How to win at Alchymedes

How to win at the Alchymedes slotOf course, many people heard about some people had called alchemists before. They sought to make gold not the hard labour of the prospector and being in their laboratory by particular chemical reactions. Is it possible to achieve this, while you are gambling? You need to know how to win at Alchymedes slot machine to answer this question.

If you want to have success in the game, you are not enough just having the bonus features, and it is important to efficiently and adequately dispose of by them. Below we will tell you about it. Use our practical tips and advice from a tester to understand how to win at Alchymedes.

Personal testers opinion

I was pleasantly surprised by this game. The lack of thematic bonus game no effect due to the implementation of three prize options. Yes, during the main game, not always played a combination of expensive characters, however, as soon as the case enters the wild symbol, the picture has become very positive. Existing RTP though and gives you a positive expectation of the winning, but when cleverly chosen strategy you will be in the black. I felt quite comfortable, even playing with just $100, and was able during the game to significantly increase their initial bankroll. This slot machine is super by its design and other stuff! Recommend it to play for real money.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Secrets of the slot machine

Below we will give you a few practical recommendations that help you to determine the right strategies and tactics of the game in Alchymedes slot machine. During the testing we were able to notice some features of the behaviour of the machine:

  • The change of the bet`s size affects the speed of increasing an additional final multiplier, but the cycle of passing the level increases.
  • We recommend starting the game with a small bet, for example by $1.50. The base payouts are not too pleased with their generosity. Therefore, you need to pass 1 level and then take advantage of bonus options.
  • The most successful combinations are received by using the wild symbol. By selecting it as a bonus option, you can increase the bet up to $15. The frequency with which they will appear, definitely please you.
  • While you are playing for a small bet extra multiplier increases slowly and while you are playing at average bets, this process is considerably accelerated. However, remember, this option applies only once per level at the very end and to strive for the high ratio is not necessary.
  • Once you are succeeded in one of the rounds to become the proud owner of a good win, the game is either to stop, or you can go for 3-4 sessions at a minimum bet.
  • Pay attention to the random pattern of wild before each round. If it contains a large number of wild symbols then leave the old bet, if it is small, then reduce it.

How to use bonus features

How you dispose of the bonus features of the slot depends on the number of your winnings. And if you will get the prize during the bonus function, depends solely on the will of the case, by choosing the scale of Alchemist, we suggest you stay by adding some potions in a flask with the wild symbol. First, they are frequent guests on the reels, and second, bring good winnings.

As for flasks with extra multipliers, you don`t need to spend money on it, because in the course of the game this figure and so will grow and increases it in the end, only your last win. By using our advice, you will be able most efficiently to simultaneously use both options, thereby increasing their chances of the winning.

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