Why it often comes luck on the last money in an online casino?

Why it often comes luck on the last money in an online casino?Today we received a letter from our user with the question: «Did not we notice that a lot of players are often lucky when they make the bet on the last money in a casino?». That is, this is when you spin for € 10, and with a balance of € 12, you are given a bonus or a big winning. However, it rarely compensates for your entire deposit, but makes up a significant part of it. Should you continue playing in this slot, or do you need to change the slot machine? Why it happens?».

Indeed, a lot of games from Playtech, Microgaming and Netent companies the slots are set up in such a way as to try to stimulate the player to deposit their account once more and continue the game. Let us try to sort out the question: are you lucky enough to play at the casino for the last money and why, when is our balance close to zero, will we receive the bonuses and the big winning more often at the slot machines from Netent? Or is it just fiction?

What if your balance is close to zero in the account?

Let us get started with the main thing. If you play in the licensed Netent software at the online casino, the operator does not have access to any settings or payment configurations of the video slots. All the slot machines are located on NetEnt servers, and they are loading from there.

The essence of the work of NetEnt software is to make you go on playing, and not to take your money, as a lot of people think. You will lose money yourself when you make a lot of spins at the slots and turn this small 1.5% into huge amounts of the lost money. The online casino will receive much less if you lose everything at once while deciding that all this is a deception and you will not deposit your account anymore. Your potential losses will be a lot of times higher than your first deposit. Let us discuss 3 situations, and you decide in which of them you will deposit your account more often, and in which you will stop playing at all.

The big winning with the bonus money

GameWhen you take the deposit bonus, you win the large amount from the very first 50 spins very often. It can be from 50% to 200% of your initial deposit. This setting allows the software to draw you into the game. But at the same time, it makes it impossible for you to withdraw the won money and you have to continue completing the wagering requirements. All providers of the online casino software actively use this method, which works efficiently. That is, the player receives the memory about the big winning and does not withdraw the won money.

Fast loss without the bonus

You make the deposit and do not take the bonus on the first deposit in the casino. Moreover, even when your balance is close to zero - you get nothing. So, we deposited our account by € 1000, do not take the bonus and play by € 25 per spin. We do not receive the bonus games, the big winning and lose our entire deposit during 40 spins. During the game process, the balance increases or decreases with the systematic decrease in your game account. If this is your first experience of playing on the software from NetEnt - how often you will fill your account again and continue the game process? As for me, I will go to look for another place for the game, or I will return to the software on which I have already played earlier. Since I have the memory of the large winning that excites my imagination and makes me deposit my account again and again. If I do not get acquainted with the online casinos, then I will stop gambling.

The winning of the game at the last money stake

Video slot

Now we will present the same situation. You get the bonus (or the big winning), as a result of which you win € 700, but with the balance of € 25-150. This happens with the low balance of the account, namely at the bet on the last money. After the large winning (it is lower than the amount of the initial deposit), you lose all your money by getting 2 scatter (or the bonus symbols) out of 3 necessary. What is the probability that you deposit your account again? I consider that if I have already had the memory of the big reward in the amount of 50-70 coins, then I will fill my account more often again. Maybe it will not be today, but I will deposit the account surely. The providers of the online casino software make their calculation precisely on this method, in which the player is lucky at the bet on the last money.

Should you change the slot?

You will need to change the slot machine immediately after falling out the bonus game or the big winning at the bet of the last money. The probability of a repetition of this event is minimal, and the new slot can try «to interest» you by issuing the bonus games or the large winning. You should use the recommendations for testing of the slot machines in a free mode to find out in which games you will play today and at what stakes.

Where to play

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