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Slots modes depending on the type of your session

Slots modesThis is a second part of the article what is beyond of slots at the online casino. I conditionally divided the online slots modes into:

Slot modes which can be activated

  • Basic mode 1 called "fat ass". In this mode, you create a temporary bank, except that here only your betting rates play a role. Why?
    Reason 1. Slot in trouble! When the machine has given a large amount, recently it needs to restore some balance or return some funds to the central network bank. Roughly speaking, until the players distribute a certain minimum, the machine won't pay any further wins. (play at our highly recommended online casino - Fastpay, 100% trust!)
    Reason 2. You recently took away a lot of money saved on the server, and you want to take away even more? You get that only after you spend the won amount or even more. Bonus features in this mode generally aren't triggered, and they are fruitless. But it also happens that once you have worked long and hard to fill in the slot to finally hit a grand "prize". Lucky! At first, the slot won't give you anything, but as the time passes and you have filled the machine with lots of cash, the situation on the slot changes alongside the balance in the main pot. But this is a dangerous regime because there have been instances where players poured several thousand Euro to the machine without winning a cent. I, personally, have once in this mode spent around 1,000 spins before eventually hitting a bonus with several zeros.
  • Basic mode 2, named "Drain and return". In this mode, you first spending resources and then you return all your bets. The temporary bank receives almost the entire amount of stakes, but your main bank receives zero or only a little. The reasons are the same as in mode 1. Hitting a bonus happens very rarely. If you play for a more extended period, the session may turn into mode 3.
  • Basic mode 3, named "Something to give". This is when your temporary bank receives a small amount of money from the central bank and issues it to you. In a way, this means you're lucky. Typically, one or a couple of good bonus rounds are triggered during mode 3. If you're willing to spin the reels some more, then a transition to mode 4 may happen.
  • Basic Mode 4, named "Make a millionaire!". Almost from the basic mode 4 spins you immediately win a large sum, and nearly every spin pays a prize. One by one good bonus comes your way, or you may even hit one mega-bonus. This is a fast "drift!". Some of the slots that have a speedy return such as Space Wars and Starburst, in this mode, can fill your bankroll relatively quickly. But if you're playing for high stakes, even in this mode, you must have enough balance to hit the big win!

Bonus games modes

  • Bonus game modesThe bad bonus. The slot can generate simple scatter combinations. That is why, purely by chance fall three of scatters (on average once every 50-200 spins, depends on the slot). The slot transmits commands to the RNG - mode "bonus 1", let's pay! Instantly, the RNG gives x5, but also sometimes it gives zero.
  • The good bonus. A generation of good bonuses also exists, but they appear rarely. When you started the slot, and it was able to connect you to a large already played sum, it tells itself - trigger a bonus mode. At that moment the slot can give you a lot, and the bonus games will be activated one by one. Moreover, these won't be just pure generations of scatters.
  • An added bonus (for example, the drops feature on Immortal Romance). Same thing. The simple generation of drops that are responsible for the message sent to the RNG not to give money. Alternatively, a large number of orders may tell the slot - give the amount of "bonus 2" mode.

How much it can pay:

  • How much can a slot give? A billion? Have you ever wondered what the slot payout limit is? Well, the limit is imposed on the network bank, just like the one found at Microgaming casinos. I do not know the current policies, but it used to be like this: you pay a certain amount per month; you get a specific limit on all slots, and at the end of the reporting period there's a mutual settlement of the both. Every moment the situation can change, and the maximum amount can be limited to deposits flooded into the network in general. Although, it is not hard to learn these policies since you can leave a request on Microgaming's site and they will contact you and explain them to you. I also know that casinos can pay an additional amount (part of the profits) to the balance of your network operator so that players can win more; but who's going to do such a thing? Probably some serious online casino operator. You also can set a certain limit on a slot or ask the operator to rewrite its limits manually. I remember one time in the casino someone took a large sum from one of the popular slot and the following 3 nights it stupidly ate all money paying nothing. Once the masses started complaining to the management the situation instantly improved. Although I recently heard an opinion that NetEnt slots limits can be manually changed, I cannot answer for this thesis since it's only a guess.
  • Demo mode slots. The generation without adaptation. In general, the demo mode does not reflect the real state of affairs, and the demo is a demo. In scripted casinos where billions of demo credits go into slots banks, while they do not have slots adaptation in general, you can win millions!


The adaptation of the slots and surveillance. As was already mentioned, slots adapt to you, creating a particular session based on the overall situation of the network bank and the slot situation (how much was withdrawn/taken) as well as based on much you won. Let me tell you more:

  • Microgaming. Pretty loyal to the "drifts", even if it paid you something you can expect the next day to win some more, even on the same slot; although, there's always the risk of this not happening. However, this platform is also capable of doing the opposite thing as well. Nevertheless, the general rule is that Microgaming gives super-mega-multiplier much less than Netent, so it's more loyal in return.
    Although, a single spin in Microgaming can give so much higher winnings, than a single spin on NetEnt slots (DOA slot does not count).
  • Netent. A more severe. It gives "drifts" more often than Microgaming but then forgets about good bonuses until it returns to the network at least the amount spent during the last drift. Netent's great love will follow you in other institutions too. After a good "skid" in another institution by NetEnt, it's necessary to hide if you haven't "slept" there before.
  • Quickspin. While talking about these slots in the article, I can't continue without adding a few words about Quickspin. The company entered the market, in my opinion, to get the players' money. They have developed the beautiful slots that run smoothly and ... give players hell :) sad bonuses of 10-20x are the norm. So, because of the beauty of these slots casinos earn huge profits and drain players with minimal returns. Mathematics on these slots isn't logical and its set to lean towards the house (by the manufacturer). With such nasty returns, these slots don't need to be drained, or they need to be drained only a little. I don't know where hundreds of my spins went, so I warn you: be careful with these slots!

