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The stretch cycles of winning at slots

The stretch cycles of winning at Netent slots
A payout percentage (RTP) is an important data in any slot, but if you have only this figure, you cannot see the complete picture. For example, a payout percentage of 96% means that you will win (on average) €96 of €100 lost, but. What number of spins needed to fulfil this statistic? 100 spins, 1000 or several million? For this value meets the cycle length. In turn, the speed of passage of the entire cycle through is in the prize pool, which is formed by all players who play selected slot machine. Some slots have stretching cycle, which depends on how long the players are making bets. It is about the phenomenon stretchable loops at the slots and will be discussed in this article.

How does stretching cycle of winning work?

It should be noted that stretchable cycles are very subtle psychological move. You may have noticed that after registering at a new online casino (non-network), you are winning more often when first playing at the slot. It is from here spread the information that the new account is the way to win at the online casino. This phenomenon is associated not with the new account, but with the phenomenon of stretching cycles of many slots. For a better understanding of the material, we recommend you to get familiar with the concepts of classifying players by online casino software.

For example, playing at the slot for the first time (after registering in a new casino), the first 1000 spins you play in the slot with a very short cycle of winning. It is a kind of beginner bonus. After you've made 1000 spins, for example, the cycle lengthens and becomes the average length. After 5,000 spins you play at the slot already with a long cycle and the same volatility.

What the provider uses this technique for?

If you analyse the psychological component of the stretchable phenomenon cycles in slots, the reasons become obvious. The main purpose of the online casino is to interest a new player and make him believe that he can win a lot of real money. Agree that if the player makes a deposit of €1000 and will lose it without any big wins, then the probability of new deposits tends to zero.


First of all, from the described concept slots with a very long cycle are excluded. Do not wait for the beginner's bonus from these slot machines. The examples of exceptions are:

How to use?

Keep in mind the information, and it will be much easier to explain the behaviour of the software and try to predict its changes. Try to play slots with high volatility, but without the longest cycles once after registering in a new casino.

Where to play?

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