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Top Tips and Tricks for Casino Slot Games

Top Tips and Tricks for Casino Slot Games
Over the last few years, online gambling services have gained incredible popularity. Every now and then new services pop up. And it’s not only online casinos but various subsidiaries, too. Though we don’t see anything surprising in this fact. Playing betting games is and always was a great way to spend one’s time. It’s also one of the most popular entertainments.

Although casino games as we know it is a product of the 20th century, betting is as ancient as humanity itself. This is an easy explanation of why so many people play slots now. All gamers share some similar character traits like competitiveness. If you feel like this word describes you and you like betting, casino gaming may be your choice. And it's not just fun, as you can win money betting.

Although it must be said that online casinos are not all about winning cash effortlessly. Gambling isn't something you can figure out easily and then enjoy for hours on end. When dealing with money online there's nothing more important than your financial safety. Amidst tens and hundreds of different services, there are many schemers. You’d better know which you can trust. Special consideration needs to be put in if you’re new in this.

Luckily, the Internet is still a good place. Experienced players share slots secrets and tips for everyone who is interested. There are tons of life hacks, some are more specific than others. Some tips are outdated or never been relevant at all. It’s hard to figure out what advice is the best, so we decided to narrow the list down. Here are our top eight picks on gaming lifehacks.

Best Online Casinos in 2023

The entertainment industry is a flexible one. It changes faster than any other. So it's not surprising that there's no fixed list of gambling services. A certain service may stay on top for a long time. It may be the other way around: a gambling platform rises fast but is forgotten even faster.

Though it can be predicted which service will be a hit judging from its work. Things that define the success of a casino are the reputation and reliability of the service. There are many casinos, but you can still find services that meet the mentioned standards. The current top three online gaming services are Fastpay and Instantpay.

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Effective Slot Strategies

It’s hard to pick twenty best lifehacks, let alone five. Knowing this, we searched hard for the top ones — and finally settled with seven strategies about how to win at slots.

  • Higher Denominations are the Key

Going for higher value slots means that you’re in for a serious game, not some child’s play. The concept is easy: by betting more money you make your chance of winning better. Also, higher value slots tend to have a higher rate of payback. Combined, these factors enhance the possibility of you winning a nice money prize.

  • Look into Your Soul — and Pick a Game

It may sound like something your friends or your mom have read in a book on self-development. But it can be used to boost a slots winning strategy as well. How does it apply, you ask? Our answer is "easily": the secret is to find out which games work for you. After you've done it, go out into the wild world of online casinos, but don't forget to play on your strengths.

For example, three-reel games give the best opportunity of winning big. But don’t rush to play these, because they also have a higher chance of losing fast. If your strategy isn’t good enough or it’s an unlucky day you may lose a big amount of money before you know it.

Free spins are quite harmless, as you may win something small or big — or nothing. Video slots are not a financial hazard, too, because it's unlikely to win big money there. Which game you’ll be playing depends on your abilities, your interests, and even your mood. Decide according to what you want and like best at the moment and start playing.

  • Do the Test Drive Before Spending Money

Whether it’s simple to hide and seek or a complicated RPG, games are all about the experience. Some of them, like casino games, involve money. That is the reason why they have to be approached carefully. One way of exercising this is by trying out free games first. Most casinos have free trials or demo-versions of almost any game. After thinking which genre you like best, try some of the games out. After some time playing the demo version, you’ll understand which fits you. Then you can start betting money.

Whether you enjoy the game or not is important. It’s better to stop if you feel that a certain game has lost its appeal. It’ll only frustrate you, which can cause money loss.

  • Stick to the Budget

Having a budget is another advice from the list of generally good life tips. To be financially stable, you have to stay strictly within it. If it’s not working out well, be ready to cut some expenses.

The same with gambling. On a successful day, you may win a fortune (or a small amount of money — that’d still be a success). But sometimes you’ll get absolutely nothing. It is Ok, as losing is a part of playing. What you should remember is that losing too much money is no good for you and can be dangerous. Good news: you can avoid that. Our advice is to check twice whether the game fits you financially. And not be afraid to lower your bets when necessary.

  • Know Your Limits

Remember all those ads promoting rehabilitation for gambling addicts? It doesn’t have to be this dramatic. What we can say for sure is that this dreadful kind of an outcome can be evaded effortlessly. It’s one of the things that are easier said than done, but the advice is to know your limits. There are other resources you should remember aside from money. Time, for example, and one’s psychological stability.

