How to win at Super Hot 7s

How to win at the Super Hot 7s video slotOur developers created the new slot - Super Hot 7s, and they would like to share their secrets how to break the jackpot but do it you can just if you read this article attentively. In the beginning, we mention that if you intend to break the biggest win from 50 thousand credits, then it will be worth listening to our advice and tips. We will tell you how to win at Super Hot 7s slot more, using simple strategy games. Each method is described in detail below, so you can safely apply in a real gameplay.

Note that the experts tested all the strategies. Also, one of the testers left a review, in which he commented on each method. Do not waste time on empty talk, rather study the articles and go to the rotation of the drums. Moreover, this game has one magic ability – it is the capability to involve the gambler in the game completely. You need to remember this fact! It is the joke, of course.

Feedback of the tester

The slot belongs to the classic slot machines. He brings fairly large awards, but very rarely. You should prepare for a long game session and choose the optimal bet. It always matches your bankroll. If you bet up to 20 coins for a spin, then luck will surely smile at you.

The main thing, as for me, it is that remember that the slot is very high volatility, so the spinning of the reels will have to spend a lot of time. But the result will be worth it. In this case, we should not forget about the limits. They help to keep a positive balance on the game account and avoid losses. It is very important to wait for the launch of free games. They are activated quite often and bring worthy rewards.

Strategies that increase the probability of launching free spins are described in the article “How to win at Super Hot 7s slot”. As for the game at risk, then be as cautious as possible with it. Do not take a lot of chances. I am convinced that my feedback will be helpful and useful because when you play at the first time, you will want to reread it. Also, I would like to add that this slot has an interesting interface and design it looks like in a real casino. It is another reason why I chose it once and wish you the same.

Important settings of the machine


  • The rate. Any gambler should remember that in the slot there is a large range of bets. So, you need to choose the right stake. It is better to bet on up to 30 coins. After all, the probability of a positive completion of a game session depends on the number of spins done. Frankly speaking, a bankroll should be sufficient for at least 200-300 spins. The more time you spend playing, the higher the chances to disrupt the main prize of 50 thousand coins. Also, remember that the bet is always 1000 times less than the amount on the game account.
  • Free backs. You can increase the frequency of activating free games if you stick to the strategy. It consists of the fact that the game is played at the same rate. Do not change its size for 50-100 spins. Wait for the activation of free games, and after their completion, leave the bet the same as it was. As a result, free spins are activated after a short period again.
  • Playing at risk. Any good spin allows you to activate the game mode for chances. You can increase any payments, but it is better not to take risks. Put on the winnings, which are less than two final bets. And the rest should be left for the main game. You can double the same prize no more than three times in a row. It is better to limit your spending in this round. After all, you can lose your winnings.
  • Restrictions. Every time you start a game session on this slot, set limits for the bankroll. It is recommended to finish the game when you receive a large prize, which increased the account balance by 30% or losing 1/3 of the bankroll. These limits allow you to save your winnings and not to lose your coins. In any case, this tactic brings results. It is so essential aspect which you should remember.
  • Having studied all the secrets of Super Hot 7s slot, you can safely check these strategies in practice. But you can do it for free by playing demo mode.

Important to remember!

  • Rates that are less than 30 coins are optimal.
  • Do not play at the highest stakes.
  • Your bankroll should be enough for at least 200-300 spins.
  • Wait for free spins to activate.
  • Free spins will often run if you play at the same rate and do not change it.
  • Do not increase large winnings and do not double them more than three times in a row.
  • Observe the limitations.

You can play at Super Hot 7s slot in following Novomatic casinos

  • During 0-23 hours Casumo casino withdraws winnings to 5,000 euros.
  • Energy casino gives all new customers a no deposit bonus.

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