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Which slot machines can catch you?

Which slot machines can catch you
Each slot machine in the online casino works with its RTP (return to player percentage). It can be 98.2%, 97%, 96.4%, but that is not the point. The bottom line is that the return of the slot will correspond the declared values for an extended period (millions of spins). Which is the length of time? It depends on the following factors:

All licensed slot machines operate by a random number generator, but inside the RTP numbers. This should be clearly understood. There is not a person in the round glasses, sitting with a finger over the button "Pay this man $ 1,000,000." This has long been in the past. Very often, there are situations when the slot refuses to give out money (even if you scream and beg). Also, it is not about twisting, but in the cycles and mathematics. Learn more about what kind of slot machines can catch you in this article.

What is the cycle of a slot machine

Slot's cycle is usually called a period (or a number of spins), which includes all modes of its work. At first, it is taking money to fill the prize pool, after that begins to give a little - then bam! - Explodes gives good money, gives out the jackpot - and then again, the tranquillity. The cycle length is directly related to the dispersion (volatility) of the slot machine. Usually, the higher is the declared maximum winning, the higher is dispersion, and the longer the cycle.

Long cycles 

As an of slots with long cycles and great potential of big winning are: Dead or Alive, Jack and Beanstalk, Mega Joker, Wonky Wabbits, Creature Black Lagoon and many others. They all have not only a very long cycle, but also a high dispersion: they give a considerable amount, but rarely.

How not to lose the whole bankroll in pursuit of the jackpot

Imagine that you are going to Dubai to rest. This is an expensive city. Surely, you will take with you a decent amount of money: for food, drink, sleep, see all the beauties (and there is something to see). In total, you will need a decent amount of money. The slot with a long cycle is the same, which requires a solid bankroll. To see all its "sights", you should prepare to spend. The first and the most important rule: for a game in a slot machine with a long cycle, you need a bankroll from 200 (preferably more, 500+) stakes. Otherwise, it will simply swallow all the spins, and you will shout: "the random number generator is screwed! », "Does not give!" "The casino leaves much to be desired!" and all that sort of thing.

How to identify if a machine is "hot" or "cold."

Slots from NetEnt are good because in the demo mode they do the same as in real money. In the game process, change the size of bets, twist, and watch the reaction of the slot machine. If it begins to give more often than usual, this will be a signal that it enters a favourable phase. Then it is already possible to invest the real money (at the same stakes!).

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