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High and low volatility online slots

High and low volatility online slots
What is volatility? Volatility could stand for changeableness, fickleness or the trait of being unpredictably unsure. It thus means the level of risk that is integral to a particular game within a given period when we talk about the volatility of an online slot. It implies risk determination of the frequency of how often you should expect to win within your sessions. Some sessions could be frustrating with long losing streaks, but some of them will be with fantastic winning. You can read more about volatility on the following page:

Online slots with high volatility

The value of online slots volatility determines the rate of risk. Also, the possibility of winning big because payouts happen rear, but their size is significant. It can be an emotional trauma watching how your balance is going down. You need to spin and consider big winning that would compensate your wait during the long dry period. 

Factors to be considered before playing high volatility slots

  • Facts
    Time factor: timing is an important factor in hunting on big winning. It is advisable to choose high volatility online slots only when you have enough time to play.  You will need to be patient and not tilting, especially when a lot of action didn't fulfil your expectations. Just take a well-calculated risk and wait for the moment when the big win will come.
  • Budget: in order not to be weighed down and be disappointed when your expectation is vanishing away in your eyes, plan a good budget which will be your compass and guide you in through the series of empty spins. We suggest players choose 1/500 of their balance as a stake per single spin for online slots with high volatility.
  • Expectation: manage your expectations, and make it realistic, do not be greedy. Put your emotion under control and remove every fear or excitement of chasing the huge win. The big winning will come, but it requires patience and enough money to "survive" until it.
  • High level of concentration: high volatility slot requires a high level of focus and attention. It is designed for experienced and emotionally balanced players who had overgrown frustrations and are ready for both: loss and win. For beginners or any emotionally unbalanced person, it will be uncomfortable to play in slots with high volatility. 

Low volatility slots

On the other side of the coin, low volatility online slots are associated with lower risk. Though the payouts on lower volatility games are less significant, it is more regular and eliminates boredness. Little winning seems to come up in every spin while the time looks fast because you are enjoying with extra features and simulation. This does not mean that there will be no big winning, but here you wouldn't see 200x+ winning.

You can play in low volatility slots with 1/50 of your balance per spin (to increase the risk) or via 1/500 in online slots with high volatility (to reduce the risk). The result can be the same. The mistake that you should avoid is to play with 1/50 of your balance in slots with high volatility. In this case, your chances of winning will be very low, same as high chances of losing complete balance.

Essential features of volatility

Essential Features
Many casino fanatics find that they are drawn more to a particular type of game at the expense of the other. Choice of volatility is not necessarily a factor of being good or bad, just a matter of habit and preference.

Choosing the level of volatility is more of personal preference and gambling panache than those other extraneous factors. Volatility can be determined by playing a series of sessions; therefore, it is advisable to play in demo mode to garner some experience before risking with real money. You can read more about the method of choosing the generous slot machine: 

Regarding the volatility (and other hidden data) of every online slot, we suggest you visit the following pages (depending on the developer):


Understanding high and low volatility online slots will make you ready for the financial and emotional risks. Though personal preference and full concentration are important, the essence of choosing a slot should be the expected outcome. If there is enough budget - go for the high volatility online slots, if not - go to machines with low volatility. Work on your emotion, concentration and greed, they play important roles in determining your payouts.

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