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How to play pokies in the best way 2021?

How to play pokies in the best way?
So, guys, I have finally found my Holy Grail; namely, I decided to understand how to play on these evil machines. So, to exemplify to explain how to play pokies in the best way, I’ll take some of the best providers. One of the greatest things about these pokies is that all of them can be played for fun as well as for real money. Both versions, the fun mode one and the real money one, are identical!

Gathering information about the current pokie

  • Also, you can find the information about every pokie's RTP (return to player percentage). To see it, you can click on the corner of the pokie; here is an example of how to find it on Space Wars: More precisely, we are incredibly interested in the pokies with the highest RTP! For instance, we love Blood Suckers pokie, whose RTPs are over 98%. This is the first thing you need to know!
  • The second – there is an important pokie parameter known as volatility! For example, the famous Dead or Alive pokie has very high volatility! So, it would seem smart to play these pokies! But the truth is that you should avoid like the plague pokies with such variability! The reason for this is quite simple. When a pokie’s RTP is calculated, it’s done by all possible combinations. For example, on Space Wars there’s a whole reel of crystals, and on DOA there’s a Wild reel... This means there’s higher variability on the pokie and better maximum winning combination. As a result, the pokie will eat more money before paying out; it is necessary to spin the reels numerous times, and that automatically pushes us in the negative territory! Moreover, pokies with such variability quickly eat up money on almost every spin! For example, it wouldn’t be minus 3-5% per spin, but 10-15% unless we focus on the long run... and playing, in the long run, is the most dangerous thing for us!
  • Know the length of the winning cycle of the pokie to play in it in the best way.
  • Therefore, the only formula to win while playing pokies (if you want to win big) is to play machines with high RTP and with low or medium variability! When playing pokies with the low volatility, the betting size should be 10% of our deposit, for an average of 5%. The figures are purely exemplary, so you can better understand the concept. Those are the news gentlemen.
  • By the way, there is no difference whether you change the pokie after hitting a prize or not. pokies don’t remember such things. It's simple as 2 + 2...
  • Nonetheless, if you want to spend the evening, it will be necessary to spin the reels for a long time; however, remember, in the long run, the casino earns a certain percentage of each of your bets. That is, if you play on Space Wars pokie with an RTP of 96.8%, every spin earns the casino 3.2% of your stakes. Meaning, the more you spin, the more you pay... P.S. In fact, the game of pokies is no different than playing roulette or blackjack (regarding mathematics and probability of winning).

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Written by Kamen Valev
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