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How to win at Jokerizer

How to win at the Jokerizer slot

For a game that don`t offer free spins, multipliers, and many bonus features still found many exciting things that can allow you to enjoy this slot machine. According to the developer, the key of Victory is in a special mode with the chance to win a mystery prize up to 6000 coins.

Is it true or no and whether there are other ways to know how to win at Jokerizer slot in total with a mathematical expectation of the winning, you will know, if you have enough patience and read the article until the very end.

Personal testers opinion

In spite of fresh ideas, the game is far from perfect. It is virtually impossible to get three cherished Joker vertically or horizontally. When I play after each winning spin the following at 20 coins, special failed. In most cases, was losing. Best victory I had in the main game, around €50 collected for the bells. In general, we advise you to skip this slot, then offering you to play for real money.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Secrets of the slot machine

That`s our observations after the testing this game for a long time:

  • A big run-up in the interest of the payments doesn`t imply too frequent winnings;
  • We had some moments during the main game when the machine could forget about us, and we lost a lot of money very quickly. So one of the strategies should be the tactic to place at the bets of €1;
  • The winnings were almost absent in several sessions for the first 100 spins, only on the little things and it is rare;
  • This slot has a cyclicity when it can give empty spins for a long time, and then often start coming the winning;
  • You can fight for the huge benefits only in the bonus game, which allows you to reach RTP;
  • A positive result can be achieved exclusively for a significant period of the time, so you need to have a lot of coins to bet and a lot of patience, but it`s possible;
  • We have managed only once to win €200 as a mystical prize during the many spins;
  • The big advantage of the bonus game is the presence of only two jokers which help you to trigger it, but they appear very rarely;
  • Based on all the above, we recommended choosing the strategy at the bet of €1, to collect a serious number of coins in your account and patiently wait for two, and better for three jokers. Don`t take an extra spin of 20 coins after the pay combination.

How to use bonus features

We will not give special recommendations for the bonus features. They will appear after two special symbols with the image of Joker and can bring from 20 to 6000 coins.

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  • You can go to Play Fortuna casino if you want pleasant sensations and positive emotions. If you are lucky, your winnings will display within 1 hour, and if you have a bad day, then once a week you will return some of the lost funds in the form of cashback.

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