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History of Roulette

History of Roulette
There is information about the place and date of occurrence of the Roulette hidden under layers centuries. You don't even know the approximate time of its appearance, according to various sources roulette story has a few hundred years to millennia. The reason for these discrepancies is that many religious, mystical rituals and play using the principle of rotating or stationary disc to put on the symbols or images, which during the ritual process should identify the shooter or drop lots, has long been known for many ancient peoples and civilisations.

Even in ancient Rome of Emperor Augustus used for divination device consisting of a rotating on a vertical pin circular disk on which they cast lots. In ancient Greece, for the same purpose, the round shield mounted on the blade of the sword. North American Indians used for divination rotating in a painted on the ground motionless laptop with an arrow. Therefore, the question is where the history began Roulette remains open.

Accordingly, the number of countries and peoples, claiming the exclusive right of authors of this great game is much more. Separate the wheat from the chaff and find the truth among the many rumours, legends and fiction are complicated. You don't set the task of giving a definitive answer to the question, consider the most common version of the history of the invention and spread through the world of Roulette.

The first version. Or "Chinese footprint."

Chinese Footprint
According to this version the principle of the roulette game came about a thousand years ago in ancient China, the game is trendy among the Tibetan monks. On the playing field is divided into a circular shape 666 squares located on the Rim of the circle placed 37 figures of various animals. Unfortunately, except for the approval of the extraordinary popularity of this game in the archives did not survive. The story of this Roulette smoothly flows into another era and another state. Ostensibly the idea of the game took over the monks of the Dominican Order, where it is undergoing some changes, became very much like a modern roulette. The changes affect this figure. Some animals from 0 to 36 have been replaced, placed on the edge of a rotating wheel.

Second version. Or "From France with Love"

French Version
That is the second version of the history of a roulette gambling. It was in the seventeenth century in France. With a light hand of Cardinal Cardinal Mazarin in Paris beginning to open gambling houses. They played the first version of the modern Roulette - a game "Hawk." The principle of the game is as follows: a gaming table is a circle with a 40-hole golf course, each of which was assigned a number. In the centre of the ring is the axis of rotation of a wheel with spokes, between which is a small ball game.

During the wheel's spin, the ball moves down to the spokes in a circle and falls into the hole. Three wells of the forty designated as "zero", respectively, when the ball got to the fields marked with this symbol, the win went gambling establishments, which naturally gave the last fabulous profits. Casinos generously replenished the treasury, which was brilliant for the maintenance of Louis XIV and his court. According to numerous eyewitnesses, Mazarin didn't forget his welfare and was known as the wealthiest man in the state.

According to another legend, the history of the modern Roulette began with the ancient game - "even-odd" or as it is called in France - "Bull." A distinctive feature of this version of the game was that instead of a spinning wheel in her use still, like a big vat, the bowl game field with markings on the inner surface. Forty-holes on the surface of the bowl were numbered from 1 to 40 and were painted in two colours. In case of the contact with the ball on the even numbers the player wins, and in the fact of the odd prize went gambling establishments.

A by-product or "The role of the case in the history of roulette."

Pascal's role in the history of Roulette as the most common and popular version of Roulette public appearance presented is that the mathematician Blaise Pascal in 1655 during work on the creation of perpetual motion, conducted experiments with a rotating wheel and a ball on it. Scientists have created the perpetual motion machine failed. Still, the laurels of the inventor of the game of the roulette wheel, the primary attribute distinguish this game from others, firmly capped head of the famous scientist.

Another legend about the participation of Pascal in the history of Roulette is that has already been removed from the world of the monastery; the great mathematician solved the problem of the probability of the winning at the lotto with 36 tickets. He applied his knowledge to the modernisation of the roulette wheel, bringing it to the state which to this day is the primary attribute of this great gambling. It is in the form of Roulette brightened the life of the monks of France, and that of the monasteries is fun about 1655 turned into a secular salon of high society, becoming the secular game and Queen of Paris casino. Who is spied idea, and who first described the new rules of the gambling forever left behind the scenes of the official history of Roulette. However, it is assumed that it is from this time began the triumphant march of "the queen of the gambling" around the world.

