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Cheated online poker players by Party Poker

In this article, we would like to talk about how poker changes over time and figure out why online poker cheats its players and why it is no longer so popular. We think that it is pointless to waste your money and time learning this game. It is no longer relevant to gambling, but not everybody knows about it. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have no doubt you may be cheated in any poker room. This article is a part of "choosing online poker or online casino?".

Online poker in 2004-2024

Let us go back ten years ago and see the players stories on how they made a living from poker. Using these stories of carefree life, and tens of thousands of dollars a month, the poker rooms draw the attention of newcomers.

While the gambling houses were working under the slogan "our online reputation is everything" and were telling around that their online poker is fair, the forums were full of discussions and facts of cheating in the poker rooms.

One of the first sites which widely launched a new online industry was Party Poker. It was accepting players from the USA and other countries. All was well until the owners of the Party decided that some players win big and others lose big. At this point, they changed their mind and started cheating the loyal players.

The massive stealing of money

In 2009 Party Poker was famous by blocking the accounts of its "winning" players with the confiscation of their funds. The reason for blocking and confiscating funds were the flimsy charges of fraud, conspiracy, use of the prohibited software.

Party was the first who started the fight against the "positive" players to keep the amateurs and newcomers. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were stolen by the operator who was to guarantee the integrity of the game and the responsibility for money. Party Poker created tables for "negative" players only. The accounts which had positive or near-zero statistics cannot join the table. There is a strong scepticism among the players when they read such topics as:

"I have got a letter, and they are closing my poker account. The only reason is that I am "positive" player, they are referring to the paragraph of the terms and conditions where it is stated that they may terminate the services of any account without any notice or reason".

So, even that insignificant percentage of players who have the talent and may win at poker, are blocked by the poker rooms. Party not only cheats the players, but they confiscate the full account balance. Apparently, to pay the moral damages to its employees.

Closing the rooms and taking the players money

In 2013-2024 many poker rooms were closed, and the player's money was confiscated. Imagine you have registered on the site, made a real deposit, and the next day you see the error 404 while trying to connect. Your money is gone. The room is closed – and no traces left behind. The authorities cannot help. The poker room has stolen your money, and you were cheated. Unfortunately, such situations are frequent enough.


Poker affiliates often offer significant amounts of rake back; for example, 70-80% of the paid rake in a month is returned to the player. This drew the attention of the programmers who started developing bots – special programs which may play by themselves, without any help. At first, it was not very good, but the technology shows progress and, to date, in the iPoker network, according to unconfirmed reports, a part of the players are bots.

Agree, despite the complexity of developing such a program, it has a definite advantage over an ordinary player. The bot has no feelings and emotions. It even does not get tiring. It plays strictly according to the implemented program. Are you ready to play on a computer? How well you know the bank chances and poker mathematics?

While registering there is a point in the rules (terms and conditions) which states that your opponents are real people. But in recent years the number of bots has been significantly increased, and the honest poker operators are less and less.

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Board games by Netent – it is not a poker by Playtech or self-writing programs of collecting money. Here the people play against other people in real-time. This process is hidden, but, if you're winning, another player is loosing etc. The program is used to redistribute the money between players, and it gets its percentage for this. This is a minimal percentage, far below 5%, up to 3$, taken by the poker room in many hands. RTP of Texas poker is 99%.

All active players are included in the statistics. The payments are made to those who played better and smarter than the others. The impact of the personal statistics is minimal, and it is rather to determine the player group, taking into consideration his game strategy, the number of deposits and withdrawals.

Market instability and the lack of investors

Everyone knows that poker is about to be gone. Anyway – people are tired of losing. The attempts of the poker rooms to fight the "positive" players look ridiculous. Online poker is dead. Understand the main thing: the winnings players are of no use. The room will look for reasons not to pay, delay the payments, require new documents to verify the player account. In the end, it will simply not pay while referring to the ownership rules.

21-century scam

I am pretty sure that the whole pyramid scheme will collapse soon. And it will be such a collapse that the entire world will be shaken. I think that the rooms have not even half of the money which are in the player's account balances. The payouts are made using the money of the other players, and if there is not enough money to process the payments, the affiliates and the accounts with huge amounts are blocked and the balances confiscated. This gets worse and worse day by day; more and more players are cheated. The number of newcomers decreases while the loyal players withdraw the rest of the bankroll.

Where to play?

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