle, the indicators are not different from the indicators of the first parts, which can be seen a little above.
  • Slot potential and implementation: potential realization is still possible only in bonus games (except 5 scatter in DOA 2 with a win of 2,500 bets), so let's look at them in more detail. The main free spins in Casino Cosmos have the same potential as the slot of the parent, i.e. the preemption of empty bonus games, with periodic average winnings of several hundred bets and fewer prizes of 1,000+ bets. And only about 10,000 bets were maximally fixed. What about the free spins collectors, which actually can bring the biggest chunk? First of all, it is necessary to note that their receipt requires the accumulation of certain wild symbols, the issuance of which is extremely rare. This means that you may need a very large stock of bets to activate them, as opposed to Dead or Alive 2, where you can get super mega winning with the first bonus game, which in turn can be issued from the start of the game session.

So, Collection No. 1: Activation of this feature provides two additional wild symbols at the start of the free games, i.e. start with at least three wild. This, of course, increases the chances of collecting all five wild, but it does not guarantee it at all, and especially of placing them on one of the winding paths. This feature, in my opinion, has only a small potential to give a larger benefit than the basic free spins.

Collection #2: Activates 5 additional spins at the start of free spins. A very dubious function, since it is possible to get 5 additional fs, i.e. 15 at the start, also when receiving four scatter. This feature, in my opinion, does not have the potential for increased winnings.

Collection #3: Activates the shift of the reels up or down one position if this brings an additional wild symbol. Also, a dubious function, having only a small potential for a larger win and rather increases the chances of a basic win of 500 - 1000+ bets.

Collection No. 4: Activates the possible conversion of a high-paid wild character. Very interesting function, but provided the symbols to become wild, which does not occur in the majority of spins.

Collection No.# 5: Activates the drop of double wild characters into columns. The most promising feature and winnings may indeed be higher than average, but this has not yet been recorded. Dead or Alive Slot Interface

Interface of Dead or Alive
What did the developers offer us in Dead or Alive 2? Three types of bonus games:

  • Classical bonus game from the first part, having no fundamental differences, with the preservation of potential and average winnings.
  • Free spins, in which each wild symbol appears on the reels increases the multiplier and the symbols themselves are not fixed. If you increase the multiplier to 16, 5 additional spins are assigned. A very promising bonus game regime, but still rarely implemented. The high multiplayer combinations are very rare, but they can yield a good average win.
  • The most popular bonus mode among players in the game, due to the simple huge potential. This type of bonus game is close to a classic, except that wild symbols have a multiplier x2 or x3 when two or three wild symbols are found on the same drum, respectively. This type of game provides a maximum win of 100,000 bets (!!!), and such winnings have already been recorded, ranging from 5 to 50,000 bets.
  • To sum up: I still believe that Cazino Cosmos is behind DOA 2, both in the potential of big winnings in the main game and the potential of a super game in the mode of free spins. The negative aspect of "Cosmos" can be noted by the long accumulation of collective free spins. The positive aspect - the increased potential of the slot in these modes, which, however, is incomparable with the potential to win 100,000 bets. And that is why Cosmos lost this battle.

The winner of the battle was Dead or Alive 2 slot!

Ecuador Gold VS Tahiti Gold from ELK

The success of Ecuador Gold slot machine was so great due to the unique gameplay at that time that ELK Studios developers could not help but to continue developing the series of such slots, and the next in the line was the game machine called Tahiti Gold. There are not many fundamental differences in the functionality of the slots, but they do exist:

  • The main ones are missing wild in the second part of the transforming symbol. It has been replaced with a wild symbol, which can fill all the space under it,
  • adding Pyramid symbols, which form a cluster with the destruction inside all the symbols, which gives an additional respin.

How much these differences affected the slot's potential and which of the two slot machines is more promising will decide the battle.

  • Visual part: The visual part has not been modified, and you can say that the slots are completely identical.
  • Maintaining balance in the main game: Ecuador's potential was realized by the release of large symbols up to 4*4 in size, which could yield winnings up to several hundred bets. The same function was preserved in Tahiti. The transforming wild symbol in "Ecuador", which could transform a large symbol of 4*4, had a huge potential, but this potential is not often realized. In "Tahiti", this function is replaced with a wild symbol, which fills the space underneath it (which, in my opinion, has less potential and does not compensate even the respin function activated by Pyramids), but gives small winnings more often.;
  • Slot potentials and differences: despite some fundamental differences in the Gameplay bonus games, in which slots have the greatest potential for big winnings, the probability of winning them does not depend on differences, but on the number of free spins. Thus, one can say that slot machines have identical and predictable capabilities. Both slots often give an average win of 50-200 bets at 10-15 fs, and practically guarantee about 1,000-2,000 bets when issuing 20-25 spins.
  • As a result, the following can be highlighted: despite the near-complete identity of the slot machines, I think Ecuador Gold is better able to balance the main game by frequently issuing 4*4 symbols, including turning them into wild, which contributes to the long-term expectation of the bonus game. However, Tahiti Gold still has a higher potential and exciting gameplay during the bonus game, for which it becomes the winner.

So, the winner of the battle was Tahiti Gold slot!

Tahiti Gold VS Voodoo Gold from ELK

Tahiti Gold slot
ELK did not stop at Tahiti Gold slot machine, as its success was as important as its predecessor. Thus, the next in the series was Voodoo Gold slot machine.

Unlike Tahiti Gold, which has made a small number of changes compared to Ecuador Gold, Voodoo Gold slot machine has more personality. The differences include: scatter is issued no more than five, which brings up to 15 free spins, and they can remove some symbols from the playing field; large symbols now appear inactive and fill with wild symbols. They also become active only when hit on the first row.

