How to win at Robotnik

How to win at the Robotnik slot

This breathtaking game takes us into outer space, where you will meet with a sweet robot that provides substantial assistance in the achievement of huge winnings. The functional ability is added to stunning graphics and seamless animation. Such wild symbols cover the whole reel, with a triple multiplier. All together they really can bring you just a few spin incredible prizes.

We need to figure out how to win at Robotnik slot by taking advantage of the generous features. We have prepared some practical tips that will allow players to choose a strategy and grab the great winnings.

Personal testers opinion

Let`s start with the basics! The game is excellent, and we recommended it to bet on real money. The so-called Big Win can be won, but after that, the game should stop. For a long time, the slot will pamper you small wins or blank backs. During test sessions we noticed an important minus, in 25% of cases, the robot sends an extra wild on the 4th and 5th reels, and this hinders the formation of the winning combinations. Everything else is implemented at a high level and gets the results in plus is quite real, and very decent. The dispersion is high, so some caution is not hurt.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Strategy of the slot machine

While we are testing this game, we received a lot of positive emotions. We can give some recommendations for choosing the optimal strategy about how to win at Robotnik:

  • We did not find any differences between the demo play and the game for real money;
  • The winnings fall out very often, and not only low but large as well;
  • The best results are obtained when in pay combinations wild symbols are triggered, especially if there is multiplication by three, and one of the reels will be filled with wild symbol;
  • The appearance of a robot isn`t less than 1 every per every 20-30 spins. It adds two wild symbols for forming the pay combinations at the best odds;
  • We note that it is best to play by 40 cents or €20; under these values, we were able to get a positive result. We don`t recommend playing at average bets;
  • If you place a maximum bet of €20, you need to ensure that you have in the account some funds for 10,000 spins;
  • By placing 40 cents and getting wild symbols on the 1, 2 and 3 reels, we have been able to benefit from €20 to €100. In one of the sessions for the first 50 spins winnings amounted to €75;
  • The machine is cyclical when a series of big winnings then clearly gives way to the first empty spins, and then a small payment, rarely exceeding the size of the bets;
  • You can vary the value of coins if you identify in what state is the slot machine: cold, average or hot. You can increase your chances for the big winning in the usual spins;
  • While betting at €20 we won €1500 and one more time - €500 for 100-150 spins. Tip: once you manage to get such a generous prize, immediately stop the game and return it the next day and not before.

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