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How to win at Geisha Wonders

How to win at Geisha WondersEach of the men must have heard about the miracles that can do the geisha, but not everyone was able to talk with the extraordinary lady in reality. The question: “How geisha attracts men?” is always open. Is it a beauty? Well, tastes differ. Is it mind? Yes, unlikely. They are not smarter, then our Russian women. And the man wants to relax and not engage in a moral conversation. The secret is something else here and guesses about it here, and we will not. But will tell you how to win at Geisha Wonders slot and get at least one of the progressive jackpots.

Now you have the opportunity to go into the land of the rising sun, to personally meet with a geisha and learn how to win at machine Geisha Wonders slot.

Personal testers opinion

You know, if you are from Sweden, we recommend you play slots with progressive jackpots. Also, the RTP (93.4%) slot is low, as well as the players’ interest to it. For these reasons, we recommend you skip this slot in your next game for real money.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Strategy of the winning

  • At first, we decided to meet with the beautiful girl in free mode, and we must say the relatively the low percentage of payments doesn’t become an obstacle for a good time.
  • It is known that the geisha will never go with a man if she didn't like him. We tried to appease the Japanese beauty with the different bets, changing the denomination and number of coins, but such banal ways neither geisha nor cyclist of the slot influence failed.
  • "Geisha wonders" starts with the stop on the reels three or more Scatter symbols. You can get the maximum number of coins here, running up to 30 Free Spins with double winnings.
  • It is good if you receive 4 stars. So, follow the stars on the symbols.

You can play at Geisha Wonders slot in following Netent casinos

Casino operators are big admirers of feminine beauty, and they will help you to seek the location of a Geisha by telling us how to win at Geisha Wonders slot machine.

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