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How to win at Georgie Porgie

How to win at Georgie Porgie video slotWould you like to immerse into childhood, the time while your mom was reading different childish poems, it is the excellent and carefree moments in your life. So possibly you read the poem “Georgie Porgie”, and the topic of this game is dedicated to this masterpiece, even design was created in such a way, in different kisses and hearts. We are sure that now the red-haired George will help the player in such a desired reward, a lot of bonuses and of course break the jackpot. And we will give you a lot of useful information. Moreover, you are being waited for many significant prize payments, of course, you need to listen to our advice.

We have prepared only proven strategies that will tell you how to win at Georgie Porgie slot. Below you will find a detailed description of each method that influences the number of rewards in this online slot machine. Pay attention to the tip of the tester. Our expert suggests using simple ways to increase the number of winnings. Also, we want to say that it will be hard for you to resist such a sweet and cute slot machine.

Personal testers opinion

Georgie Porgie slot could immerse me in my childhood, I am fond of poems, and it is cool that this game is based on this poem. In my opinion, it is such a funny story, where a player can become acquainted with an amazing young man who engages in sticking to other people's girls. The unusual and bright slot is guaranteed to bring a lot of positive emotions, pleasure and of course money, despite not so high percentage, you can do it right now. Having tested this slot machine, I can confidently give you some tips on how to win at Georgie Porgie slot machine.

Although the maximum bet in the slot is only 14 coins, do not put so much. You will need to pay attention to the lower stakes. The probability of winning more prizes will increase if you put 7 coins on the spin. This lucky number makes it possible to get good winnings without risking your deposit. At such a bet, you will be able to recoup and increase the bankroll quickly. And the probability of launching free spins will increase significantly. With the help of my tip, you can break the jackpot in 97 500 coins. Sounds so tempting please do not miss your chance to feel such emotions, when you can be the winner, do not imagine, you need to act to achieve your goal. Good luck!

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot

  • Volatility is 6,58 out of 20 (average).
  • Cycle length is average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 4,40 out of 10.
  • The frequency of falling of the bonus is statistically every 147 spins.
  • The probability of activating bonus free games is 0,68%.
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 32,12%.
  • Distribution of the winnings is 79% in the main game and 21% in the bonus.
  • The maximum payout during the tests is 233x.
  • The average winning from the bonus is 31x.
  • RTP of 95.97% does not allow getting a positive mathematical expectation at a casino.

Secrets of the slot machine

  • 7 coins for a spin. The most profitable strategy of the game from all the secrets of Georgie Porgie slot machine is the right bet. In this slot, the most optimal is the bet, which has medium sizes. It is better to put 7 coins on one spin. So you can win and spend more time playing the game.
  • Free rounds. In the free spin mode, all winnings are automatically multiplied by an additional factor x5. You only need to wait for their activation, as it is impossible to influence the probability of launching free spins.
  • Risk game. If you want to win, it will be better not to risk big payments. And you should not try to guess the suit of a closed card. The probability of getting a payout multiplied by a factor of x4 is very low. It is a little recipe for success.
  • Wild symbol. You had better pay attention to the wild symbol. It multiplies all the winnings with his participation by the additional multiplier x5, and if the wild symbol completes any combination of symbols in free spin mode, the payout will multiply by x25. It is this symbol that gives the maximum rewards. But it falls out extremely rarely, and it is impossible to influence it.
  • Limitations on payments. We advise that you always remember that after giving out a big win slot does not give high-paid combinations, so it is better to reduce the bet or stop the game. It will also be recommended completing the game process if the bankroll is doubled.
  • Pause and loss. If your balance on the account is rapidly decreasing, then it will be better to pause. If you lose more than 20% of the amount that was on the deposit before the start of the game process, you must end the game. If you play further, you will lose even more. You can reread these essential secrets because they will be helpful for you.

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