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Slots betting strategy

Slots betting strategy
Not everyone understands the strategy explained in the slots betting strategy. We are thus going to give an extended version, which is understandable for everyone! However, every player should understand that slot wins cannot be predicted and that 100% positive strategies do not exist (exception is getting a positive expectation of the winning). Most strategies can be applied only on a specific set of slots and probably can't be used on the majority of the rest!

Theory of betting strategy

Financial strategy for each slot:

  • 1) Fix a rate for the first session - 1% of the deposit, played on the basic rate of 25 spins if you win more than ten times start playing a new slot. If the balance remains the same or it's better or worse for a couple of bet sizes take another 25 spins. If the balance is the negative go to step 2.
  • 2) The rate for the second session should be twice the rate of the first session (2% of the initial deposit). We make 25 spins, and if we manage to build back the balance to zero (it has become equal to or greater than the balance at the beginning of the session on this slot), we start a new slot. Otherwise, proceed to step 3.
  • 3) The bet for the third session should also be doubled. The goals are the same as in the second paragraph or fight off balance by spinning the reels 10 times immediately after your balance is back to zero and go to the next slot. If the slot doesn't pay anything, you can get frustrated and move on to the next slot.
  • Please note that the bet size doesn't change if you win. For instance, if the first slot you played doubles your initial deposit, you can withdraw the money right away. However, if you decide to keep playing, then play with the original deposit only and don't double the bet size.
  • For hitting many wins with this strategy, we need low dispersion slots, which often pay between x20 and x100.

A list of recommended slots in order of preference (1 is the best and 9 is the worst, but still good)

The recommended order to play them (so to have a better chance to get to the end and even keep playing afterwards):

  • 5) Victorious
  • 9) Kings of Chicago
  • 3) Esqueleto Explosivo
  • 7) Dracula
  • 2) Foxin Wins
  • 8) Jack Hammer 2
  • 6) Attraction
  • 1) Blood Suckers
  • 4) Egyptian Heroes


In any case, the point of this strategy isn't to beat the casino since that's impossible. The point of this strategy is to give you the opportunity to take a risk, while at the same time allows you to smooth the variance and increase the game's favourability towards you. Mathematics will do its own thing, and you'll often upload deposits, but not as nearly as much as if you play on the other slots and if you use other strategies.

The main problem with "crazy" slots that often give "small" payments from x20 to x50 is that there aren't making us happy and we don't know how to appreciate them. Waiting for the big payouts can take long, and only a very few people will have the patience to do it; in most cases, the machine will eat up everything. To wait you have to play with small bets so you could cover the fruitless sessions before the big win comes. Therefore, it is necessary to play big, not to be afraid to lose and avoid hoping to win too much cash.

What's good? Well, although you usually double the deposit, no one limits the slot how much it can give to you. Therefore, hitting a lot of money would be really lovely and very possible.

Rarely selected slots to pay nothing at all and usually, fifty spins are enough to shake them up and make them reward you.


Check strategy for real money.
Deposit 100 Euros and by the first step bet 1 Euro (1% of the deposit); the goal of the first session is 10 Euros. Spin 25 times and the stake size for the second session doubles (2 Euros); the purpose of the second session is to return to the initial balance you had at the beginning of the first session. Spin 25 times. The third session rate also doubles (to 4 Euros), and the goal is to return to the balance at the beginning of the first session. Spin 10 times.

Beginning at 17:27

  • Example of strategy at slots
    Victorious: 100 => 101, second session paid.
  • Kings of Chicago: 101 => 120, the first session paid +19.
  • Esqueleto Explosivo: 120 => 120, the casino doesn't offer the slot.
  • Dracula: 120 = > 54, -66 after the slot gave nothing.
  • Foxin Wins: 54 => 54, the casino doesn't offer the slot.
  • Jack Hammer 2: 54 => 89, 20 free spins gave +35.
  • Attraction: 89 => 100, paid +11.
  • Blood Suckers: 100 => 111, paid +11 by hitting five symbols per pay-line twice in a row.
  • Egyptian Heroes: 111 => 54, gave nothing, but ate up -55.
  • We finished at 17:52
  • So, the presented nine slots played with the strategy provide around half an hour-lasting action.
  • Remember that you can't recalculate the bet of the initial deposit. Lose means lose; the slots can't be pressured into paying.

We started at 17:55

  • Victorious: 54 => 121, +67 paid; on the last spin of the second session the slot gave five emperors (x60 on the line).
  • Kings of Chicago: 121 => 151, almost immediately paid +30.
  • Esqueleto Explosivo: 151 => 151, the casino doesn't offer the slot
  • Dracula: 151 => 210, free spins paid +59.
  • Foxin Wins: 210 => 210, the casino doesn't offer the slot.
  • Jack Hammer 2: 210 => 252, +42 with the help of free spins.
  • Attraction: 252 => 170, -82; took back a decent share of the previous winnings.
  • Blood Suckers: 170 => 174, +3; bonus triggered during the first session didn't pay, while free spins during the second session paid only a little.
  • Egyptian Heroes: 174 => 230, triggered free spins and paid +56.
  • We finished at 18:20
  • You can withdraw your winnings now.

Where to play?

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