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How to win at Warlords Crystals of Power

How to win at Warlords Crystals of PowerIf you are a fan of computer strategies, you will not miss the exciting novelty from NetEnt Company, created on motives on Warlords game. Only here, carried away by special effects, do not forget that you, like in a computer game, came here for the victory. And, therefore, it is time to learn how to win at Warlords Crystals of Power Slot. You cannot deny the fact that throughout the whole gaming session you will enjoy a quality product. This is one of those slots that with our main characters and the subtle animation, the exciting game solutions attract our attention from the very beginning. This slot machine will make you spend at least a few hours in the game.

Our testers, which spinning the reels a huge number of times, of course, will tell you how to win at this game. In my opinion, not every outcome of the spin depends on luck. It is worth relying on both tactics, and on the positive mathematical expectation of winning, and on specific features that this slot has. You should read the materials below, and you will not have questions about what strategy to use to achieve a positive result at the end of the game session. During the game, users are being waited for unforgettable adventures in a fantasy world, in which there is a struggle for the magical wealth of the universe. The symbols of the game are warriors and animals. All of them are drawn very qualitatively, in detail and so harmoniously look on the reels, that from the screen it is impossible to look away. According to the company's developers, the slot will be especially liked by fans of fantasy.

Personal testers opinion

The slot is just a champion on one scatter on the second reel. During the testing, we caught about 300 times the situation in which dropped out one scatter symbol without further amplification. You should note that the cycle in this slot machine tends to lengthen, and if for the first time you play with the medium cycle, then after 1000-3000 spins it will become long. At once, the several opportunities to activate a free spin give a good chance of big winning. You can start the game with the small bets and, if you see that the fortune is on your side, you can gradually increase them. By the way, I advise you always to use the recommendations, how to win at Warlords Crystals of Power slot machine.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

  • PaytableVolatility is 6,99 out of 20 (from average to high).
  • Cycle length is from average to long.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 4,76 out of 10.
  • The frequency of triggering the bonus feature is statistically every 152nd spin (0.66%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 33,29%.
  • Distribution of the winnings is 70% in the usual spins and 30% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum winning during the tests was 861x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 47x.
  • RTP of 96.89% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.

Secrets of the slot

All known battles were won by those generals who, it is true, identified the strategy for the forthcoming battle and did not rely only on the will of the case. Our situation is no different. Before you go to conquer slots, do not forget to read the information below from our testers on how to win at Warlords Crystals of Power slot machine and get your moment of glory.

  • By dedicating ourselves entirely to the game, with the help of free mode, we managed to quickly find out that it is still possible to win in this slot machine.
  • You should try to influence the outcome of the battle, and you can experiment with the bets while changing the denomination of coins and change the cyclicality of the slot.
  • The game is given the opportunity to win 1,000,000 coins in just one spin. The most significant winnings will come to you during the free spin.
  • Just note the scatter symbols. On the reels of the slot is involved immediately three scatters, which significantly increase our chances of launching the free spins.
  • Having received only two scatter symbols, we activated bonuses that allowed us, with the help of extra chances, to get the third scatter, and with it to get to the desired free spin.
  • At each spin, theoretically, we had a chance to accidentally launch the Wild Overlay function, through which symbols can turn into the wild signs and help to form a pay combination. We found out that on average it took us 50-75 rounds, and the results were mixed. But, when the result turned out to be positive, it brought the generous payouts.
  • We will not recommend a specific bet size for you. However, we advise you to adhere to this question of this proportion: 1 \ 500 from your balance. Our tip is to play very carefully so that you will not lose all your money quickly.
  • Your entire strategy should be subordinated only to one - to make the most effective use of the existing bonus functions and launch the free spins. Just in them is hidden all the winning potential of the slot machine.
  • The base game, in the presence of such an abundance of additional bonus options, it does not foresee the issue receive of large winnings in advance, since during it the slot will accumulate a prize fund for subsequent hand out.
  • To defeat all enemies and find those most bonus games will take some time depending on in what a state is the slot machine.
  • You will need a sufficient supply of money on the account to complete the whole cycle and wrestle for a positive balance at the end of the game session.
  • During the main round, you will see a certain reduction in the budget, although it will be supported by random average wins and activation of the Wild Overlay function.
  • By the way, do not forget about the cautious manner of playing, but still sometimes try changing the bet, finding its optimal size.
  • In one of the game sessions, we got a big winning (€ 101.50) during the main round, putting only € 3.75.
  • Watch for the different scatter symbols, because when they appear, it can begin a battle between two generals. After the victory of one of them, we received in any case, the several attempts free to twist reels of the slot in the hope of getting the third scatter. If it could not be done, then we were given an instant money prize. An approximate ratio will be for every three battles, one launch of free spin.
  • In the testing process, it became clear to us that the biggest wins come during the free spins with multipliers. By the way, each colour of the scatter has its own set of bonus games.
  • Throughout the whole distance, they drop out almost evenly, without obvious distortions in either direction. Hardly more often, we had a red flag, a little more rarely - blue.
  • Having tried each of the scatter symbols in work, we can say that the most exciting thing for us was the green flag of the priestess. With its help, we activated the bonus spins with some large multipliers and could repeatedly collect a pay combination consisting of three highly paid symbols. We had a maximum multiplier of x8, and the winning was over x120 of our total bet.
  • We drew attention to something that such battles are infrequent, unfortunately, but when this happens, you will have plenty of adrenaline, as well as a good winning.
  • Overlay Wilds function has three different options that are launch randomly. The most frequent guest on our observations is the option "Priestess", which brings from 2 to 5 wild symbols.
  • Launch the straight free spins will not be easy. It takes an average of 150 to 220 spins. The second way to make it more quickly is to organise a battle between generals and receive through it the third symbol of scatters.

Tips and recommendation for bonuses

Even though NetEnt has equipped a game with many bonus options, you will not need your participation in any of them. All of them are launched automatically. Therefore, you can only hope and believe in your bright star and sympathy for your slot machine.

As for the recommendations, they will be like that. Note that not every time and not every bonus function can bring the huge winnings. To receive a good result, you need to launch the free spin at least twice. Only in case, if the round turned out to be successful, it will be worth stopping and not closing the slot until next time. Having identified the approximate number of rounds which you need to launch the free spins, you can increase by this time slightly the value of the bet and play for a larger amount, then return to the starting position again.

During one of the series of free spins, we put € 3.74 and got three wild symbols. As a result of this round, we succeeded to win € 201.78 and reach a positive total of € 168. Another time, we tested the slot, playing at a bet of € 0.30, and activated the free spins «Samurai». We had 7 wild symbols and for 5 spins, in the end, won € 75. Thus, to get good winning, you do not need to risk significant sums at all. The worst results were got during the ruthless free spins, and the size of the bet did not affect the situation.

You can play Warlords Crystals of Power slot in following Netent casinos

Become part of an unusual strategy and take part in the battle with Lords of War, you can see immediately in the several online casinos. Well, the prize bonuses will help you realise how to win at Warlords Crystals of Power slot machine without compromising your real money.

  • By choosing TTR casino, you can receive the winnings within 15 minutes.
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