How to find a slot machine on the return?

How to find a slot machine on the return?A profitable slot machine is an illusion. The player does not have a positive mathematical expectation in any of the video slot. It means that the casino house is always in the positive balance, no matter what you do. But in the positive balance it is at a very long distance - months, years. At smaller intervals, the player may have a strong advantage. You just need to understand how to choose the most profitable video slots and slot machines on the return. Now, hundreds of the decent video slots were released. In some online casinos, there are more than a thousand.

How to choose from this manifolds the most profitable slot machine? Or at least a ten video slots? Which of the slot machines on the return, and which the video slots take money at the moment? There is no the single-valued answer to these questions, but we can offer you our own version. And there you have to decide for yourself whether it suits you or not. First, let's take a look at the main factors that you should pay attention when choosing an online video slot.

How to choose a video slot on the return

RTP! These three letters should be familiar to any experienced gambler. This is an indicator of the return of a slot machine or a percentage of payments - Return To Player. It is not the only or basic one when choosing a video slot, but it is great importance. For example, you can take Blood Suckers video slot, one of the most famous in the world of the virtual casinos. Its RTP is 98%. This means that while you passing the full game cycle (falling all possible combinations (there are usually millions)), the video slot will return 98% of all made bets. This is a very theoretical indicator. You do not need to be intuitively oriented to it, and more ignore all other factors. And that's why.

By the way, we can get the completely others results, which were expected in advance, after playing a week at the Blood Suckers and Geisha Wonders video slots, the return of which is equal to 93.4%. The second video slot may be more profitable than the first one. Why? Well, because the time period is too small. What are thousands of spins compared to millions? Just nothing. At such a short distance anything can happen and here everything depends on a luck.

Let's go further. Another important factor is the volatility of the video slot (dispersion). It characterizes the frequency and amount of winnings in a specific slot machine. The higher the dispersion, the longer you will have to wait for a large payout. The smaller the dispersion, the more you will be happy with the video slot with winnings, but they will be much more modest. A good example is Dead or Alive slot machine. It is an excellent video slot, but it can take away money for weeks. And if you catch a lot of wilds in the free spins –it will give a lot, as they say "from the heart". This is the principle of high dispersion. In fact, this is an indicator of "riskiness". In addition, as you know: the higher the risk, the better the reward.

These two factors are maybe decisive. But there is a third moment - the cyclicality of the slot machine. This is a very controversial phenomenon, many experienced players and specialists will immediately challenge its existence. The length of the cycle theoretically shows those same periods when the video slot is "on the return" or when it ruthlessly swallows the bets not offering anything in the return. For example, the length of the cycle Arabian Nights slot machine is very high (because there is a progressive jackpot in it and the video slot accumulates it again after it is issued), and in Evolution video slot the length of the cycle is low. The maximum winnings in it are many times lower and therefore the video slot quickly "wraps" the bets.

The choice of the giving video slots: algorithm

Demo GameWell, let's pass with you to more practical things. There is everything what you need to do to find the most profitable slot machine:

  • We choose 10 video slots with a high RTP. Thanks to God, NetEnt Company produced a huge number of the decent slot machines, so the choice is great. We recommend choosing the video slots with the percentage of the return above 96%. In my opinion, you do not need to chase the maximum values (for the reason stated above). Choose a slot machine to your taste, but with a high percentage of payouts.
  • Analyzing the dispersion of each of them is the volatility (and the length of the cycle) of all video slots from NetEnt. You can choose as the high dispersion slot machines or with the low dispersion. Here everything depends on the preferences of each player separately. Let's just say that in the recent years, the video slots with the probability of a really big winning, for the obvious reasons, are more popular. In this case, it is important to correlate the dispersion of the video slot with your bankroll. If you only have 50 or even 100 bets – that will be not enough to play at the same Dead or Alive slot machine. It is always better to have 200+ spins, or even better 500+. Let's say, you chose a high dispersion and from the 10 video slots selected by you only 6 fit this parameter. This is normal. We recommend that you collect a "portfolio" of the variety slot machines. You should choose not only a high dispersion, but low dispersion slot machines.
  • Carefully study the hidden parameters of the slot machines and the tester's recommendations at the section how to win at the slot machines from Netent.
  • Real MoneyTesting in the demo mode. The demo mode of NetEnt slot machines is unique. In it, they work exactly the same as when playing for the real money. This is a very advantageous feature for players of the video slots of Swedish developer, which significantly distinguishes it from the products of other companies. How can this help us? It will help you a lot. Take the chose slot machines and start testing each of them in the free mode. So you will not lose a cent and quite possibly find a lucrative slot machine at the moment. Of course, this is a very controversial method. Many players can may object, they say, how to look for a video slot that gives, if in principle it can not be? Does not every new spin depend on a random number generator and is not it therefore subject to any regularities? Yes, it is possible, but no one will say for certain. Therefore, we take any video slots and one to spin at those bets that you intend to use in a real game. For example, you have $ 100 in your account. How much to spin? Well, preferably at a total bet of not more than 50 cents (200 spins), or even better 25 or 10 cents. Otherwise, the probability of losing the entire bankroll for one gaming session is high (especially if you are a fan of high dispersion slot machines). And it is best to activate all the game lines. So this way you will guarantee yourself the dropping out of any winning symbols, combinations and bonuses.
  • You should definitely look at the result of the game. What do you need to pay attention to? First of all, on the frequency of the dropping out of the bonus game, the expensive and bonus symbols are scatters, wilds and so on. The more of them, the higher the probability of that the slot machine is now on the return (and in both modes). Sometimes it happens that the video slot will give out a big winning, and then it starts to swallow your bets. In this case, you are most likely just lucky, this is not the required state, you need to continue testing. Do not forget to compare the results with the volatility of the video slot. If a slot machine with a high dispersion suddenly starts giving out winnings, it is a clear sign: it is time to play for the real money. You always stick to the chosen strategy and do not go away from it. You decided to play 50 cents - play for 50 cents and you will not raise the bet, even if you win. It will save you a lot of money in the term perspective.
  • Play for the real money. Let's say, you found a couple of the video slots. Now you just have to spin. But to spin too it is necessary with mind, and not simply so. If you have a goal to earn, and not to have fun, then you will stick to your own rules of the bankroll management and will not let the emotions overpower you. Once the desired slot machine has stopped giving winnings, you can go to the next video slot that gives the winnings. If you do not find the profitable video slots, you can try playing the next day or take another "pack" of the slot machines out of 5-10 pieces. There is another option: choose from products from other manufacturers - for example, Microgaming, NYX, ELK Studios, etc. However, we can not guarantee the full conformity of the demo mode and game mode for the real money at the video slots of these companies. The NetEnt has many of the first-class games and you, for sure, you can easily get a few more games (if you need it).
  • Choosing the right casino. Every user has their own online casinos, but they are not all the same good. Follow the above algorithm is only in the high quality casino with a license. On such sites, all games are original (not copies and not emulators) and therefore they work, as they should, and not how the casino owner wanted to.
  • We strongly recommend that you play only at the proven casinos. In this case, you can be sure not only of the correct work of the video slots, but also the safety of your deposits.

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