There are a lot less favourite stories of origin roulette. According to some reports, there are a few other games of chance in which one form or another has been used "Wheel of Pascal." Unfortunately, except for names, we could not find any information about them. It's games like Raleigh-Poly, Reiner, Ace of Hearts and Rollinia. Finally, at the end of the eighteenth century, about 1765, in Paris, there was a game called Roulette, which translated from French means little wheel. This option is considered to be the first French roulette new, modern sample.

Further development of Roulette was a famous institution Perrin brothers. The casino of the natives of Lyon players roulette for the first time had the opportunity to bet on odd and even numbers on a dozen columns and zero. Wedge - wedge or "Police trace in the history of the roulette wheel."

Policeman mark in the history of Roulette

Police Mark
According to his public version, leading role in the history of the promotion of Roulette belongs to the criminal police of the city of Paris. France XVIII century busted card tricksters, and in his desperate struggle with them, the chief of the French police Gabriel de Sartin in 1765 offered a somewhat original way. By the currently available desktop gaming, he developed a simple and entertaining game of chance - roulette is extremely popular as an alternative to the time card games.

The main idea was to minimise the risk of cheating players, minimising all the game manipulation. Everything should be the servants of the occasion and do not depend on the human factor. And Roulette was to distract the players, excluding them meeting with the scammers. The idea worked, the game quickly gained popularity, significantly improving the crime situation in the country. This version is quite right to exist, especially in the promotion of Roulette. It is possible that the French police used appeared new gambling as a lesser evil compared to the maps created for her the most favourable conditions.

There is some confusion as to whether a first zero roulette's sectors. Somehow, there is a perception that the first Roulette them didn't have until the mid-nineteenth century roulette. Some researchers have linked the growing popularity of Roulette with this fact. However, it should be noted that information about the presence or absence of zero on the slot wheels of those years are so contradictory that it is impossible to say anything definite. In the novel "La Roulette, ou le Jour", which was written at the end of the XVIII century, described Roulette with zero and double zero. In our view, it is possible that different institutions offer their versions of Roulette: one, two or no zero.

Thus, ends the period of French history roulette. It is in this form, this game has won great popularity among fans of the gambling, and by the mid-nineteenth century, a no more or less respectable gambling house in Western Europe and could not imagine their existence without this game. Last conversion French Roulette had undergone in the middle of the XX century when it was introduced by the so-called "right to surrender": In case of contact with the ball on the sector "zero", the player loses only half the rate.

Mystical version or "sell your soul to the devil ..."

Mystical Version
So, the classical form of Roulette became widespread in Europe and its colonies in the New World had 38 sectors with numbers from 1 to 36 and two additional sector, "zero" and "double zero", the purpose of which is to establish the benefits of the gambling institution. However, in 1843 it once again subjected to modernisation. This time it was the brothers Francois and Louis Blanc. Wanting to get rid of the competition, they are presented to the players of the German spa town of Bad Homburg roulette wheel which had only one sector of "0". This version of the game has dramatically increased the chances of the winning, which, naturally, could not affect his popularity.

The old version of Roulette has suffered a fiasco, and the gambling establishment enterprising brothers became so successful that gave rise to many rumours that Francois Blanc made a deal with the devil to sell him his soul for the secret of Roulette. These rumours could not attract the attention that an even greater extent contributed to the growth in popularity. Competitors, gritting his teeth, were forced to follow the example of the brothers' Blanc not to lose customers. Thus, began a new period in the history of Roulette in which the advantage of the gambling house has been reduced to a single zero. Presents no doubt that the brothers began to form themselves distributes devilish stories to attract visitors to your home game. However, the indisputable fact is that the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel is 666, that according to the Western Christian tradition serves traditional handshake with the devil.

