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Online Casino VS (Versus Battle) - Part Two

Online casino vs versus battle part two
Dear readers and our friends! Recently, we’ve published the first part of versus, which included battles between table games, live games, and slots, between EPS, Bank cards, and cryptocurrency, as well as between game developers NetEnt, Red Tiger, BTG, and Blueprint. As we’ve promised, we are presenting you with the second part of the battles. You will have the sequel of battles between the most popular game providers, as well as hit slot machines. In this round, slots VS slots will come together,

So, let’s go!

Slots VS Slots

Within the framework of this versus, the slots will fight according to the principle: either clone slots from different providers, or slots of the same series, but with different gameplay. From my point of view, it is inappropriate to put slot machines with fundamentally different gameplay into the battle, as well as clone slits of the same provider.

Book of Dead VS Legacy of Dead (by Play’n Go)

Legacy of Dead slot
So, the first to enter the battle are such hits as Book of Dead and Legacy of Dead (+ the clone of Rise of Merlin) from the developer Play’n Go.

I’ve chosen these slots because of their similar functionality for expanding the bonus symbol (the only difference is in the number of free spins) and assigning an additional bonus symbol when issuing a retrigger. According to many players, it significantly increases the chances of a big win.

Comparing these slot machines, we can distinguish the following:

  • Visual part: since the game provider of these slots is the same, the developers did not have to look for a new theme to continue the series. They resorted to the theme of Ancient Egypt that the players have already liked. So, you won't be able to single out the leader at this point.
  • Keeping the balance in the main game: at a short distance, it may seem that the slots have identical behaviour and impact. To be more precise, poor balance retention in anticipation of the bonus game, where the main thing is to realize your potential. But over a longer distance, the Book of Dead still shows better results, periodically issuing a top combination worth up to 500 bets. This is due to the lower potential in the bonus game. The Legacy of Dead implements this potential in the main game worse and less often, almost not pleasing the players with such winnings. Mainly, this slot uses its potential only in the bonus game.
  • Potentials of slots and their implementation: in this case, it should be said that the implementation of potentials occurs mainly during the bonus game. As it was mentioned above, the frameworks of bonus games are the same, but still, there are some differences in the number of free spins and an additional bonus symbol in Legacy of Dead. To my mind, the potential for issuing a bonus game in both slots is identical. As a high-variance slot, the Book of Dead rarely gives out the top combination, but oftener than the competitor. Additional free spins are not common here, so the average win is formed by full-screen symbols of the minimum payment. It happens quite often, although the majority of bonus games bring only minimal winnings. The average winnings here are still issued with greater frequency in comparison with the Legacy of Dead, although the size of the average win is smaller. Additional spins are rarely given out in the Legacy of Dead. Properly, an average win is expected when issuing them. The delivery of the average winnings is rarer here, but the average size of winning is higher. In the absence of additional spins, as a rule, only a minimal win is formed. It is extremely rare to get an expensive combination in such a case. The issue of top combinations, in my opinion, is a little less frequent here.
  • As a result, we can formulate the following: from my point of view, the Book of the Dead has a slightly worse average potential of winning. Despite the higher potential for issuing top winnings, I would not put it on a step of the podium. Moreover, the bonus game of Legacy of Dead is more exciting, and that's what I would make it the leader of this battle.

So, the winner of the battle is the Legacy of Dead slot!

Legacy of Dead VS Sword of Khans

Sword of Khans slot
The winner has a very bright opponent with similar gameplay – Sword of Khans slot machine from Thunderkick. Battle!

If the Legacy of Dead was an upgraded version of the Book of Dead, then the Sword of Khans can be called an updated version of Legacy of Dead. Despite the similarity in gameplay and functionality, this slot has some differences:

  • The activation of additional spins with two scatter symbols, not three.
  • The unlimited number of spins with the potential to get up to 15 (both in the main free spins and additional ones).
  • The possibility of issuing an identical bonus symbol several times (rather than different ones, as in Play’n Go slots), which increases the win multiplier when this bonus symbol is used.


