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How to win money at an online casino?

How to win money at the Netent casino
What strategy can be used for online casino? How do you ensure that you are not to be excluded from bonuses and promotions? The casino must earn money - this postulate is unchanged.

But if the same player regularly wins cash with the help of bonuses and promotions, in this situation the owner of the casino will exclude such player from all promotions.

How to earn at the casino

There are several ways to make a profit in the online casino. We have discovered and tested them ourselves. These methods cannot guarantee anything, but it will significantly increase your chances of big winning.

Testing the "mood" of the slot

On our site, you can test the slot machines in free demo mode. We have several recommendations for identifying the "mood" of the machine. These methods will save you a lot of money and help to choose only "warm" slot machines. Find out more on the following page:

We use bonuses

Developers create their slots in the way that the mathematical expectation of winning should always be negative for players. But you can reverse it with the help of bonuses and promotions. You need to choose bonuses with wagering requirements below 40x and slots with RTP (return to player percentage) more than 97%. Learn more about this on the following page:

The usage of the above link helps players to have an advantage over the casino up to 1.5%.

Application of the specific recommendations

How to win money at Netent casino?
In the description of each slot, you can find hidden data: volatility, the probability of triggering "the bonus features" and personal feedback of the tester. For many popular slots, specific pages with a prefix "How to win" are created. For example:


Suppose you have €200. The money is on a Visa card. We propose the following plan:

  • Choose a casino with a maximum welcome bonus with wagering requirements 40x (and below). As lower wagering requirements, more advantage:
  • Choose the section "Where to play" then choose a casino that has "Trust rating" 8+ and fits your payment method.
    For example, Royal Panda casino offers 100% up to €100 welcome bonus with wagering requirements 35х.
  • Deposit Royal Panda casino €100 and get €100 extra on your account as bonus money with €3500 wagering requirements (35x100).
  • Test the slot machines in the free mode on our website and identify which of them are warm (ready to pay) now.
  • Carefully study the article about getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning. These are the slots with high RTP (return to player percentage): Jackpot 6000 (98.86%), Blood Suckers (98%) and Kings of Chicago (97.5%).
  • Put a stake of €1 (based on 200 bets on the account balance) per single spin. If 50 total bets are lost - change the machine to another one.
  • After completing wagering requirements for this bonus, cash-out to your Visa card and make a new deposit to another casino with a new welcome bonus. This simple strategy will significantly increase your chances of winning money in the Netent casino. Good luck!

Where to play

  • Fastpay casino pays money to payment systems and bank cards within a few minutes.

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