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If a player can affect the slot machine?

If a player can affect the slot machine
Man is not a robot. It is difficult for him to accept the fact that sometimes everything happens according to mathematical laws and nothing else. All licensed slot machines work on the same principle: the random outcome of each spin. Man always seeks patterns, so our brain is arranged. It is easier for us to perceive the surrounding reality when we see a pattern.

The sun rises in the morning and goes down in the evening. The body temperature increases when you are ill. All these are algorithms by which we live and to which we are accustomed to. The slots also work differently. Here the principle, if it is “A”, then “B" will not work. If we click on the Spin button, there will be some random result. But we cannot accept this in any way. We want to control the situation. In our article, we want to explore in details whether a player can affect the slot machine?

The main rules of any slot machine

Each spin is independent of the previous, and the random number generator identifies its result - that's the truth that you need to remind yourself. It is hard to believe that the same person can win the jackpot twice in the same slot. This is a real possibility; just the probability of such an event is incredibly small. It is so small that it cannot happen at all (although such cases still happened).

When you click on the Spin button, slot connects to its servers, and mathematical mechanism returns a result of the current spin. The slot machine can be "hot" or "cold", giving or not giving. Check out the following article:

How do work any online slot

If you take the high-quality software - for example, NetEnt, you can conduct the universal work of the slot machine in any casino. You can launch the spin - reels spin, and the result will be winning of some amount or loss. This scheme is even shorter: the Spin button is the result. The slot machine knows almost immediately how any spinning will end. The slot only shows the results because it understands that the pleasure is in watching the reels.

In total, when you launch the spin, the random number generator (RNG) creates a random order of numbers - for example, 3, 25, 6, 12, 4. What does it mean? Each numerical value corresponds to a position of the reel - say, in the first row, the symbol A, in the second - scatter, in the third - the symbol of cherry. And so, all the five reels (or three, it all depends on the type of the slot) are spinning.

If there are many different symbols and paylines in the slot machine, then such numerical variations can be a colossal multitude (thousands of combinations). It's all about "why the slot machine does not give any winning." A slot can give if an online casino has this money in the prize pool for winning. The RNG is usually checked by the independent organisations on the subject their "randomness", which is confirmed by the relevant certificates and reports.

How does the slot work at the casino with a pirated software?

Break the slot
Many online casinos house have the pirated (fake) software (copies of original slot machines). This usually applies to the slots by Novomatic, Igrosoft and Playtech. The work of these slot machines is not randomised. The casino owner (theoretically) can establish the RTP of each slot by 0 - 50%.

The known myths and fallacies

About the slot machines, there is a lot of disinformation, which is sometimes propagandised by online casinos. Let's open the most fundamental myths (we do not agree with some of them, but we show the text as it is from the author):

  • The slot can be "hot" (ready to give money) or "cold" (not to give anything) - this is a fallacy. If only you do not play in the casinos with unlicensed software, the outcome of each spin will be an independent event. A slot machine can pay out winnings more often than usual at the short intervals. You get lucky, that's all. By the way, during the game, you can watch a long chain of losing spins (without any features) - this is also normal.
  • If the slot has not given winning for a long time, it means that it may soon give, or may not. There is no such rule, and it cannot be. The slot machine will pay a big winning in the next spin and may not pay another 100 spins in a row. Everything is random, and it depends only on your luck.
  • If the slot gave out a jackpot, then it will not need to play for a while - a common myth based on one simple fact: the probability of winning a jackpot is minimal. That is why it is almost impossible to derail the jackpot twice or in any short time. But this does not mean that the slot machine has moved into some other "regime". Each spin is unique, and it does not depend on the previous payments.
  • You cannot affect the work of the slot machine or improve the chances of winning. In total, it is possible, but not as many are used to doing. Strategies such as "Launching a slot using the buttons Spin and Max Bet" or "Ignoring an auto-game" have no practical basis, and they are usually speculations. On the other hand, the player can still influence the frequency of their winnings. You can choose a more profitable slot - and this is the most crucial decision. For example, if a player has set a goal to maximise their chances of winning, then he should choose slot machines with a return above 96-97%. Also, pay attention to the dispersion (volatility) of the slot. The higher it is, the more you can win (but winnings will be less often). Another important moment is the use of bonuses. Taking, for example, welcome bonus with wagering of 30x is generous and completing the requirements in slots with RTP (return to player percentage) more than 97% allows you to get the positive mathematical expectation of winning.
  • The frequent change of the slot helps to increase profits, and it is a fallacy. If during a game session you often change the slot machine (after winning or just so), then you will not have any effect on this. Nobody follows the slots that you open. Yes, this is not necessary for anyone: because everything is calculated in advance in favour of the casino, that's all.

Is the result of the bonus feature known in advance?

Result of the Game
The most pleasant thing in any modern slot is a bonus feature. Maximum potential can be here. The bonus feature often compensates for all previous losses. What is a bonus feature from a technical point of view? Most often, this is the same random result sent by RNG. The player launches the spin, gets a bonus, and hopes for big winning. But in theory, the result is already defined in the same way as in the ordinary spin.

The random number generator has already given a specific value, which will be shown to the player as a total winning in the bonus feature. Not all results of bonuses are predetermined. Here a lot depends on the software. For example, in the old slot machines, it is difficult to hope for a randomised bonus. In modern slots, things are better with this.

How to identify if the result of the bonus game is known or not?

I believe that there is no single-valued answer to this question. First, everything depends on what casino you play. The unlicensed casinos work on entirely different principles than a licensed one with reliable software. Already there, you cannot doubt: every bonus game is identified, and most often in favour of the casino. Secondly, the type of bonus game is also essential. Free spins or the «quest» to choose from of the chests, presents, or God knows what else. By the way, in the second case, the winning of the bonus game is known in advance. Of course, there are exceptions.

There were bugs in some online casinos. They showed the result instantly, added to the balance. So, for sure software knows the outcome before. It does not depend on anything from your choice etc.

Record the results of the bonus features

Unlike winnings in the simple spins, a bonus feature is a rarer phenomenon. And so, they will need much less to identify any tendencies. If you often play in the same slot, you will try to record (anywhere) the results of bonus games. Let's say: game 1 - winning $ 100, game 2 - winning $ 35. Having collected a sufficient amount of data, we can conclude that how random is the result of the bonus game. Or how often to expect a big winning.

The problem is that some bonus games give good money so rarely that the dropping out of the next bonus round does not sometimes cause any inspiration. In part, this is a bug of developers (the bad "design" of the slot) and a consequence of high dispersion. In total, collecting dozens of meanings, you can already make a clear picture: yes, this slot gives, by little, or - yes, this slot machine gives money, but very rarely, the bonus features are mostly empty.


Well, let's sum up. As the heroes of the famous animated series "South Park" say: "What do we understand today?" We understood that slots are working according to a strictly defined algorithm. Not every spin depends on the previous one, and it does not depend on any actions of the player. Can a person influence win? In our opinion, No! For example, choosing the correct slot and taking a profitable bonus offer is the best you can do.

Where to play?

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