How to win at Cleopatra

How to win at the Cleopatra video slotHave you ever dreamt about visiting Ancient Egypt and getting to know the secrets of Cleopatra? Exactly right now you can achieve your results. To make a trip to Ancient Egypt, one cannot rely solely on your luck or the will of chance. You can get a lot of pleasant moments only if you properly study the strengths and weaknesses of the slot, as well as correctly dispose of its available functionality.

Furthermore, here you will get acquainted with the topic of the game, with Cleopatra, the last queen of Hellenistic Egypt from Macedonian dynasty of Ptolemies. As you know, she is glorified by the dramatic love story of Roman commander Mark Antony. During her reign, Egypt was conquered by Rome, Cleopatra herself committed suicide, so as not to become a prisoner of Octavian. Cleopatra has become one of the most famous antique characters in movies and literary works. That`s why our developers turned to this theme and created such an exciting game.

Then you will not have a question on how to win at Cleopatra slot. We strongly recommend learning useful information from our testers, which they have prepared on this page specifically for you. Let`s start our introduction!

Personal testers opinion

I cannot say that Cleopatra slot is the ideal and super exciting game, but I like it when my game balance can be replenished with a tidy sum in an instant. I broke the jackpot many times, but it was difficult to stop. That`s why I advise you that you can stop at an appropriate moment. Also, I note that this slot is suitable for both users with limited budgets and high rollers. I have repeatedly had great winning, as for the minimum, and the average or maximum stake.

There is a relationship between the size of the bet and the return of the machine. High stakes can give you more massive winnings, but also the risk is high. Moreover, it is worth waiting for free spins, but if you happen to have an acceptable win during the usual spins, then you will not chase after big. I think I can recommend this slot for playing for the real money. And one of the essential things is the incredibly sparkling and breath-taking design which you will estimate for sure, do not waste your time and try it immediately.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Secrets of the slot machine

It is essential to know how to win at Cleopatra and what strategy to consider optimal. Not everyone can cope with it independently; therefore, we suggest below to get acquainted with the observations we received during the multiple testing of the game:

  • Changing the nominal value of the coins, and accordingly, the size of the bet led to a change in the length of the cycle. The higher stake was, the shorter the cycle became, but the risk of losing markedly increased;
  • During the usual spins, the slot is evenly distributed as full and the empty spins. The pay combinations fall out with an average frequency. Most of them are not too big, but from time to time you can win more than €100 with the bet of €1 per line or €30 per round;
  • Due to the balance, you have an excellent chance to play the game, both in the usual spins successfully, and, having reached with a small loss of up to 15 free spins, where you try not only to restore the lost but also to reach the final plus;
  • To complete the full cycle, you will need to have a stock of the funds on the account and be patient. We recommend using a short-term strategy, which should result in a net gain of €100 with minimal risk;
  • If you have sufficient funds at your disposal, you should take a chance and play at the bets of 5 coins or €100. Here we also got excellent results. It sounds great, is not it? During free spins our winning was €4790;
  • During the testing, we noticed that free spins are launched much more often at a higher stake;
  • In principle, getting good winning is real not only at the expense of free spin but also in the usual spins;
  • During the usual spins, we never managed to get the winning exceeding the bet by 100 times, but with the help of free spins this happened to us more than once;
  • I would like more from Frisbee. At least 5-7 spins turn out to be empty, which is a bit too much for us, but at the expense of a tripled multiplier this is not too noticeable;
  • The declared percentage of payments is achieved to a greater extent just by launching the function of free spins.

How to use the bonus features

Unfortunately, only bonus spins are available among the bonus features for players that are triggered when three or more scatter symbols appear with an additional multiplier of x3. The direct participation from you is not required here, so there is nothing to discuss.

IGT casino

  • In a gambling house, Royal Panda casino is always happy to new players, and therefore they are offered a welcome bonus of $100. You can easily start the weekend with a pleasant and get on Friday the bonus of up to $150. Weekly for all active players, a 50% reload bonus is offered, allowing you to return some of the lost money.

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