Roulette in the "New World"

New World
Historical facts 1789 French Revolution broke out. Start of bloody terror spawned a broad wave of emigration, flooding in the French colonies of the New World. In an attempt to escape from the horrors of the French nobility directory fled en masse in New Orleans. Together with them, moved overseas and Roulette. Hence, she began the winning streak on the American continent, first moved to Mississippi, and then crossed the Wild West, continuing along with the settler's triumphant march toward the Pacific Ocean. Start of "Gold Rush" in California in 1848 was the best time for flourishing roulette business.

Miners, fabulously rich in a few months or even weeks, looking for entertainment, which they could spend their relatively easily earned dollars, and the most popular entertainment has become a gamble. The number of casinos has increased dramatically, gambling, they offered a lot of, but none of them could not be compared with a tape measure where you could watch that for hours, as the ball jumps on the wheel, in a moment deciding you won or lost.

At the same time attracted the Americans and that the rules of the roulette game are elementary. Still, the winning or losing depended, at first glance only from personal luck, that was very important among the miners, all activities which depended exclusively on the case. Landlords American gaming establishments were much greedier their European counterparts and therefore came up with its version of the roulette wheel 28 numbers instead of 36 and as many as three sectors, allows the banker to take stakes players: zero, double zero and American Eagle. Casino revenues have grown, and Roulette has written in his story a new line. However, an enterprising American organiser of the gambling caused outrage players rightly believes that in such a house edge over the player is too large. Gradually Roulette in the United States began to make another version with 36 numbers and two zeros.

The Modern Period

It is because of its simplicity and clarity roulette very quickly conquered the world. Gradually acquired a habitual roulette today look and multiple popular versions of the game. American Roulette (which still has two "zero"), French Roulette (one has a "zero" on a roll which is the rule "prison", the player loses half the bet), European (one has a "zero") Roulette Bull (it does not "zero"). As you know, progress is not in place and step into the future of technology by leaps and bounds. Already in the seventies of the twentieth century began to electronic sensors to control the movement of the roulette wheel, providing greater transparency and preventing unfair actions by casino employees.

A long year of Roulette is the most popular form of entertainment in the casino, but in the second half of the XX century, slot machines pushed it on the podium. However, in our opinion, nothing can compete with the atmosphere of the roulette table: the velvet cloth, a stack of chips and a fascinating rotation of the wheel of fortune. It is impossible to imagine a casino without Roulette, for years to come, will be the main symbol of the gambling.

Online Roulette or "... passion for home delivery."

The last chapter in the history of the evolution of Roulette was the spread of gambling on the Internet and the creation of the first online casinos. For some gamblers for several reasons far preferable to enjoy the game in a homely atmosphere, you go to the actual gambling establishment. Well, what a casino without Roulette!

Virtual Roulette

Modern Roulette at Online Casino
The virtual casino (we highly recommend Fastpay) is so excited that today it is difficult to believe that playing it ever stop at all. A new step in the modern history of Roulette was its transition to the Internet. Online Roulette provides the same winning opportunities, and quality interface sites give that same mysterious atmosphere of the casino and Roulette. The casino software is only getting better, and now the complex mathematical algorithms underlying the random number generator (RNG), fully guarantee that no external factor can affect the loss of a number in a virtual roulette.

  • If you are a fan of the old school, or simply don't want to interfere in your game software, as you wish, as in the days of Pascal, to rely only on the laws of physics is at your service unit live casino.
  • The question of "how to win at roulette" has received a new meaning with the advent of online casinos. Players are available new versions of the application of long-familiar strategies of the game and some of the new, the use of which is only possible on the Internet. If desired, the strategy can be easily verified in a block of free games in the French Roulette.
  • With the advent of online casino, roulette history has entered a new phase — blurred boundaries and distances between casinos in Europe, Asia and America. Now each online visitor casino can play the game as played in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Macau and elsewhere in the world. We hope that the story doesn't end with Roulette, because of the rotation of the wheel of fortune, as the wheels of progress, and not always predictable.

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