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How to win at Merlins Magic Respin

How to win at Merlins Magic Respin video slotYou can get the big winning quite simply. Only you should know how to win at Merlins Magic Respin slot with the help of strategies. Our experts told us about all the known methods, but before that, they were tested. So, you do not have to worry, and the machine will give out the maximum number of the pay combinations. So, you will leave the game the winner. Read the review of the tester. It tells you what recommendations using in the game. Luck will be on your side. If you want to earn more coins, then you should take advantage of all the strategies we proposed.

This is one of the most colourful games that you will ever play. The plot of the slot machine will appeal to many players because it tells them about the wizards and their awesome spells. The player is offered to be reincarnated as a real wizard who can enrich himself with a wave of his wand. The slot takes you back to the world of magic. Enjoy your dose of magic along with the great winning!

Personal testers opinion

Be sure to trigger The Super Bet feature. In this case, do not set the maximum bet. Play at higher stakes, adding 50 or 100 coins to the bet. But no more. After all, you need to maintain a positive bankroll balance. The percentage of the return of the online slot is low, so you should be careful. Additional functions that are active when the Super Bet function is launched, it will allow you to get more prize. Bonuses are triggered by a high frequency, but only while you are playing at the high bets. I recommend spending the maximum amount of time for the game process.

After all, the outcome of the game depends on the number of the placed bets. Relative to the round for odds. Do not risk significant payments. They are still extremely rare. In general, if you want to leave the game as a winner, then you must listen to all the tips from the article "How to win at Merlins Magic Re-spin slot". This slot is a big bag of surprises that are going to make you believe in a miracle. Playing at this machine the player is guaranteed to receive fairly large payouts, an exciting game and a great mood. You can play your favourite slot in the demo mode it will be much more convenient, and most importantly, it is completely safe!

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

  • WinningVolatility is 8 out of 20 (average).
  • Cycle length is average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 3.6 out of 10.
  • The frequency of falling of the bonus is statistically, every 22nd spin (4,55%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 65,00%.
  • Distribution of the winnings is 28% in the usual spins and 72% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 330x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 40x.
  • RTP of 95.32% does not allow getting a positive mathematical expectation at the casino.

Secrets of the slot machine

  • Bet on the spin and the Super Bet feature. This secret of Merlins Magic Respin slot machine is important because while choosing the stake, you need to consider the bankroll balance. It is recommended putting in 1 000 times lesser than you have on the game account. In this case, trigger only Super Bet, which will add 1 or 2 re-spin. But do not put more. Otherwise, you risk losing the money quickly. It is important to launch this function because of the percentage of payments increases. When you start the fifth level of Super Bet to the bet will add 300 coins. If you allow a bankroll to play at such a stake, then you will use it.
  • Free Spins. The free spin mode allows you to get more prize coins. But you can influence it only by triggering the game at higher bets. If the fifth level of Super Bet operates, the number of prize payments in free games increases in several times. After receiving the large prize in this round, it is better to finish the game process.
  • Risk game. In the round for doubling, risk paying out, it is equal to 1-2 total bets. The larger prizes should not be increased at all. But when you receive smaller rewards, it is better to multiply them by a factor of x4. Then you will be able to save your winnings or increase too small.
  • Restrictions. If you have reached the limits, then you will not play any further. For example, the maximum loss is 30% of the game account. Next, you do not want to play the game. Also, pause every time you win over 40% of the bankroll.

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