How to win at Fruitoids

How to win at the Fruitoids slotThis is an exciting game with an unusual approach to the implementation of the bonus features, by which you get a good chance within a few tens of spins to obtain a significant amount. About how to win at Fruitoids slot and what is the right strategy to choose in general, you will learn in this article. It is based on the conclusions courtesy of our testers. How do you correctly and effectively assess the capabilities and behaviour of the machine, and will depend on the final result?

Personal testers opinion

After spending many hours in this slot, I can say two things. First, you can achieve positive results. Second, as we complete a series of successful spins with higher multipliers or you get lucky a few times to light the inscription Big Win it is best to stop playing and to go to it next time. Then, the probability to hit a rough patch of losses, to wait which it will be difficult.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Secrets of the slot machine

It is a wrong decision if you rely on luck and the expectation of the winning. Even though the game has no thematic bonus round and free spins, the opportunity for one-stop obtains a good multiplier and as a consequence big win is very high. Remain to determine how to win at Fruitoids and use this in reality:

  • At first, you need to figure out where is a slot machine now in the cycle and how it is willing to part with their money;
  • Behind the series of empty spins follow the winning series, we were lucky enough to understand where they are by increasing the bet from €2.50 to €12.50, in the end, we increased our balance in 30 spins for €1100. By the way, 4 times we have been able to force the machine to give Big Win;
  • The increasing multipliers allow the possibility to get a massive amount of money, but to multiple, the bet on x4 or x5 is not easy, but possible;
  • By placing the value of coins, please note that there are no extra multipliers and payouts are small, that`s why the whole strategy should be based on trying to catch the moment when the slot machine will be hot, and this is the right time to play at average bets;
  • We got the excellent result by betting €2,50 and €5 per each round with a further increase to €12,50. However, the most triumphant moment was when we put the bet of €0.5, and when he had given the average winnings of €20;
  • During the testing, we were able to cover the entire bottom screen of the payment symbols and at the bet of €0.5 and increased it 100 times. It will take a lot of time to reach it. Therefore, the most likely is such a scenario just by using the lowest denomination of coins;
  • We got 300-500 spins for being in a positive balance and get into the game from the downside.

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