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Fraud and cheating in online poker

Fraud at the online poker
We can say for sure that the fraud at the online poker exists and we will discuss such topic here. They often promise players protection from fraud, inviting users to poker. Moreover, the facts of cheating players increase every year more and more. Therefore, no one has guaranteed that someone will win his own money honestly. But it does not mean that we need a ban on online poker.

Everyone should know the tricks of scammers. It will help you lead the honest game process with worthy opponents. Let's look at examples of how fraud is widespread at online poker. On our site, there is a full article about fraud and deception at the online poker:

The main schemes of fraud at the online poker

  • Cases of poker room frauds: In the game world was a scandal, which is associated with the famous brand the Absolute Poker. Administrators and "special" users of the poker room had the opportunity to see the cards that are in the hands of the opponent. Such offers were after the tournament, in which the winner did not miss any distribution. Such way of the game outraged the player who took the second place.
    In the investigation, it was revealed that the ex-president of the company and his friend were counterfeiters of machinations. And the scandal happened in the cash game. The weak player suddenly began to show wonderful results. The case reached the court, the results of which led to huge payments. Similar fraud at the online poker was at the Pitbull Poker. The case ended with the fact that the poker room was closed. In conclusion, we can say that if the room (or network) is closed, it will sink with all the players' money. There are rare cases when money is returned to the players (like Full Tilt after buying it by Amaya holding).
  • The machinations of players. We have a lot of cases when users themselves are involved in various frauds. The appropriate example of this is Josh Field, who used the nickname JJProdigy in the game. Making fraud with numerous accounts, a man has been receiving good profits for 17 years. All these facts make us doubt that poker rooms have good protection because even an amateur could deceive them. Later it was known that Josh had accomplices. Therefore, many people think that banning online poker is the best way to deal with such frauds, but they are not so frequent, and we should fight with them.
  • Poker bots. The progress does not stand in one place. Programs for playing online poker are constantly being improved. So, we can say with certainty that bots kill the limit poker. At the moment, thousands of bots are playing in different poker rooms and bringing money to their owners. After all, the bot does not tilt, and it does not make mistakes. Bots are the most dangerous scheme of fraud at online poker. Exactly they kill the poker "ecology" and make the game dangerous on the Internet.
  • The constant strength of the playing field. Players always try to improve their skills. Lovers and fans are more difficult to break even through micro-limits. And if in 2000-2007 the player can try to make a poker career, then today it is almost impossible, and, in the future, it will be harder. Nevertheless, advertisement continues to impose on us false stereotypes of easy winnings and carefree life. You are forced to give all the money voluntarily.


Unfortunately, we must recognise that such machinations and frauds exist. But, as we have already mentioned above, the cases of fraud are not so frequent, if you consider the daily number of games and users which are involved. The great news is that the nice poker rooms, which receive a huge profit, are playing honestly. Exactly for this purpose, their owners contain a large number of highly qualified specialists, who closely monitor their work and respond promptly to their complaints. Players who will comply with all necessary measures and rules cannot be deceived. For this reason, it is not worth prohibiting the online poker, and it is just necessary to wage an active fight against swindlers while strengthening the security of honest users. And also, the users, before starting to play at this or that poker room, should check it for fraud themselves, study all possible precautionary measures and all rules, and only then launch the game at the online poker.

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