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Licensed and fake Netent online slots

Licensed and fake Netent online slots
Thousands of online casinos offer NetEnt online slots. Some of them only use software by Net Entertainment, but usually, the online casino has slots by different developers. White label online casinos often choose software by Yggdrasil, Microgaming, Netent, Play'n go and Amatic. If you see such a set of games, it will be a licensed operator. Let's see which online casinos use the licensed Netent software, and which of them work with a fake one.

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Why would an online casino use pirate Netent online slots?

Players who use licensed NetEnt slots have equal chances to win. Anyone can win it big, and you will not see a player with greater chances than another. Let's put an example of two licensed online casinos. Suppose that:


There are two online casinos. Let it be 1 and 2. Since all Netent slots operate on Net Entertainment servers, 1 and 2 are just intermediaries. There can be a situation that one player would win at 1 and the other would lose at 2. First online casino should pay out winning from their pocket. Usually, this problem is solving with the increasing number of player and amounts which they are wagering, but there is a much more easy way.  

A lot of small online casinos do not want to have these difficulties, so they choose a different path - fake Netent software. It is cheap (around €5000 compared with white label package of €100 000). And you're getting this software completely. You can set any RTP, any probabilities of bonus features, and even edit these settings for every player. A lot of casinos that are using fake software hide it for some GEOs. For example, a lot of Russian casinos show pirated software only for post-Soviet Union GEOs. If you open their website from different IPs (the UK, Europe, etc.), all these pirated games will be hidden.

Pluses for casinos with fake software

  • They can edit all settings of any online slot. For example, they can put RTP at 10%, and you wouldn't have a probability of winning anything. Or to set RTP on 1000% and launch a stream how they are winning millions in their casino.
  • Online casinos with fake software have a prize pool of winning in each slot, which is connected only to their casino and players cannot win more money than it has. If you're playing in licensed slots, this pool is expanded to all casino (platform or provider). So, they do not need to pay huge amounts of money. 
  • No royalty payments for the software developers. From every €100 a player loses in an official online casino, the casino should pay to Netent (or another developer) from €15 up to €22 as a royalty payment. If the casino uses pirated software, they do not need to pay anything. It's a lot of money.
  • No payments for a license. Separated license costs around €100 000. With fake software, you do not need all these things.
  • No GEO-restrictions. Gambling commissions restrict some countries, according to their laws. With pirate software, you can accept all players that will agree to play at your online casino.
  • There is no need to explain that all these pluses for the fake casino are minuses for players.

Checking the software

Nowadays, players are much more experienced and know a lot about online casino software. Pirated software usually traps beginners. You can see a lot of differences between licensed and pirated slots. The picture is different, bonus features run in different ways and, of course, slot sends a request to the unofficial server, that differs from developers. You can open the console in Google (Inspect after the right click) and check where the online slot sends the request.

If you have found any pirated slots in any online casino, you should avoid playing there (even in licensed slots). Usually, if an operator is using such pirated software, then there are high chances that it will not pay any big winning to you and will find a reason to void it.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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