  • Visual part: in my opinion, the theme of ancient Egypt has become boring, as it is offered us in the series of slots since Book of Ra slot machine from Novomatic emerged. That’s why the Thunderkick solution is more relevant and the quality of the effects is more pleasant, I guess so.
  • Keeping the balance in the main game: here the slot indicators can be called almost identical – these slots are equally bad at keeping the balance while waiting for a bonus game, the activation time of which may take more than one hundred bets. At the same time, both of them do not exclude the issuance of bonus games in series.
  • Potentials of slots and their implementation: I believe, that the return of these slots is different. Legacy of Dead is less likely to give out additional free spins, but if you get them, the average win is higher in comparison with Sword of Khans, which often activates repeated spins, but gives a smaller average win. As a particular "minus" I would highlight that Sword of Khans is less popular among players and, accordingly, has a smaller pool.
  • To sum up, we can say that the leader among the players is still the Legacy of Dead, whose popularity is achieved not due to the functionality of the slot itself, but rather due to the audience being drawn from the Book of Dead. I am convinced, that the Sword of Khans, having a similar pool, could deservedly become the leader of this battle, but for now, we will give it the palm in advance.

So, the winner of the battle is the Sword of Khans slot!

The next battle is involving two top slots from the same provider and even with almost identical names, but with completely different gameplay. Have you guessed?

Dragons Fire VS Dragon’s Fire Megaways of Red Tiger

Dragons Fire slot
Despite the similarity in terms of functionality, such as, for example:

  • random wild symbols,
  • random third scatter symbol,
  • and increasing multiplayer,

Dragons Fire and Dragons Fire Megaways from Red Tiger have significant differences. One of them has classic reels with 50 ways to win, while the other has Megaways, which makes the behaviour, returns, and potentials of the slots completely different. So, which of these two slots will be the most promising and profitable? Let's try to find out in the framework of the battle!

  • Visual part: the second part does not have any new functionality, and at the same time slot machines have identical graphics and sound quality. Still, the Megaways series, from my point of view, is more enjoyable, as the classic slots have become a bit boring. Anyhow, this is a matter of taste, so there is no clear leader by this criterion.
  • Keeping the balance in the main game: slots have almost identical indicators in the middle distance. The first part oftener gives out small wins with a minimum number of empty spins and periodic larger wins. In the second part of the empty spins series, longer and issued minimum winnings have even lower indicators. However, this is compensated by periodically issued average winnings, the values of which are slightly higher than in the first part of the slot. The potential for getting a big win in both slots is minimal and is mainly realized only in the bonus game.
  • Potentials of slots and their implementation: the frequency of bonus game issuance in the first part is higher than in the second. Waiting for a bonus game in the Megaways version can be very, very long. At the same time, bonus games have a significant difference, which is expressed in the fact that in the second part, the potential for a big win is realized in almost every bonus game. Even if there is no retrigger (due to issuing an expensive combination). Even at a low multiplier. Getting additional spins does not always lead to a big win, so it may be minimal. In the first classic part, you can only expect the big win if you get 40-50 initial free spins. However, this number of spins is rarely issued as an additional one if the initial number is less than 20 fs. Getting 40-50 spins at the start almost guarantees a win of about 1,000 bets, and less than 20 spins at the start often bring only a small win. That is, the game is more predictable and not interesting, unlike the second part, where, as it was specified above, you can’t predict the game, and getting a big win is possible in any of the bonus games.
  • Summing up, we can say that the second part is most interesting in terms of gameplay, the complexity of forecasting, and a larger real potential for issuing winnings up to 10,000 bets. In contrast to the first part, where the game is more predictable and less exciting, the potential of 5,000 bets is almost impossible to implement and one can only reach the value of 2,000-3,000 bets. Therefore, despite the greatest popularity of the first part among players and the more frequent realization of their potential, I still prefer Dragons Fire Megaways!

So, the winner of the battle is Dragons Fire Megaways slot!

The next battle also involves slot machines from one provider, precisely Thunderkick, which can be called its flagships.

