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Best Online Casinos with Curacao Licenses in Europe! What is Curacao License

Best Online Casinos with Curacao Licenses in Europe
Today we will talk about licensed casinos, namely those that have a license issued in Curacao. Today, all advanced online gamers know that a licensed casino is always the best choice for them. The license implies reliability for the player. Not every casino can get it, they spend a lot of money and make big concessions to their desires for this. Why Curacao? Curacao is historically part of Netherland and, accordingly, is part of the European Union. Curacao’s differs from the entire European Union in that it has small taxes, which cannot be said about the mainland of Europe. This is what contributes to the development of the gambling business, which is registered on the territory of the island. The development of gambling on the island helped to proportionally develop banking and gave a large inflow of investments. Taxation is particularly attractive for internet casinos. It accounts for only 2% of the company's total profit, which clearly cannot be compared with the taxes of the European Union countries. Curacao’s license gives stability to the casino, as it is insured for the casino for many years and guarantees its operation. If we talk about advantages for the players, then of course among them the reliability of the operator, the guarantee of payments, customer support, and the official activities of the company itself.

How to Get a Curacao License?

This process is quite complicated and the administration must be prepared for the fact that a large number of requirements will be set on their site for the casino to bear the title of the online casino that is licensed in Curacao.

Before applying for a review, you must first request pre-approval from your corporate service provider. As a rule, approval is issued within 24 hours. After that, the casino must pay a fee of 1500 Euros and submit the documentation.

After the application has been completed and sent to the Curacao eGaming commission, the commission will wait for your payment. The application process will begin only after receiving the money. 

After that, the commission will check all the technical parameters that have been specified in the application. If all the data that you wrote turned out to be correct and meet the requirements, this stage would pass. if not, you will get a letter about what you must change.

As soon as this stage is passed, it is necessary to undergo an external audit and launch the platform within 60 days. Everything must be implemented according to the plan that was spelt out when sending the application. If deviations are found, they are asked to correct them. 

The next step is to register a company in the E-Zone Curacao. It is important to note that the administration of the company should take place exclusively in this zone. This is one of the most important requirements. Also, most of the company's employees should be in the same area. Only a small part of employees can be outside of it. The offices of these companies are required to work during standard business hours. The bank account must be registered in Curacao. There must be a director on-site in the office.

The entire period for obtaining a license for Curacao takes around 2 months. Obtaining such a license is much more interesting for casino’s creators than, for example, a license from the British Gambling Commission, since it is easier to obtain it, and you get almost the same powers. Of course, taxation is good news. The cost of such a license is significantly lower than in Malta, for example, which makes it much more attractive.

You, as a license holder, can sublicense yourself, but you will be responsible for everything that has been done by those you licensed.

For paying the money for the license, you also get support from Curacao eGaming, which includes technical support and financial support. They will also help with cloud server issues and other questions related to launching a casino.

History of Curacao License

The history of the gambling business in Curacao begins in 1993. This year that they took control of the entire gambling sector. Licenses began to be issued 3 years later, in 1996. Internet casinos have been gaining significant popularity among all players. Due to its small taxes and location, Curacao quickly became one of the centres of the gambling industry around the world. In 2019, the Curacao Gambling Control Council became the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing body. At the same time, online gambling was regulated by the Ministry of Finance and the Financial Intelligence Department. So, we can say that licensed casinos in Curacao are safe. All activities of each casino are very strictly recorded and regulated by the government’s agencies.

There are 2 types of licenses for online casinos in Curacao today:

  • basic license (master license);
  • sub-license.

The first license can be issued exclusively by the Minister of Justice, only he decides on its issuance based on his powers. Those who receive a basic license on their own can issue licenses to other casinos and there can be an unlimited number of them. But all responsibility for the activities of a casino with a sublicense rests entirely with the one who issued it.

The basic license can be obtained once for 5 years. A sublicense is issued for an unlimited period as long as the base license is active. Since 1996, there are only 4 holders of a basic license on the island of Curacao. So all operators who want to obtain a license can rely exclusively on a sub-license.

Standards for Casinos

For all online casinos that want to obtain a Curacao license, there are certain requirements that they must comply with.

The operator who receives the license undertakes to monitor every financial transaction of each of its clients. Including withdrawals, bets, payment for additional services, replenishment of the deposit.