Set some restrictions on how much of your resources you can devote to slot games daily, and do not break them. It is especially important when you go in and win from the start. A thrill of a first win can make you forget your limitations, especially if you’re lucky enough to win a big prize. Don’t let this fool you — better come again and win more than get too excited and lose everything you’ve gained.

  • Free Spins are Your Friends

Free spins can be tricky because no casino really wants to give out money. To avoid that they use different tricks like over-complicating the withdrawal process. Or have some important instruction details no one reads for real or can understand.

Some online casinos offer a simplified version of free spins. That allows the player to actually be able to withdraw the money if they win. Find these services and play as much as you want (but don’t forget your limits). We’ve already mentioned some of the top online casinos above.

  • Use Experience of the Old and Wise

This is the advice that can be pretty useful for some games, so it’s worth to mention it. You can’t play each game you want, but there’s always someone who did. Their experience may be beneficial to you. If a certain game doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, someone will bring this up.

All you need to do is look in the right direction. This would be blogs, themed sites, Facebook groups, Twitter rants, and Reddit threads. Research before you start using a service. Maybe someone will give you tips on how to win big on slot machines that’d be extremely relevant in your case.

If you haven’t found anything that answers your question, be sure to ask it. Again, it is possible in every kind of social media or platform. The results you get are worth every minute of the time you’ve spent researching.

  • Don’t Play Favourites

Some slot games are branded and thematical. For instance, a certain slot is a casual game, but the next one is Marvel-themed. If you’re a fan, you’ll want to play the second game. It immerses you in the fandom, makes you feel like you’re a part of it. By no means is this bad, but such slots own a threat of being unwinnable — or almost so.

It may be like this because, to use a piece of a certain movie of a videogame, online casinos have to pay a fee to the owner. So, they are not interested in giving money away easily. The main danger of that is you can get caught up in the game thanks to the use of your favourite characters. Which leads to forgetting about any limitations. You play and play and play until you have nothing left. It’s not the kind of an outcome anyone anticipates, right?


Wouldn’t hurt summing these seven lifehacks up. They are worth paying attention to no matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro. There’s always room for improvement. Working out a slot strategy that works is tough, but not impossible. To be a better player, you have to incorporate these free slot machine tips into your own style. Then it’s only about gaining experience in whatever slot you like best. Which we wish you to do as fast and easy as you want.


? Is it possible to win real money playing a slot machine?
The simple and the only true answer is “yes”. But there’s another, complicated one. You must remember that slot machines offer you a game of chance. “To play” doesn’t mean “to win”, but it doesn’t mean losing all the time also. Thinking about using the tips from this list? Great. This is likely to increase your chances of developing the best slot machine strategy. It’ll be the best because of the perfect personalization.
? What is an RTP and how to handle it?
RTP stands for Return to Player percentage. Basically, this means which slot machine pays more frequently. You can find it by googling (or yahoo-ing or whatever) it. Look for websites that specialize in online gaming, do some reading – and you’re good. Moreover, most of the slot machines have their RTP mentioned somewhere. We suggest you surfing the “help” section.
? Are online casinos legit and safe?
You can trust licensed online casinos. If a casino has a license, it means that it is checked regularly and that its slots aren’t rigged. We do not recommend engaging with unlicensed casinos. Finding proof that an unlicensed service is safe is a complicated process. And a useless one, too.
? Is it possible to pick winning slots all the time?
If you’re the most fortunate human in the world, maybe. Yet statistically such luck is impossible, especially if you play often. Most of the cases of constant winning involve illegal activity. There are tips for law-abiding citizens, though. You have to increase your chance to win by analyzing casino-related sources. When you know lots about casinos and start the action, the strategy will work itself out.
? How can I estimate the volatility of the slot?
Despite the belief, it's not convoluted knowledge. Estimating the volatility is easy. It’s one of the simple things we suggest doing because knowing the risk you're taking is very important. Finding volatility will take a little bit more time than finding the slot’s RTP, but it’s just as easy. And there's an instruction:
  • 1. Open the search bar of the browser of your choice.
  • 2. Type in the title of the game plus the word “volatility”.
  • 3. Look at the results, see which information fits you.
  • 4. Draw conclusions for yourself and go play some slots.

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