Pink Elephants VS Pink Elephants 2

Pink Elephants slot
Pink Elephants deservedly became the flagship of this provider and for a long time was at the top of many casinos, as "Elephants" was one of the most popular slots with a large number of players. That’s why, the release of the second part was quite a logical decision of the company, and Pink Elephants 2 slot immediately attracted the attention of fans of the first version. The concept of the slot has been preserved, so they have very small differences. Which of them will be the best solution to play in? We will find it out in the battle!

  • Visual part: the second part has not undergone any changes, which probably was not quite a competent decision on the part of the developer.
  • Keeping balance in the main game: the math of the slots is also fully preserved. Both slots have a very small, but quite realizable potential for giving out an average win in the values of up to several hundred bets. At the same time, the largest part of the spins either does not bring a win, or they are less than the face value of the bet, which, of course, does not contribute to good indicator.
  • Potentials of slots and their implementation: the main difference between slots is just a bonus game, in which it is possible to implement the potentials of slots. In the first part, the symbols are replaced with the top symbol “Elephant”, while in the second part, they are replaced only by the next one. How is it expressed in potential? The first part has the greatest potential for top-winning, the implementation of which, although rare, is quite real. The second part has a lower potential for issuing winnings with the participation of the top symbol, but at the same time has a higher potential for issuing a combination of the average cost. It is worth mentioning that slots have a very high variance, and the majority of bonus games bring only minimal winnings, which sometimes do not reach even 10 bets.
  • To sum up, I will still give the title of the winner to Pink Elephants 2 slot machine because there is a higher potential for average winnings that contributes more to the expectation of the top combination.

So, the winner of the battle is the Pink Elephants 2 slot!

Pink Elephants 2 VS Divine Lotus

Divine Lotus slot
One of the most popular competitors for the winner of the previous battle is Divine Lotus slot machine. Slots have a very similar concept with small differences, which, however, are quite enough for differences in the behaviour of slots, and the implementation of their potentials.

The main difference between Divine Lotus slot machine and its competitor is the large number of additional spins that are given during the bonus game. This is done by assigning them for each scatter-symbol located on different reels. Unlike Pink Elephant 2, where they are assigned for 2 or 3 scatters, and this, in turn, creates the illusion of a higher potential for getting the top combination in "Lotuses". In other aspects, slot machines are completely identical in terms of gameplay.

  • Visual part: despite the theme of elephants that have already become dull, Pink Elephant 2 still has a more attractive image, including in the implementation of the functionality, thanks to the first part.
  • Keeping balance in the main game: the slot indicators are almost identical, and we can say that "Elephants" are slightly more likely to give out average winnings in the main game, and "Lotuses" are slightly less likely, but the size of these winnings is higher.
  • Potentials of slots and their implementation: despite the similarity in progress, slots have different returns. So, Pink Elephant 2 often puts combinations with the symbols of average cost. Meanwhile, combinations with the top symbols are issued less often, when the maximum progress is achieved, than those of the competitor. In the Divine Lotus, the situation is the opposite, and this slot is less likely to give out average winnings with mostly empty bonus games, despite a large number of spins. But the top combinations at the maximum progress can give out more winnings than Pink Elephant 2.
  • To sum up, I still consider Pink Elephant 2 to be the leader because, from my point of view, this slot oftener realizes its potential along with other criteria.

So, the winner of the battle is again Pink Elephants 2 slot!

Ivan and the Immortal King VS Goldilocks and the Wild Bears

Ivan and the Immortal King slot
The next to enter the battle are two slots from the provider QuickSpin with fundamentally different gameplay. In one of them, the multiplier increases with your progress, and in the other – additional wild symbols that replace the base symbols. Probably, most of you have already guessed, that the developer's hits such as Ivan and the Immortal King VS Goldilocks and the Wild Bears will participate in the battle!

So, according to a large number of players, the Ivan and the Immortal King slot is highly dispersed. It means poor balance retention in the main game, and extremely rarely realized the potential for issuing a large win during the bonus game. The Goldilocks and the Wild Bears, on the contrary, is a slot with relatively low variance, "easy" progress during the bonus game, and a high potential for getting a bonus game. Well, we're starting!