Internet casino bets can only be accepted from non-residents of the Antilles over 18 years old. All transactions from residents or persons under the age of 18 must be declined.

All games or other applications that relate to them, all information, databases must be stored on the territory of the country or go through the transit server and be available for audit by third-party performers. With the help of such restrictions, Curacao ensures the protection of all data of each internet casino with its license. All internet casinos must refrain from unethical practices in marketing and advertising.

At least one of the founders of the company must be a resident of the Netherlands Antilles. The company's activities must comply with the requirements of identification and legal expertise. The operator is obliged to provide in advance a list of games and suppliers of these games, which must be approved by the Gambling Commission. The operator must show confirmation that online support will be provided to each player who has deposited it to the site if it is necessary.

Also, all beneficiaries of the company must provide information about themselves. In the letter with the application, they must send copies of their passports, resume letter of recommendation from the bank, documents that confirm the address of residence of the beneficiaries, data on sources of income, a document confirming the right to a domain for the portal, a police clearance certificate, proof of ownership of intellectual property rights to the software, certification of a random number generator in games.

Much attention is paid to the company's business plan, which contains a description of all gambling, the number of employees to be attracted, the planned number of clients, as well as the company's contribution to the development of Curacao.

The authorities that issue the license for Curacao constantly check the fulfilment of all requirements for each of their casinos. That is why casinos that have an international Curacao license are highly trusted by experienced players.

You can see that all casinos that receive their license for Curacao have the same restrictions and rules that set commissions before them as other casinos with other types of licenses. So the conclusions that these casinos are unsafe can be safely discarded. This has been proven by many experienced players.

Price of Curacao License

For casino beginners, one of the key factors is the cost of the license. The cost of a license for Curacao is noticeably lower than in other certification centres. This becomes one of the key factors when choosing this license.

To the cost of the license itself, you must add the cost of registering a company on the island, the fee for legal representation, administrative fees, company support. You will also need to pay for the services of a local provider to create backups, which is necessary according to the license requirements.

Another key factor for acquiring such a license is the 2% taxation on the island. It is difficult to say exactly what is the cost of the Curacao gambling license, but it is around 30,000 Euros.

Accepted Game Providers

On some sites, there is an opinion that many famous and popular game providers do not want to cooperate with casinos licensed by Curacao. This is not the case for a long time. Previously, casinos with this type of license had a bad reputation that some deceive their users, delay payments, and carry out all sorts of fraud.

All this remained in the distant past since the administration of Curacao certification centres has significantly increased control over its casinos and do not allow any more deviations from the established norms in front of the casino.

Many gaming providers Yggdrasil Gaming, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Play'n GO, Quickspin, and Evolution Gaming work with casinos that are licensed in Curacao. This variety of providers gives players access to an incredibly large number of games on casino’s sites. Trust me, you will feel comfortable with the many games on sites licensed by Curacao.

Casino Check Process

Since 2001, the organization CIGA (Curacao Internet Gaming Association) has been dealing with gambling activities in Curacao. This organization is dedicated to providing communication for solving problems in the gambling industry. They provide support to their casinos in case of disagreement with the users. They are engaged in increasing the level of consumer confidence in casinos by establishing the correct trading recommendations for online casinos based in Curacao. They also act as a lawyer and information centre, help their casinos regulate issues with the legislation, introduce new measures following the laws. They are engaged in the development of the image and reputation of Curacao as the best place to register an online casino.

The policy of the organization is not regulated by the director, it is supported exclusively by a committee, each member of which can amend the organization's activities. All other board members must vote for it to be approved.

Employees of the organization put the interests of users first and help in solving any questions that they have. These issues include the development, implementation of legislative, political, legal decisions of the government of Curacao. To the forefront of the organization's activities is the promotion of Curacao as a safe place for running a gambling business. Safe for both operators and players.

Under the control of CIGA, there are about 30 operating companies that serve the online gaming industry. The organization monitors the integrity of the business, following all legal requirements.

List of Best Online Casinos with Curacao License

A large number of online casinos are licensed in Curacao, but among them, some outspoken leaders differ from the rest in many ways.

