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How to win at Red Flag Fleet

How to win at Red Flag Fleet video slotThe sea voyages are a great way to rest and travel, and here you can feel like a seagull and spend a great time at the romantic sheep. Are you fond of the sea voyages and incredibly exciting adventures? If yes, it means that you should get acquainted with the new slot. Have you ever dreamt about fighting with the pirates? Welcome to us! WMS company likes to create unique slot machines, which differ in their style.

As you see, Red Flag Fleet slot is an extraordinary and unique game where you can feel the freedom just while sitting on the comfortable armchair and enjoying the gaming process. It is enough to open this game to see its uniqueness, consisting of 6 reels and 192 pay lines. Also, other exciting options make the gameplay exciting. But still, extreme beauty, everyone is interested in the question of how to win at Red Flag Fleet slot and how much it does. Do not waste your time and download the game!

Personal testers opinion

Red Flag Fleet slot is an excellent way to relax and to earn money, but it depends on your luck. As for me, this game which caught my attention immediately after I opened it. While the game is trying to recreate the success of the rich pirates, you are not always on the winning side, and it is the only one disadvantage. I have had periods when I could not win anything, and it was very frustrating for me. I paid tribute to the queen of terrible pirates but received a small reward for such honours. However, in general, over a long period, the winning happened regularly and allowed me to increase the stake from x2 to x10 times during the usual spins.

Fortunately, sometimes there were significant payments, when I received the winning in x60 or more times, exceeding the bet I made. Together, it allowed me to feel and keep the game account under control calmly. I also varied the value of the stake from medium to low and back. And it gave a positive effect. The closer Frisbee was the higher bet. After winning, I reduced it and again repeated this tactic; more than € 6 is not rational. Although the slot reminds at times the roller coaster, I recommend it for a real money game, and the main thing is that their stock in your account is sufficient to survive the storm. I am confident that you will be lucky and will remain completely satisfied as a lot of players who have already tried it.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Secrets of the slot machine

To rely only on luck and the mathematical expectation of the winning is fundamentally the wrong approach. Be sure that you have a clear strategy, which will be based only on the proven information. We suggest that you familiarise yourself with our observations and understand how to win in this slot, by using its weak and strong sides:

  • In this game, it is essential to put the correct symbols on the first reel. It will determine the magnitude of future victory;
  • The usual spins are capable of giving out the big winning, albeit not often;
  • You may find it difficult to collect the pay combination, but it is not. Also, the shape of the pyramid will allow you to count on very successful spins;
  • When we started testing the game, we were sure that we would quickly lose our balance and not be able to recoup. But, after making 100 spins, it turned out that everything is not so bad. We have repeatedly succeeded, after a series of the losses, to calmly increase a couple of big victories with a multiplier of x50 from the initial bet;
  • Most of the time, the slot machine issues small or medium-sized winning combinations;
  • The highest payout we received at the stake of 80 cents was just over €200;
  • Free spins are the place where you can find the most significant winnings, which will require finding a pirate ship with red sails on all the reels except the first;
  • We had three scatters, allowing five times to spin the reels of the machine. But with some periodicity we got even four scatter symbols, and it brought us 12 free spins already and the winning of x10 times the placed bet, but if you can collect five of these images, then you will get 40 free spins and a multiplier of x50;
  • During each such spin two or three reels will be filled with a wild symbol, which allows you to count on serious rewards, especially since the reels will be deployed in the opposite direction compared to the usual spins;
  • We won from x60 to x100 of our bets with only three scatters, but there is much more significant potential in the slot machine;
  • The waiting time for free spins is in a wide range. In different game sessions, we took away from it from 50 to 200 spins. Knowing this fact, you can try to start the game with the minimum wagers, and as you approach these figures, increase the bet;
  • Undoubtedly, the primary strategy will be to launch free spins and already there to compete for the stable payment, but as the practice has shown, it is not always possible to achieve;
  • The machine allows you not to finish the game immediately after the bonus game and try to make several more spins to improve the result. You watch the state of the slot, and when it issues of he empty spins or small payment go to the low bets;
  • The whole beauty of Red Flag Fleet is that skilfully, using its strengths and weaknesses, as well as a flexible approach to the rating system, you will even win back the lost stakes in the usual spins even without free spins and also go into the plus;
  • For several dozen game sessions, we had different in size rewards, among which the best results were payments of €273 and €528. It was with these indicators that we finished the game. But there were unsuccessful moments, however, in a smaller number.

How to use the bonus features

Unfortunately, this fascinating machine did not please us with a bonus game. The highlight is exclusively in free spins. We have already spoken about how to receive them. After the launch of free spin, the reels of the slot machine unfold in the opposite direction and create much more chances for future victories. It should be borne in mind that not all spins will be successful, even with the fact that a couple of the reels will be covered entirely with wild symbols. Your direct involvement will not be required.

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