  • Visual part: the so-called "Ivan Tsarevich" among players has a more pleasant basic picture and sound. It is accompanied by the activation of an additional function in the form of the appearance of "Baba Yaga". Such additional functionality is not available in "Mashka", which is accompanied by a less pleasant picture, and this can be associated with an earlier release of the slot machine. The undisputed leader here is Ivan and the Immortal King.
  • Keeping the balance in the main game: I am convinced, that "Ivan Tsarevich" can’t boast of frequent disbursements of medium and large winnings in the main game, which would help to keep the balance. On the contrary, it keeps the balance very poorly, but I also can't say that “Mashka” keeps the balance perfectly, giving out medium and large winnings. Goldilocks and the Wild Bears only periodically gives out average winnings in a couple of dozen bets, which, of course, does not cover balance losses from previous bets. If "Ivan Tsarevich" compensates it by frequent activation of the bonus game from the beginning of the game session, then "Masha" can’t issue a bonus game for a very long time, especially seldom the activation occurs from the start of the game.
  • Potentials of slots and their implementation: QuickSpin slots are often able to realize their potential only during the bonus game, and these slot machines are no exception. So, Goldilocks and the Wild Bears often give out bonus games in series, but with very, very long intervals between them, and quite seldom from the beginning of the game. "Ivan Tsarevich", on the contrary, can issue a bonus game from the start, less often in series, and also with a large number of bets between activation of the bonus game. It would seem that it is easy to achieve progress in "Mashka", but it is not always possible. This slot has almost identical potential as the competitor. When making progress, the slot often disappoints, as it is almost doesn’t give out a large win. Mostly, the winnings reach only a few hundred bets, the potential of which, however, is quite high. "Ivan Tsarevich" has a low potential for getting a big win, which, however, can be much more solid than in "Mashka", reaching a value of 1,000+ bets. Average wins here, unfortunately, are not as frequent as in the Goldilocks and the Wild Bears.
  • To sum up, we can say that Goldilocks and the Wild Bears is not able to become a leader in this fight. It has very poor balance retention that does not have the potential for a large win, which could cover losses, not to mention the earning a profit. Unless he gave it away at the start, which happens extremely rare. Therefore, taking into account the high and realizable potential of Ivan and the Immortal King slot to give out a big jackpot in combination with other factors, this slot becomes the leader of the fight!

So, the winner of the battle is Ivan and the Immortal King slot!

Razor Shark VS Tiki Tumble

Razor Shark slot
The next battle will take place between two very similar in mechanisms slots, but with slightly different functionality, from the developer Push Gaming!

Despite the similarity in the mechanics of the slots (bonus symbols moving from top to bottom), these slot machines have completely different potentials and behaviour in the game due to differences in the functioning of these bonus symbols. So, in Razor Shark, they open different types of symbols, which may not give a match, or on the contrary, give out a large win due to coins with a guaranteed win.

In Tiki Tumble, these symbols play the role of wild symbols, which gives almost guaranteed winnings (depending on their location and the coincidence of other types of symbols).

  • Visual part: the quality of performance of these slots can be called identical, with the difference, perhaps, only in the theme of the slot.
  • Keeping the balance in the main game: from my point of view, the Tiki Tumble has better indicators in this parameter. Because of issuing wild symbols, it often gives average winnings. Razor Shark is less likely to give out such winnings due to the mismatch of bonus symbols with the rest, but it has the greatest potential for issuing large winnings due to coins of more than 2,500 bets, also in the main game. Already there were recorded winnings in more than 1,000+ bets, which, however, does not affect the balance retention during waiting for the bonus game, where the potential for getting a big win is mainly realized.
  • Potentials of slots and their differences: due to the peculiar mechanics of these slot machines, slots rarely realize their potential. Still, Tiki Tumble often gives out winnings within a few hundred bets, but seldom realizes the potential to give out a win of 1,000+ bets. Razor Shark is less likely to give out average winnings and mostly gives out only minimal winnings, which is compensated by the potential for giving out super-large rewards of several thousand bets due to expensive coins combined with a large multiplier.
  • Because of the high potential of giving out large winnings in both the main and bonus games, Razor Shark becomes the leader of this competition.