Now, let’s compare the two.

  • Visual part: as for the visual part, the overall concept and quality of the slot remained the same, but the slot became a little more interesting due to the theme of the slot machine. Gameplay has also become more impressive and exciting due to the unusual functionality of large symbols and the potential to get a large amount of wild across multiple rows. Unlike previous slots, where they were given in "small portions".
  • Maintaining balance in the main game: if in the predecessors the appearance of a large symbol was not frequent, but often brought big winnings, in this slot machine their appearance is more frequent. However, It doesn't always give a win. Most of the winnings are small, but there is still a potential for a super-game, and there are already 1,000+ bets in the main game.
  • Slot potential and their implementation: in "Ecuador" and "Tahiti" everything was relatively predictable, i.e. based on the number of free spins received, it was possible to predict the winners and, accordingly, try to squeeze the slot before issuing 5-6 symbols of the bonus game. Also, the appearance of wild symbols, albeit in small numbers, was guaranteed. In Voodoo Gold this is excluded, as it is practically impossible to get more than three symbols of the bonus game. Furthermore, the gameplay slot is made so that a huge number of wild symbols can be issued at a minimum number of spins, and vice versa, with a large number of wild symbols, may not be. Voodoo Gold has a higher dispersion and potential.
  • In conclusion, I can say the following: I am more sympathetic to "predictable" slot machines. But the potential to gain big winnings in the main game, as well as the potential to get it in "any" of the bonus games, and the potential of the slot itself to give a larger win compared to the competitors, puts Voodoo Gold in the undoubted leader.

The winner of the battle was Voodoo Gold slot!

Voodoo Gold VS Black River Gold from ELK

Voodoo Gold slot
Another innovation built based on Ecuador Gold, Tahiti Gold and Voodoo Gold was Black River Gold slot machine. As we remember, each next novelty on the results of the battle won the previous slot. Will it be the same this time? We will see it in battle!

Although Black River Gold is built on the same base, it has fundamentally new gameplay, the functionality of which is not presented in any of the previous slots of the series. Thus, the slot has a new "revolver" function, and when it is activated there is a build-up of symbols, which, with the participation of this type of symbol in the winning combination, expand to the size of the whole revolver. When all the cells of the revolver are filled, it becomes a mega wild symbol.

A special wild symbol, now made in the form of Compass, was also given a new feature. It converts the same symbols around it to wild symbols. In this case, the negative aspect of the slot can be noted by the removal of wild symbols during free spins when they are involved in the winning combination (as opposed to their accumulation and fixing in the previous slots), which significantly reduces the probability of a big win. The basic functions, such as large symbols, up to 4*4, remain.

So, let’s compare the two!

  • Black River Gold slot
    Visual part: I think I'm still closer to "Ecuador" and "Tahiti", which are inferior to the "colourful" of the image and the gameplay Voodoo Gold.
  • Maintaining balance in the main game: on balance, I would equate Black River Gold with Tahiti Gold. So, in my opinion, there are more average winnings, but the potential for getting a bigger one is low. Unlike Voodoo Gold, where the average winnings are less frequent, but the potential for winning mega-games is higher.
  • Slot potential and their implementation: In my opinion, Black River Gold is not able to realize the potential of winning several thousand bets. However, at the same time, it can give average winnings, with the minimum number of "empty" bonus games. Is this why previous slots have become so popular among the players? No! This series of slots have gained popularity for the potential of getting a large piece of cash, the potential of which, as we have found earlier, is very low here and not comparable to the potential of Voodoo Gold.
  • So, for the brighter picture and the high potential of Voodoo Gold and becomes the winner, despite the more interesting gameplay at Black River Gold.

The battle winner was Voodoo Gold slot!

Next in the battle will be slots from Endorphina. This time again I decided to compare slot machines with the feature of the bonus symbol extension, but the machines where this feature is implemented with a small difference.

Book of Santa VS Voodoo

Book of Santa slot
Although the specific slot machines are specified, it is worth realizing that this developer likes to create clones, and this type of slot machines is no exception:

Thus, it can be said that this battle is not a slot, but a series of slot machines!

Book of Santa is a classic slot machine with 10 free spins, an opportunity to get additional free backs where the same bonus symbol is awarded, and with the function of extending this symbol itself.

A distinctive feature of Voodoo is the absence of such a bonus symbol, and the extension of all types of symbols occurs only on the consecutive reels. Unlike "Santa", where the arrangement of symbols is not fundamental.

  • Visual part: there are no fundamental differences in these slot machines. They are made in the classical style for the company and the quality of the visual and sound used by many players, which, however, is far from ideal in the current realities.
  • Maintaining balance in the main game: it can be said that slot machines have similar indicators on this criterion. Predominantly, only small gains are given with extremely rare, more expensive combinations. Slots can sometimes tolerate significant balance losses in anticipation of the bonus game.
  • Slot potential and their implementation: for starters, it should be noted that additional free spins are released more often and more in the classic version of the slots, in this case - Book of Santa. However, this slot less often realizes the potential for issuing average winnings, such as issuing full-screen minimum pay symbols. Conversely, Voodoo rarely gives additional free spins and less, but more often implements the issue of such combinations.
  • Summing up the battle, it can be said that gameplay is certainly more attractive at Voodoo, and the classic versions, let's say so, have fun. Therefore, despite the poor implementation of its potential, Voodoo slot machine, in my subjective opinion, still wins in the battle.

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