Bet rates with minimal risk at a casino

Bet rates with minimal risk at a casinoYou may have noticed that many casino games are excluded from wagering bonus money. Among them are the table games and live dealer games. However, some online casinos allow wagering on these games, but prohibit placing bet rates that have no risk. This subject is going to be discussed in this article. What are risk-free bet rates at the casino and can they be used for bonus wagering purposes? We are also going to touch the subject about wagering on video slots and how to get an advantage over the casino.

Why casinos prohibit wagering without risk?

As a rule, all online casinos from time to time prohibit placing bets without risk on their table games. These prohibitions apply during promotions and for the big bonus offers. If you disobey this rule, you will lose your money. But often, the progress of this loss will be slower than the set of necessary wager requirements and clearing the bonus. Thus, the player is guaranteed to clear the bonus and earn money.

The reason for the prohibition of placing bets with minimal risk is the possibility of winning most of the bets without the risk of losing your balance. That is the player will play in a system controlling the process. If he can adjusts the system so that the process will play slower than the process of wagering, he will definitely be able to make money in online casino.


Live rouletteWe decided to claim a $100 deposit bonus at casino Guts. This bonus has 30x wagering so we have to play $3,000 in bets in order to meet the wagering restriction. We decided to meet the wagering requirement on European Roulette. To make a bet of $3,000, we put $1,500 on red and black. However, if the ball lands on zero, we will lose everything. Therefore, in order to protect ourselves we will place $83 on zero (83 * 36 = 2988). If the table limits don’t allow such bets at the time, we can set the desired values in several sessions. This situation does not change the payout percentages.

Even if we lose this $83, along with the $100 in bonus money, we can still win $17 ($100 - $83). Now imagine that the bonus value is $100, $500 or $1,000. Having a positive expectation in our games and betting with minimal risk at a casino, you will be guaranteed to win money.

As for the slot machines and video slots:

Net Entertainment casino bonuses often have bonus wagering requirements of 35x or 40x. Some casinos offer higher wagering requirements (such as 50x at Casino Room), but such requirements are not offered at our partner casinos. The RTP percentage of Netent video slots is between 90% and 99.5%. You can get a positive expectation of winning by playing a generous video slot with bonus money. For more details, visit the next page:

Limiting the maximum bet:

Netent casinos limit the max bet rate on wagering. For example, at Guts you cannot place more than $10, while the max bet is limited to €8.5. This is done primarily to ensure that the player finds it harder to play out the bonus money and for the statistics system to perform more accurately. Since a player has to make a large number of spins, the payout statistics will be performed more accurately and the chance that the player will win a huge amount decreases. This restriction significantly slows down the use of bets with minimal risk.

Using risk-free betting in tournaments:

There are situations when a casino forgets to include the rule about limiting the use of risk-free bet rates in the terms and conditions of table game tournaments. This is a great opportunity to win this tournament, gaining the maximum number of bets. Ideally, you need a bonus which you will be able to win back while picking up stakes in the tournament. But first, you must carefully read the rules of the tournament and the bonus policy of the casino.

Bets with minimal risk at a casino are prohibited:

Placing bets with minimal risk at the casino can only be used if the casino doesn’t expressly prohibit their use. However, almost all big casino operators prohibit their use and you can read more about this in the casino’s terms and conditions.

An example of prohibition:

A good example of this can be seen in the terms of use Bet365 Casino in the following paragraph: “In the process of meeting the bonus wagering requirements, it is prohibited to place bets with minimal risk. If this is used, Bet365 Casino reserves the right to withdrawal all bonus money from the player’s account and close it.”

It is important to understand that effectively use risk-free wagering, you must play with a bonus that has lower wagering requirements than the percentage of loss in a selected game. Otherwise, this would be meaningless. This strategy applies to both table games and live dealer games.

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