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How to find a profitable online slot in a casino?

How to find a profitable online slot in a casino
During usual gambling, a profitable slot machine is an illusion. The player does not have a positive mathematical expectation in any of the online slots. It means that online casino is always in a positive balance, no matter what you do. But to be in a positive balance, it needs long-distance - months, years. At smaller intervals, the player may have a strong advantage. You need to understand how to choose the most profitable online slot that is hot and ready to pay money. 

How do you choose the most profitable slot machine from the wide variety available? Or at least ten slots? Which of the machines are hot and which are cold at the moment? There is no single-valued answer to these questions, but we can offer you our version. And there you have to decide for yourself whether it suits you or not. First, let's take a look at the main factors that you should pay attention to when choosing an online slot.

How to choose a slot on the return

Real Money
RTP (return to player percentage). These three letters should be familiar to any experienced gambler. This is an indicator of the slot's profitability on the long distance. For example, you can take Blood Suckers slot. Its RTP is 98%. This means that while you are passing the full cycle, the slot will return 98% of all bets that were made. This is a theoretical indicator. You do not need to be intuitively oriented to it and to ignore all other factors. And that's why.

Let's compare Blood Suckers and Geisha Wonders (RTP 93.4%) slots. The second slot may be more profitable than the first one. Why? Well, because the period is too short. What are thousands of spins compared to millions? Just nothing. At such a short distance, anything can happen, and here everything depends on luck.

Let's go further. Another critical factor is the volatility (dispersion). It characterises the frequency and amount of winning in a specific slot machine. The higher is the volatility, the more potential this machine has, but longer you will have to wait for big winning. The lower volatility is, the more often small winning will come, but the big winning will be very rare.

A good example is Dead or Alive slot machine. It is an excellent slot, but it can take away money for months. And if you catch a lot of wilds in the free spins – it will give a huge amount, as they say, "from the heart". This is the principle of high volatility. This is an indicator of "riskiness". Also, as you know: higher is the risk, better is the reward.

These two factors are maybe decisive. But there is a third moment - slot's cycle of winning. The length of the cycle theoretically shows those same periods when the slot is "on the return" or when it ruthlessly swallows money not offering anything in return. For example, the length of the cycle Arabian Nights slot machine is very long (because there is a progressive jackpot), and in Evolution slot the length of the cycle is short. The winning here falls more often, but their amount is small. The length of the cycle is showing how often the accumulated prize pool will be given in big winning to any of the players. You can get additional information on the following pages:

The algorithm of choosing

Demo Game
Well, let's explore more practical things. This is everything that you need to do to find the most profitable slot machine:

  • Choose 10 slots with a high RTP. Thanks to God, NetEnt produced a huge number of decent slots, so the choice is excellent. We recommend choosing slots with RTP above 96%. Choose a slot machine to your taste, but with a high percentage of payouts.
  • Check out the hidden data (volatility, the probability of triggering of features, wagering rating) of all Netent slots. You can choose as high volatility or low volatility ones. Here everything depends on the preferences of each player. Let's say that in recent years, slots with high volatility are more popular. In this case, it is important to correlate the slot's volatility with your bankroll. If you only have money for 50 - 100 bets – that will be not enough to play at Dead or Alive. It is always better to have the cash for 500+ spins in slots with high volatility. 
  • Carefully study the hidden parameters of the slot machines and the tester's recommendations at the section how to win Netent slots.
  • Testing in the demo mode. The demo mode of NetEnt slot machines is unique. In it, they work the same as when playing for real money. Take the list of chosen slots and start testing each of them in the free mode. So, you will not lose a cent and reveal the current mood of each of them.
  • You should look at the result of the game. What do you need to pay attention to? First of all, on the frequency of triggering the bonus features, how often the winning are and what is their amount. The action you see, the higher is the probability that the current slot is hot, and it is now on the return.
  • Play for real money. Let's say you found a couple of slots and tested them. Everything is perfect. You start spinning for real money and getting big winning. You should stop in time and more to the next one. Once the slot has stopped to give winning, you can go to the next slot that was tested. If you cannot find hot slots, you can try to choose different developers—for example, Microgaming, NYX, ELK Studios. However, we cannot be sure that testing in demo mode works for these companies.
  • Choose a trusted online casino. We strongly recommend that you play only in trusted online casinos to be sure that slots are licensed, and winning will be paid to you without any problems.

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