  • Among such casinos Fastpay casino, this casino by its name makes it clear what is its main difference from the rest. The casino has very fast payouts and never gets delayed by various checks. It has a large number of games available from various popular developers. Available in 19 languages, the player will immediately understand the design of the site and understand where to click. This applies even to the most inexperienced players who are just starting their journey in the world of gambling.
  • One of the most honest and gambler-friendly casinos licensed in Curacao is InstantPay Casino. It has long earned its rating among players around the world. Supports both a variety of withdrawal methods in conventional money and cryptocurrencies.
  • Videoslots casino promises you withdrawal always in less than an hour. It is one of the largest gaming houses and has been operating for quite some time. A great introductory bonus will also delight its new players.
  • BitStarz casino is a multi-platform casino, the operation of which is guaranteed by the Curacao license.
  • One of the old casinos is Riobet casino, which has a huge number of online games and has long earned its rating among both advanced players and beginners.
  • Among other excellent casinos with this type of license, there is also Play Fortuna Casino, Booi Casino, JoyCasino, all of them are perfect for both experienced players and beginners. Rest assured, these casinos have a high level of trust, do not have problems with payments, and the support is top-notch. All are guaranteed by the excellent service centre of Curacao.

Data Protection

If we return to the opinion of some people on the sites that casinos licensed by Curacao are unsafe, then a beginner player may think about this and not play in these casinos. So let's see if this is true or not?

Most of the casinos in Curacao support a wide variety of casino deposit and withdrawal methods. It can be both electronic wallets, bank cards, and different types of cryptocurrencies.

Why are cryptocurrencies introduced? In many countries, funds transferred to players' accounts from casinos in Curacao or other places are very tightly controlled. Banks believe that through such transactions, people can launder money that was obtained through fraud. It is for this that many casinos have begun to introduce deposit and withdrawal methods using cryptocurrency. This allows users to maintain anonymity when transferring, makes it possible to bypass banks, and does not leave the history of transfers from the online casino on its accounts in the statement. Cryptocurrencies have long been closely used in such institutions and should not be feared. Many casinos specifically encourage their users to use this method of depositing and withdrawing money, giving them a higher first deposit bonus when depositing in cryptocurrency, or vice versa, a reduced commission for withdrawing funds.

As for ordinary money, each casino has its security group, which monitors each entry and exit transaction. This is spelt out as one of the rules for running a gambling business in Curacao. In addition to this, the centre that issues the online casino license monitors suspicious transfers. And do not forget about the payment systems themselves, in which there are a huge number of people responsible for the safety of your money. Thus, you get 3 levels of verification when making transfers to an online casino in Curacao, which gives you a full guarantee of the safety of your money.

In parallel with the protection of the funds themselves, the technical implementation of site protection systems is underway to prevent fraudulent activities on them. So some casinos are use mirror pages. This is a complex technical solution in which when the user enters a certain slot, he is redirected to the mirror page. He sees the same page, but with a different link. While he was clicking on the cursor this page for him was generated by a server in Curacao, which gave a link that works only on the computer with the network address that was on the transition.

This means that even if you send this link to someone, the user will see a blank page when they open it, and this opening will automatically record suspicious activity on the server. If there were many such activities on one account, the casino security service can contact you or temporarily freeze all transactions on your account to protect your funds.

Your data is securely protected. As for personal data, copies of users' passports, their addresses. All of them are securely stored on servers on which work is regularly carried out to introduce new security systems and new components. Special monitoring services constantly monitor compliance with all norms and standards that are set in front of online casinos. You can be sure that your data will not be passed on to third parties. Since, first of all, it is in the interests of the casino, if such data is leaked or stolen, the casino will be liable to the government of Curacao, it will be deprived of its license and the right to open a new one.


As it became clear from this article, casinos licensed in Curacao are today valued by many players for their stability, payment guarantees, and support for their users. Rumours that they might be unreliable have long been dispelled by the number of satisfied users. Themselves casinos and certification centres in Curacao strive every day to win the trust of their users and attract new ones to cooperate with them. If you choose a casino with this type of license, you can be calm about all the factors that players expect from a casino, you will be able to receive big bonuses and rewards for using their casino. You can see the list of the best online casinos in 2024 in this article, each of them has a large number of pleasant bonuses for players, and the support teams of these sites will always help you with all questions. Choose only verified casinos with guaranteed payments, since, first of all, it is your safety and confidence in the data that you transfer to the site.

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