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COVID-19 & Online Casino

COVID 19 Online Casino
Currently, in the world, we have the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus). A lot of governments from different countries, Russia included, have declared quarantines. The business industry is in an awful situation. Society is in panic. Part of the population is no longer on the threshold of poverty but beyond it. Many of us are on forced quarantine, having gone on unpaid vacations, or have lost jobs, and sometimes the only source of income. In these not simple days, can we try playing in the online casinos as a source of income and in the hope of surviving. Should we start playing? How should you "behave" to those who played earlier? What should we expect from online casino owners during a period of mass crisis and business collapse? Which casinos can be called safe to play now? We'll talk about all this...

You know, a few months ago, I wouldn't advise anyone to start playing if you didn't do it in the past. For sure, I wouldn't recommend it for "getting a permanent source of income" instead of basic work, which was called for your benefit, such as some streamers. What has changed for me personally? Truly speaking, there are not many alternatives to earning under current conditions. For sure it is possible to go to work for companies that are "life-supporting cities," but, we will be realistic, such work is not enough for all people. Part of the population will "go" to freelance, thus increasing, for example, the number of YouTubers, authors of Yandex Zen and other services, but also in these directions, not all will be able to get income, due to both the excess of the willing, and the lack of special skills and talents, and the income. That's why in the current realities, online casinos can be considered as an alternative source not only of additional, but also of general, and stable income. Don't forget about the recommendations of BNC experts; they will help you to reach the point. The result of such a game can be your average salary, and, not even much more, which will quite help you not only to survive the pandemic but also to survive in the conditions of crisis.

Now, lots of casinos owners say that the number of clients is increased, and of course, it`s true.

People sit at home, and casino advertising is everywhere on the internet. Someone came to the casino just to have fun and spend some free time and someone to receive a good profit. Everything is quite logical. If you have never played before, it`s time to start! But pay attention, on our web site you can learn everything about RTP, volatility, mathematical expectation of a slot, recommendations for the games, how to choose the casino etc. It will be so helpful for you! If you do not know and play on the first slot, which is recommended by the streamer, then you are likely to have an awful result, you can lose lots of money.

I would recommend next, for those players who played before, and keep doing it:

  • Lowering of the bets. As people say « the longest way round is the shortest way home». Notwithstanding that now is the peak of coming players, nearly “unknowledge” new players will lose their money. I am sure the activity of a lot of players will drop down, and pool prizes are the same, and playing just max bet, have eyes only for a big winning of the streamers, I would not be recommended.
  • Play in the slots with low volatility. The reasons are the same! Nowadays just the minimum of risks can bring a great result, but for a bit longer time.
  • Huge winning
    In the current world situation, the possibility of giving a big winning is lower than before the pandemic. Even those who can pay will start using scam tricks of non-payment of winnings because they are not sure what will become of tomorrow, they can take the risk of losing a huge pool prize.
  • The owners of casinos tell us about “Wild RTP of slots”, and disadvantage of their budgets. In their opinion, providers increased the RTP for grabbing lots of new players, and that`s now is the PEAK OF WINNING! I have another opinion. Based on my previous speech about “big fake” theoretics I can guess that it was not increasing RTP. As we remember, during the registration, providers "assign" initially for the most part "profitable" accounts and this is quite natural, as if all will be played in pooch and ashes from the very start, the casino will have no clients, and, accordingly, profit from developers who receive% from the loss. It is so hard to keep the player after his/her lost, harder than in the “winning level”, that`s why developers go to some risks, and loses in the form of none of the profits, without incurring direct expenses with the prospect of obtaining more, instead of one-time profit, if only "negative" accounts were issued. Through the mass influx of new players, the increasing of "profitable" accounts will happen(in the peak of winnings), which after not a long period, will quickly go "in the minus" (such is the nature of the player, having won the pool prize and it will not stop until they lose everything and even more). Those casinos, which owners have some reserve for paying winnings and self-control, will be able to back not just their material losses, but and get pretty cool profit! Those who have a panic, and so emotional will have a failure as, in fact, it happened with projects and before the situation with the virus.

The most important thing now is to stay calm and have patience! After the new players become to the peak, nowadays it takes a shorter time, I am sure developers will lower the basic RTP (but not increase) to take the maximum pool of money (maybe last time) as already evidenced by a developer as PlayN' Go. Especially when the situation in the world is deteriorating, because of which at max bets, slots can "play" worse than before, and, accordingly, the risk of losing "bank" is higher.

What to expect from the owners of casinos

Scammers in the casino
The hard times are not felt by just "workers" but also owners of different businesses, not just offline but also the online casino. Even those who had previously stood firmly on their feet (not to mention those who had previously cheated), Such people can have some troubles or afraid of an unknown future. I am more than sure, the number of schemes which have been in use before for none paid winnings will be increased, especially for huge winnings. Play honest and pay attention to the rules of casinos! Don't give the casinos reasons to deprive you of the winning! You have to choose the casino correctly!

In their opinion, against the background of the temporary increasing market (stay of new players and increase of turnover), there will be the transfer of active assets from other areas of the business to the online casino segment, which, due to the inexpensive cost of the project, for example, on SoftSwiss, will result in the appearance of (Possibility of large numbers) new players (new online casinos), and predominantly torn apart by beginners and non-professionals in this area (examples of such players have already been observed by us before the virus appeared and one of them can be called Space Casino). On the background on such casinos and perfect promos, we will see the churn prediction and spending the reserves cause of “increasing RTP” of slots. It will lead to the leave the number of them from the market and it is possible that the number of "whales" will also leave the market. In such a hard time, if not to say deadly, lesser and honest players waited. After the peak of active players passes, we will see lots of scam new online casinos and a general cheat of players.

That has happened before (the mass cheat with further replacement casino sign) will be practising more often. The industry will be crashed as for me, but the strongest will be alive for sure. “The world will never be the same again” – I think this phase will touch each of us, and online casino as well. They will not be the same again as before, and maybe we will see that critical time of the industry history, as the result the simple players will understand every element of the market, scam project will be deleted. It`s an ideal model with large "whales" surviving the crisis, which will become the founders of the new market.

In which casino is better to play now

As I wrote before, on the background of the temporarily increasing market, the mass appearance of new players on it is expected. In competition, the new casinos will offer very generous welcome promos, which means that there will be a paradise for abusers. One of the strategies of the game and form the profit here I can offer “running around” to the new casinos with the receiving turnover (which is so easy for pro players) welcome packages. It`s really working strategy but not for the new players because they are not aware of the specifics of such bonuses. You should remember that it has a short period of time in the process. If I am right, it will be the same as with financial pyramids, "in the chocolate" will be just first players, the rest of them will stay with nothing. For sure, you can go into this method and cause the potential of lowing the market and transfer the biggest part of the projects to the scam. I would not recommend making a huge deposit in such online casinos with the focus on the big bonuses, also see into it only as a supplement.

In my opinion, you should play just in those casinos where you have a positive story. Don't run around casinos for catching the welcome bonuses, even if they are super cool. In every casino, "start the playing career from 0" even if those casinos had a great reputation before. The potential of non-payments is much bigger than you already know. If you are just starting your playing career, don't trust tops and ratings, also the recommendations from YouTubers and choose a casino by yourself. About how to do it, you can read on our web site.

Be reasonable! Follow our recommendations, and we will pass this crisis together!

Where to play?

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