Here's another adaptation secret. Slots can respond to your balance. This is often clearly visible on Microgaming slots. For example, imagine a situation where the remaining amount is coming to an end and remains the round sum (or zero); for example, a balance of 10,150 Euro. So, while you play this 150 Euro, the slot will often give you small gains, and constantly it will trigger bonuses. Once the threshold is overcome (let's say 9,999) – the slot dies and comes to life again when you'll have 9,150 :)

Know more

  • The difference in slots. One slot can pay a lot (for example, the slot DOA), while others may give only small payments. Why is that? Here the point is the top values of various winning combinations. One slot can generate a massive amount at ones, while others make only small winnings, but far more often.
  • The refunds. Slots can (optionally) return a quick loss. If you filled a lot of money rather quickly on one slot, then, after some time this amount (plus/minus) can be returned on another slot of the same network. That is, the money from your last session will be transferred to a different slot.
    By the way, after you got a refund on the other slot, don't come back on the slot where you lost the cash first! Returning the money won't be possible on another slot this time.
    By the way, here's an example to support the case. I spent a significant amount of money playing a slot at one casino. The deposit was no longer there, and I went to another casino, where on the same slot as soon as I started playing I won back almost the exact amount of the money lost at the first casino! Is it a coincidence? :)
  • Interception rates: Microgaming. If you play for 10 Euro and decently fill up the temporary bank and, suddenly, comes a player who plays at rates above yours the slot can take away your bank and give it to the player. If, on the other hand, any player has filled the machine with 500 Euro or more and left, this amount will be available to win on low rates of just a few hours later. Netent: Can select bets of small players in favour of High Rollers and High Roller stake at the benefit of small players, but within reasonable limits; this isn't something that happens too often.
  • The management of slots. Panels provided by operators can minimally control slots. There usually is visible statistics and configuration of free spin shares. On the other hand, the return of the slots cannot be adjusted.
  • Jackpots. Everything is simple. The Jackpot is won when a certain amount of funds is generated, and a certain amount of spins is completed after the last win. I don't know someone who scored a grand jackpot, but it seems there are often such wins at casinos. 90% of the jackpot Network is paid by the network and the rest 10% by the casino; this is a well-known fact (sometimes there may be differences in the conditions), and therefore casino rules generally stipulate that the jackpot is not subject to different restrictions on payments.
  • The roulette. The same bank controls the scripted casino roulette as slots. There won't be money; even though you've bet 100 times on black - 100 times the ball will land on red. In modern casino, roulette is controlled the same way slots are; in fact, roulette can be considered, in a way, a slot.
  • Live Roulette. Here you can see other players and you play against them. Ball also appears on these games where necessary, as the system generates a spin! And that's how it's done, even though nobody knows. By the way, there are often erroneous spins when the ball doesn't fall in the right slot. Recently, I saw the system didn't pay a screen on which the ball went to the wrong place and hence winnings. Instantly, there was an "Erroneous spin" message on the playing screen. How the dispute with the casino ended isn't followed.
  • Card Games. They work on the same principle as slots and online roulette. How do they differ from the slots? They don't. They have the same adaptive generation of "can give/can't give." By the way, we have never seen the dealer in real life get a blackjack with a new deck of cards? :)
  • Fair Roulette. The only honest Roulette is Roulette with the MD5 feature, where you can compare the hash to check out the randomness. However, this doesn't mean that you will win forever! You won't be allowed to do so by the balance of the universe (there can't be imbalance) :) You guessed the red 10 times, but you cannot escape? Afterwards, you cannot guess the black 10 times in a row. And then zero is hit :) To rise on roulette is possible only in the short term.
  • Poker. I read an article that one room was caught showing VIP players in tournaments the face-down cards of casual players. One of my friends said: "imagine, there is a player Bob, who plays high stakes against a player Peter who registered yesterday and today made his first deposit. Which one of them do you think will reach the final table with a prize of one million Euros?" :) How poker rooms work we can only guess!
  • Play all table games for free


In general, slots networks logic can be described as follows: 10 people flood on 1,000 Euro each. Eventually, one player wins 10,000 Euro (in fact, a little less because of the commission), while the rest get zero :) The system from the 10 players randomly draws the winner. At casinos with high traffic of players, the atmosphere is livelier regarding winnings than at sites where no one plays. However, sometimes unpopular casinos surprise as well.

Where to play?

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