Best Comeback Slots

Best Comeback SlotsThe last hope. Nope, it is not about your last chick. When all you got is an useless credit card with a zero balance, when no one will borrow you any money, then everything is quite fucked up and this problem should be solved as soon as possible. Besides all that you have to refuel, cure the tooth or even pay a debt, it is all about honor, and yet a wife to give birth to a child… Your last $100 from your pocket is definitely of no use. The addicted will not solve the problems gradually, one by one; he will do everything to get the money lost during the last months as soon as possible. And this is a really bad decision.

So, it is the time to believe in the magic of the last bucks. In such situations you got your magic — the excuse. I certainly understand it, but spending hundreds of thousands without a single break and seeing your last pennies giving you a significant amount — it is terrible!

List of slots which are best for comeback

Once I had an offline in Moscow with a couple of Euros in my pocket. I was playing here and there, and in the end I was repeatedly returning back with hundreds or even thousands. I was quite patient and the luck was on my side. If there is no money — you play differently, more carefully. I perfectly remember my bet on a lame dog with a 300 odds. 2 Euros on that dog and imagine that it made it, the crowd was f*cking surprised. I guess they still remember me. Okay, the last pennies, where to spend them? Need a chance. Most Netent and Micro games are bullshit, you will never get more than a 100 bonus multiplier and the probability of having a zero balance is quite high. Otherwise, it is a classic, a bestseller. You got two options, or your body is fucked up and just wants some sleep. Find more information about the best comeback slots below in this article.

Immortal Romance

Immortal romanceIt is a 243-line slot by Microgaming. Damn, the Fruits game is out. Such slots are quite generous, like a slut in a sauna. There is a standard gameplay. You will not be bored. You may choose between 5 bonus games, tired of one — take another. Standard dynamics, a f*cking awesome music, a hot chick in red and a vampire lover hero are ideally implemented. What else do we need? Here you will get a sudden bonus — half a screen covered in snot. Oh, the drops!!! You will be surprised twice: once when will suddenly get them and twice — when you will find out it is bullshit and they give you nothing. Below is my screenshot. That is what I got from my last 1,5 $!!! It was f*cking unreal.

On the other hand Immortal Romance can easily give several bonus rounds with 10-20x. Or 2-3 drops without any winnings. This slot likes huge single bets. Player can easily understand at what point of cycle the slot is. After that player can hit a big win or stop gambling on Immortal Romance video slot.

300 Shields

300 ShieldsNexGen software. The first thought you may have is — who are they? It is the first time you may hear about them. What products do they offer from their basement? Do they cheat? Let us have a deep look at 300 Shields. A very tedious 25-line slot, you will rarely get any combinations, and when you get them, they give you nothing. Be ready to play in a boring atmosphere, you will get some bonuses but do not expect much from them, 90% of them are empty. You may easily start 50 spins and spend your time as you like, not giving a shit what is going on there. The bonus is the only thing that may draw your attention.

You may easily get it when you reach the х300 mode. Here starts the fun. You will definitely be excited, the adrenaline level will rise, and the hands will start shaking even your cock will be quite hard. You may get so much that the owner of the casino will be forced to close it. My record is 0,5 $ х2200, that is about 1200 bucks. There were and other excuses caused by the addictive mood. Do not spend more than 2,5 $  per spin, not worthy and quite expensive, you will go broke. And remember to save some money for the bus ticket and a pack of cigarettes.

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