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Devils Delight pokie

Are you addicted to the devil theme, mystics and belief in the magic power of the number 666? Then this pokie is especially for you! On this page, you will find a detailed description of Devils Delight pokie, the tester review and even play for free. The free game module is at the top of the page. The pokie return (RTP) is 97.6%, and the maximum winning per spin is 200 000 coins.

Personal testers opinion about Devils Delight pokie

This online pokie was good at the time of release (2013). It has a massive potential of winnings during the super free spins feature and high RTP (97.6%). It saves 8% of all bets for winning in the bonus feature and the super free spins feature. If a lot of players gamble at the same time, a huge amount would be reserved for this feature. And the minimal number of players will have enough funds to stay "alive" for triggering the super free spins feature. Out of 100 spins, approximately 23 spins will be successful (hit probability is 23.13%). 92% of the prize fund is paid in the usual spins. On the other hand, Devils Delight is losing popularity by passing years. If you decide to play here - be sure that there are at least 500 (2000 is better) total bets on your balance (1/500 from your account balance) then you have a chance to stay alive for the super free spins feature. 

Review and recommendations by the testing team

Devils Delight pokie
Devils Delight is a classic pokie from Netent, with outdated graphics and gameplay, but after playing it, you understand that, despite the graphics, its gameplay is quite impressive.

  • In the main game, the pokie often gives out winning combinations of 0.5x – 3x of total bets, due to the expanding wild symbol. Even though the pokie can give out bigger winnings, this does not happen often.
  • It has the potential to trigger a combination with a win of more than 100x of total bets, and in theory, you can get a combination costing 300x, but during testing, the maximum value of winning in the main game was 40x.
  • The pokie gives out free spins feature and re-triggers very often. During testing, it was possible to get the scatter symbols up to 3 times in one bonus feature. Wins during free spins are not big. Only once was possible to get a total winning of 50x of total bets, and all the other winnings were from 15x to 40x total bet. Due to the active multiplayer and the expanding wild symbol, there is a possibility to win more than 500x of total bets, but this is rare for this pokie.
  • The bonus game is exciting from the idea, and it offers to match a Sin feature and its carrier (the character it belongs to), and when guessed it right, we see the story of the death of this character. The wins here are not significant, but as an addition to it, we get a Soul feature; starts another game with free spins. In theory, you can win up to 5 Soul features at once, but during testing, it was not possible to guess more than three times. The bonus game itself is given in series, with a high frequency, after which the pokie will trigger bonus games 3 - 5 times with small intervals of spins, and then it will repeat the same scenario after a short period.
  • Sin spins have the potential of standard free spins, with the only difference in characters. The winning combinations issued in these spins give better payouts than those in usual free spins. The average winning here is 100x - 150x of total bets, and their potential is even greater.
  • Considering the pokie behaviour, the frequency of triggering free spins and winning combinations can be said that the pokie is suitable for games with bonus money and in most cases, meeting the wagering requirement is not difficult. But at the same time, long sessions should be avoided; as it was noted that during a long game the pokie changes its behaviour and begins to keep the balance badly.

The hidden parameters and settings of Devils Delight pokie (data from testing)

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus free spins feature is statistically every 12th spin (8.31%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 23,13%.
  • The distribution of the winnings is 92% in the main game and 8% in the bonus and free spins features.
  • The maximum winning during the tests was 150x.
  • Volatility is 7,92 out of 20 (average).
  • The dispersion of winnings is average. High variance is releasing during the super free spins feature.
  • Cycle length is average. Excluding the super free games feature. For it, machines use a very long cycle.
  • The rating of the pokie for the wagering is 5,63 out of 10.
  • RTP of 97.6% allows obtaining a positive mathematical expectation of winning in the casino.

Description of the pokie

Devils Delight had a positive impact on the day of its release. Here we may see the vertical Wild symbols, the free spins with different multipliers and the bonus game, which may become a super game. The percentage of return of 96.7% and the maximum winning is 200000 coins truly impressed the players. Of course, today, when we have pokies like Aliens, South Park and Wish Master, this machine no longer seems unusual. Nevertheless, it has its fans who continue to play it.

This is one of those NetEnt pokies that are a living memory. The machine will take you into the Kingdom of Satan, where the cauldrons are filled with boiling tar around the dark tombstones. By launching the game, you get hellfire on the screen. The interface is designed in burgundy-red colours, among which the sinister three sixes erupt, a symbol of the devil himself. The sound effects are anxious enough to complement the grim picture and making it as realistic. The advanced settings, hidden under the wrench icon, will allow you to adjust the quality of the graphics and the level of the sound effects.


Could you get your winning and frustrate the devil by controlling him in your financial interests?

  • You will learn about this by triggering a five-reel pokie, immediately with twenty active lines.
  • The coins are your bets, they have a value from 1 cent to 50, and the maximum coins per line are 200.
  • To get winning, there should be a dropping of not less than three matching symbols on the line. All the winning may be seen in the payout table, by accessing the "Pay-table".
  • The percentage of return at the pokie (RTP) is 97.6%.
  • The maximum winning per single spin is up to 200 000 coins.
  • Do not you afraid of Satan`s tricks? Then try the bonus feature at Devil`s Delight, which is well implemented at this pokie. "Soul-o-meter” is how dangerous activity is measured. If the player should get 15 souls, then the free spins will be triggered. The souls are collected during the bonus game. For each right pair, the player receives one soul.
  • You will probably love another moment at Devil`s Delight pokie: If during free spin a "Death" bonus launches on the reel 3, 4 or 5, it will not be triggered immediately. If the player returns within 48 hours, the player will be able to use the won free spins.

Special symbols

By trying to create the most immersive ambience at Devils Delight pokie, NetEnt developers have chosen as symbols the most harmful elements.

  • In the bonus round, you get to see Satan in all the guises, which embodied all the mortal sins: those being represented by such vices as Greed, Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath and Lust.
  • It would not be a devilish pokie without the gravestones and the ominous sign "666".
  • The wild symbol is Devil, which substitutes the other symbols. Dropped on the reels 2, 3 and 4, the horned Satan smokes a cigar and cleverly keeps glancing at you. However, he is not almighty – by complementing the combinations, it still cannot substitute the Scatter symbol and launch the bonus game. The wild symbol takes the whole vertical reel line.
  • Scatter is the mysterious Pentacle symbol and, by being dropped, it will give free spins. Gluttony symbol fell five times per spin will pay 2000 coins.
  • Well, of course, the most profitable combination should have a beautiful Sorceress. This is the symbol that, when dropped five times, will give 4000 coins.

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