So, the winner of the battle is Razor Shark slot!

Sticky Bandits VS Sticky Bandits: Wild Return

Sticky Bandits slot
Previously loved, but forgotten Sticky Bandits slot was presented by Quickspin in a new guise – in the form of Sticky Bandits: Wild Return slot. Is this slot as good as its predecessor? Is it better? Or is it worth remembering the well-forgotten first part? The battle will decide!

After its release, Sticky Bandits was loved by many players for the simplicity of the gameplay. Also, for the huge potential that is created from two wild mega-symbols that form an almost full screen, with the illusion of easy obtaining such a combination both in the main game and during free spins.

Many people expected simple gameplay from the second part, but in the end, they saw a completely different slot. It is a classic slot machine with mega-symbols, but not wild. Their transformation into the wild is possible in the bonus game. The slot also has an additional mini-bonus game.

  • Visual part: the outdated design was replaced by a more modern slot with a high-quality visualization and sound. An additional "plus" also gives a mini-bonus game in the form of another slot machine. Undoubtedly, the advantage in this category gets Sticky Bandits: Wild Return.
  • Keeping the balance in the main game: in my personal opinion, the first part of the slot is more promising for the game, because there is also a higher potential for getting an average win of up to 100+ bets, in addition to the frequency distribution of winnings. The second part of "Bandits" seldom pleases players with such winnings, although it has the potential to issue more than 300 bets in the main game and 500+ in the mini-bonus game, which, however, is practically not implemented.
  • Slot potentials and their implementation: bonus games are activated more often in Sticky Bandits: Wild Return, but unlike the first part, it is not predictable. In the Sticky Bandits, if you can't get well-placed wild symbols at the start, the potential for getting them during free spins is extremely low. Accordingly, you should not expect a big win. Conversely, if the reels are fully covered with wild symbols when activating the bonus game, you can look forward to a big jackpot. Sticky Bandits: Wild Return has nothing like this, and absolutely every bonus game can surprise you. As for realizing the potential, Sticky Bandits: Wild Return is a more complex slot, and getting a big win here is a big success. At the same time, the winnings in this slot can be much higher than the competitor's and exceed the value of 1,500 bets. Sticky Bandits is less modest and rarely gives out winnings of more than 1,000 bets, but this happens oftener.
  • The result can be summed up as follows: I guess, that despite the higher-quality visual and interesting gameplay, the winning potential is greater in Sticky Bandits, that’s why it becomes the leader

So, the winner of the battle is Sticky Bandits slot!

Sakura Fortune VS Big Bot

Big Bot slot
Two more hits from QuickSpin! These slot machines have similar mechanisms, with the growth of wild symbols and their "departures" in case of partial appearance. Unlike Sakura Fortune, where these symbols occupy only the central reels, in Big Bot, they appear on all reels with the potential to get a full-screen combination both in the main and during the bonus game.

  • Visual part: from a visual point of view, the slots are identical. But the gameplay of Big Bot, in my opinion, is more interesting due to the potential of getting wild symbols on all the reels. Also, due to the changing their positions. When they appear, for example, in 4+5, they can move to 1+2, unlike the Sakura Fortune, where the positions of wild symbols remain unchanged.
  • Keeping balance in the main game: I believe that "Sakura" keeps the balance better since it often gives out matches of the minimum cost and more expensive combinations with the participation of wild symbols. And they, in turn, are also issued oftener, with the potential to get three, which is rarely realized in Big Bot slot.
  • Potentials of slots and their implementation: of course, "Robots" can give out a larger jackpot than "Sakura", and this win can reach several thousand bets. However, the potential for getting such a combination is extremely low and mostly during free spins, only minimal winnings are given out. In the Sakura Fortune, the maximum possible win is less, but the potential for getting an average win within a few hundred bets is higher, and they are issued oftener, including in series.
  • As a result, due to the more frequent implementation of the potential, despite the more modest winnings, I am convinced that Sakura Fortune is worthy of becoming the leader of the battle.

So, the winner of the battle is Sakura Fortune slot!

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